Royal Palm Cemetery 

Saint Petersburg – May 27, 2022

I was volunteering at the Suntan Art Center and told a couple of customers interested in the paranormal about our recent experiment.  I got two different stories about the Don Cesar. 

Gentleman 1:  Has some sensitivity and believes that Rowe’s former house (located a few blocks away) is haunted.  When in the Don Cesar taking a tour, felt drawn to the fith floor as a place “to live” and actually had the thought to puchrase space on the floor for a home.  (Not offered by the hotel, but it was an interesting thought!)

Gentleman 2:  Was in the Don Cesar when it was closed during the 1970s.  Came in as a teenager as a place to drink and hang out.  He and his friends had absolutely no paranormal experiences while there during that time. 

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