Investigation Request

The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg is very sensitive to the needs of those who we investigate. We try to be as non-invasive as possible during our research and we work to maintain a respectful attitude for the investigation process, home owners, and any potential entities. The SPIRITS belief is that ghosts, like the living, have personalities. As a group, the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg does not endorse nor practice the goading, taunting or provoking of entities. We do not invoke, evoke or exorcise ghosts. Our mission statement includes assisting home owners with understanding the phenomena active within their home and to aid as mediators between the living and the deceased.

There are many paranormal television shows currently in production. The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg does not endorse these shows. We have utilized our own investigation procedure developed over the past two decades in order to do research. As investigation results are unpredictable, the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg cannot make any promises of any expected results. 

Please be aware that this is a free service and that members volunteer their personal time to do this. Expect 3-9 members of the team to arrive at your location at a time that has been agreed upon by both parties. Investigations take approximately 2 – 4 hours to complete. 

Starting in 2020, we have done per-investigation Zoom sessions of 40 minutes.  The home owners meet some of the SPIRITS team, though we have volunteer members on the investigation who are NOT involved with the pre-investigation Zoom meeting.  This allows home owners to meet some of the SPIRITS members, and for us to meet you.  We can start to assess the case, offer advice, and, provided all parties are comfortable, proceed with a paranormal investigation. 

As part of our procedure information is kept to the investigation contact person. The contact will coordinate the investigation.  We do have a researcher that will provide the contact with information on the location prior to the investigation. Details of the investigation and the research are NOT shared prior to the investigation with our “control” participants who do not engage in any pre-investigation work. Please do not indicate any haunted activity or details of the haunting until we have done a full “cold” reading on the house. 

Special preparations: 

*Home owners or representatives of the business do need to be present for the investigation. We encourage the limitation of guests, and suggest that minors not be present during the investigation process. 

  • We may need an electrical outlet for the investigation computer. 
  • Please try to dust at least a day prior to the SPIRITS investigation. 
  • Please avoid spraying sweet smelling perfumes or household deodorizers before the SPIRITS arrive. 

There are release statements that will be presented to the home owner or business representative at the investigation. Home owners/businesses may release as much or as little information as desired. Web pages, maintained at the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg website ( work to maintain privacy by not listing home owner or business owner names, specific addresses, or photographs of specific and identifiable items, unless otherwise allowed. Items may be removed at home or business owners’ discretion. Home or business owners may opt to not have investigations published on the site. 

While we do not charge for an investigation, if you wish to support the work of the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg, donations are accepted. INFORMATION:

Thank you for allowing us your time and working with us for this investigation. 

*The SPIRITS initial contact will be through email. Please provide a valid email address. If there is no response within 24 hours, please email us directly at Please note: The questions below when completely answered, allows us to determine which team members will contact you and which team members may be on the investigation. Failure to submit complete as possible information could result in no contact. We do understand that in some cases, there are very little details.


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