2021 Investigations

Mirador Bed & Breakfast

Mirador Bed & Breakfast

Brooksville, FL – Summer 2021

New Tampa

Tampa, FL – November 17, 2021

Reports of items being in order and after leaving an area and returning, things show up or have fallen.

Suntan Arts Center &

World’s Largest Ghost Hunt

St. Pete Beach, FL – September 18 & 25, 2022

SESH (Formally: Melting Pot – St. Pete)

St. Petersburg, FL –

May 13th, 2021 & October 2021


St. Petersburg, FL – April 12, 2021

Valentween at the Artlofts

St. Petersburg, FL – February 28, 2021

This Valentween was very different.  With the issues of the pandemic, the art show and event had to be dramatically scaled back.  Fewer artists, a different MC (Nancy Alexander, as Dr. Paul Bearer II was not doing events this year), and tightly upheld rules for the reception made this a very subdued year.  

Fort DeSoto

Fort DeSoto, FL – January 23, 2021

7100 Private Home

St. Petersburg, FL – January 26, 2021

Reports of loud bangs on front door and when opened, there is no one there. They also had artwork fall to the floor.

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