2022 Investigations

Ra’s House

Saint Petersburg, FL – December 29, 2022

For our final investigation for 2022, we visited a 1920s house with mysterious footsteps and lights that shut off by themselves.

World’s Largest Ghost Hunt

Saint Petersburg, FL – September 24, 2022

SPIRITS of St. Petersburg participated in WLGH 2022 at the Art Lofts in downtown St. Petersburg. It was a sold out event.

Greenwood Cemetery

Saint Petersburg, FL – September 01, 2022

This is the 4th oldest cemetery in Saint Petersburg.  According to an article in the archives of the Saint Petersburg Times:  

“The history of Greenwood, fourth oldest cemetery in St. Petersburg, dates back to Feb. 1, 1897, when it was platted by H. P. Bussey.

Royal Palm Cemetery

Saint Petersburg – May 2022

Experiments can lead to stories from others…

Coliseum Front View


Saint Petersburg – February 2022

For nearly 20 years, I have heard rumors that the Coliseum is haunted.  We were finally allowed to come in and check. 

Mirror Lake – Private Residence

Saint Petersburg – January 2, 2022

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