Do you want to learn more about Paranormal Investigation? How about the Equipment used? Perhaps you want to learn what it takes to go through Evidence Review?
Below are some opportunities to learn just that! 
Each Class is $25/per person | Combo Classes are per person

Table Tipping

June 23 6pm – 8pm

You will experience Physical Mediumship and Receive a message from Spirit with SPIRITS of St. Petersburg Member “Nancy” 

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History of Paranormal Investigation

August 21 7pm – 8:30pm


Lead by SPIRITS of St. Petersburg Founder, Dr. Brandy Stark
From the Fox Sisters to Modern Day Ghost Hunting TV Show


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SPIRITS of St. Petersburg

“St. Petersburg’s Oldest Active Paranormal Team”

Established in 1997 by Dr. Brandy Stark

In 2022, the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg was declared the oldest continuing paranormal investigation team in the Tampa Bay area in Joshua Ginsberg’s book, Oldest Tampa BayOur decades-long experience is guided by our desire to create a reasonable and compassionate view of the supernatural world.  The team integrates ideas and academic discussions of symbolism, cultural interpretation, and respect for others (dead or living). We utilize a philosophy that the investigator is the research instrument on paranormal cases, that history aids in validating phenomena, and work within the appropriate boundaries of stated rules, laws, and regulations. We work to promote an honest assessment of the situation and to offer advice and assistance to those in need.

With our research, documentation, and recordings, we compile a complete report of the location and file it here.  Feel free to look around and learn more about us and the wonderful city that we live in.
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Latest Events

Table Tipping

June 23, 2024 6pm – 8pm You will experience Physical Mediumship and receive a message from Spirit with the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg Member “Nancy.”

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June 19, 2024 0

Valentwe’en 2024 Tell-Tale Heart

This year we are featuring Edgar Allan Poe as our theme with his wonderful story, The Tell-Tale Heart. Stay Date: February 10, 2024 | 5pm – 9pm | Free Location:[…]

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January 4, 2024 0

SPIRITS Travel Corner

As we travel near and far, we always find time for collecting stories and tour haunted places out of our area. Below are experiences that some of our team have had.

Picture of Dr. Brandy Stark

Tales of a Travelling SPIRIT: Des Moines, Iowa

I have been to Iowa exactly two times in my life: last year and this year. Both times were for the same reason: I was invited to be a guest speaker at Demi-con, a local fan convention for all things science, sci fi, gamers, anime, and fandoms. It is very much like our own local convention…

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I had a chance to visit the beautiful city of St. Augustine. While there, I had the chance to explore the beautiful historic downtown- a definite recommendation, and visited both the Medieval Torture Museum and the Pirate Museum. I also had the chance to visit the Old Jail. I had a chance to visit the beautiful city of St. Augustine. …

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More Events

Our calendar displays our public events, guest appearances, and events in the area that we think you might enjoy!



Take a walking tour with Dr. Brandy Stark

The Sunshine in the Shadows walking ghost tour is conducted by paranormalist and professor, Dr. Brandy Stark, a resident of St. Petersburg since 1992.


Guest Appearances

Picture of Brandy with Steve from Dead Files 2017

TV, Podcasts, and Special Events

Dr. Brandy Stark has made many guest appearances. Dead Files Season 10 Episode 13, Field of Screams, Eerie Florida, the X Zone, Eckerd College, University of South Florida and many more…




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Author Dr. Brandy Stark presents “Supernatural Saint Petersburg” and “Paranormal PInellas!”

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Shadows in the Sunshine

For tour dates, reservation and more information

please contact Joy Harlow VIA Text at 727-417-8036 Email:

Other Paranormal Fun Stuff!

Something for everyone. Paranormal Pets, Pocket Pets, Shadow Animals, Family Visits and our original Valentwe’en!

Paranormal Pets

Do you like a good supernatural tale involving pets?  How about animal folklore, pet psychics, and paranormal fiction authour interviews? The podcast was just listed as #38 of 45 best pet podcasts to listent o in 2023.


Paranormal Pocket Pets

There is nothing quite like a “pocket pet.”

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Shadow Animals

For many years, I have been fascinated with Shadow People – mysterious entities that paranormalists still attempt to define…

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Family Visits

Family: a uit bound by blood, love, and sometimes even spirit. Though the paranormal field often depicts ghosts…



Valentwe’en was born in 2015 in teh quiet town of Saint Petersburg, Florida.


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