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Our Founder

This is a picture of our founding member Brandy Stark.
Brandy Stark 

I started the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg in 1997, when I first started my academic research into the role of the liminal. I took this research to conferences, eventually expanding into studying the lore and legends of Tampa Bay. I did talks in the local community and met other individuals curious about the supernatural. I officially founded the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg paranormal investigation team in 2000, and it remains an active group today. In addition to investigations, I lead ghost tours for Shadows in the Sunshine and Paradise Tours.  I wrote the book, Supernatural St. Petersburg and Paranormal Pinellas,  revising it for its latest release in 2021.  I also host Paranormal Pets on petliferadio.com.

Meet the Rest of our Team!


I’ve been interested in the paranormal since I was a child due to experiences I had. I’ve been actively investigating since 2008 and have traveled to several haunted sites in Florida as well as other states. Friends joke that I’m a “ghost magnet” because there seems to be activity wherever I go, including theme parks! I rely mostly on my senses when investigating, but also use voice recorders, EMF detectors, and dousing rods. ​


I was born and raised in Ohio. I became interested in the paranormal when I heard an unexplained crying while at her job. I started investigating for the adrenaline rush, but now I’m interested in trying to find out more: why do they stay, what are they. I’ve spent the past 10 years investigating on and off and have recently begun to explore my sensitivity.


My first encounter with a ghost was in Ohio when I was 5 years old, and I have never forgotten it. My particular area of investigation focuses on collecting EVPs, historical research, and I am also a Sensitive. I have immense respect for history, and do believe that spirit applies to structures and places as well as humans, as they are all equally sentient.

Call me “V”
Paranormal investigator/Review Tech

As a kid, I experienced odd things, but discarded them as normal only to realize much later these were possible paranormal events. I didn’t start investigating until about 1998. I joined up with Brandy and the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg after the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt in 2019. My favorite part of investigating is the review portion. I have always had sensitive hearing so when I review audio I can hear things that some might not. Now that I have great software I am able to share these EVP’s with others. I do believe in spirits, however, I approach all evidence as a skeptic. My rule of thumb is to make sure that the anomaly we find isn’t caused by something we take for granted (people, animals, bugs, electrical..) or current atmospheric conditions.


Investigator/ Intuitive

For over 40 years I have had a connection with Spirit. I teach spiritual development classes, have provided spiritual guidance to hundreds of people across the country and conducted house investigations and clearings. I love the respect for Spirit and scientific approach that SPIRITS of St. Petersburg have with each investigation we do.

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