2023 World’s Largest Ghost Hunt

30 September 2023

Location: St. Petersburg Museum of History

Many thanks to the St. Petersburg Museum of History and its staff to allow us to have our event at their location. We look forward to visiting and working with you in the future.

5:00pm Walk-thru

The tech team arrived at the St. Petersburg Museum of History and was met by Jess (the archives specialist). We made decisions of where each piece of equipment was going to be demonstrated.

5:45pm Ritual

The World’s Largest Ghost Hunt provided us with a ritual to open a bridge to all teams around the world and spirit. Our tech team and sensitives performed this ritual prior to the audience arriving.

6:30pm Museum Doors Opened.

We had 33 guest.

7:10pm Event started

The executive director of the museum, Rui Farias, opened the event with a history of the museum. This was followed by Dr. Brandy Stark introducing the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg team. Investigator and Tech for the team, Veva, gave a brief run down of what to expect during the event. Guests were divided up into four groups and sent off with SPIRITS team members. Each group was given about 10 minutes in each location to learn about what each team member provides and to learn about the equipment that was presented.

7:30pm – 8:30pm Tour of the museum

Our guests were divided into four groups. We had a SPIRITS team member a different locations in the museum. Our guests would learn a little about each team member and the space they were in. They also were aloud to do their own investigating with the equipment they borrowed from our supply or equipment the brought with them.

8:30pm The World’s Largest Ghost Hunt Experiment

The creators of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt created an experiment to see if there was a spiritual connection around the world if performed at the same time.

End of event group picture of the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg. Photo Credit: Kairo Munoz, USF Student Majoring in Journalism

Team Reports

Brandy’s Report:

This year I did not have much to do with the planning for the event. It was interesting to go in more as a participant than as a planner.

For the most part, things were quite calm. I did not really feel or see many events happening in the museum. I had hoped that Mary Wheeler was going to interact with us a bit more.

There are only two points in which I felt anything interactive. The first was up in the archival room. As I was to float through the groups and offer video support, we went up into the archive area. I noted that it did not feel as cold as I remembered it. About 30 seconds later I had a very intense chill. It was as if the entire room cooled at once around me. I did not hear the air conditioning go on or off but it is not without reason that that could have happened.

I got very little during the experiment session which continues to be my least favorite part of the event. Once again, when asked for the secret word was I picked up bubblegum, but I think I have consistently thought the same word for the past 3 years.

The only other very odd thing was that during our gathering in the largest room of the museum where the experiment was taking place, we heard what sounded like an alarm going off. It was muffled and in the distance. The entire group did hear it. I went to explore the space with a museum employee and another volunteer and we could not locate the source of the sound. It vaguely reminded me of the sound of an EMF alarm going off but all of the meters were accounted for.

Marina’s Report:

My “job” was to float among the team members and offer assistance when needed. This allowed me to observe and experience each of the different rooms in the museum. As a result, I had an experience in each of the rooms.

The first room that I had an experience in was the Sunshine Room where a mummy was on display. While standing in front of the display case, I had the sensation of “sea legs”, like when you are on a boat and the waves are rocking the boat. Later, one of the other team members related that she had a sensation of water rushing over her as if she was on a boat at sea that was caught in a storm. The mummy had come over on a boat (not sure if alive or already as a mummy).

The second experience was upstairs in the archive room. I had walked to the back of the room where there were several rolling shelves (they were all closed, but had cracks between them and big wheels on the side to roll them apart when needed). While passing the one in the very back, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something move down the passage between two of the shelves. When I went back up to that area later, the team member asked me if I had seen something earlier. I said yes. She told me that the particular shelf where I had seen something was open now because someone else had sensed something, so they opened it. I walked back with the museum staff person in charge of the archives and stopped in front of a set of boxes and told her that this was where I had seen something move. She told me that those were boxes of medical equipment that had previously been on display and had activity surrounding them when they were on display.

The third and fourth events were in the big civil rights room. There was an offshoot of that room that housed some memorabilia from local historical women, one of which was the founder of the museum. I believe I recorded some EVP’s in that area, but need to listen closer because there were people talking in the very next room, but I also believe I heard an audible whisper, so I’m hoping it was caught on tape. Then next door in the bigger room, when we were all gathered as a group for the live session, when one of the team members was giving an invocation to spirits, the spirit trip wire lights kept going on and off the whole time she was speaking. After she stopped, they became steadily lit. During certain questions and/or answers, they would blink on and off again.

The best experience of the night was in the baseball room. One of the team members had a spirit box. She was explaining to the group and the spirits how it worked. Right after she said that spirits can use the box to make themselves heard, a VERY CLEAR “that’s incredible!” came through the spirit box!!! I really hope her recorder picked that up,however, she has had trouble uploading her files to the computer! Spirits not wanting her to do that?

Kristi’s Report

I was assigned “station 4” which was the Sunshine Room, the small room that held local St Pete artifacts, as well as the famous Egyptian mummy. 

We had the mini theremin plugged in and set up, but it did not go off. The room was slightly on the warm side but none of the participants noticed any temp changes. 

I was unable to connect with any psychic feelings in the room. It felt like a neutral site for me. Two people reported tingling in their extremities, one noted an achy leg. 

EMF spiked on two different meters at the handle of a printing press as well as a railroad tie. When the room was empty of participants, I conducted 4 brief EVP sessions. 

As a rule, I didn’t notice anything supernatural or worth mentioning that would bear interest. 

Nancy’s Readings/Report

Mourning Dress

“Our Lady of the Nile” Mummy

Evidence Review

Below are our top 16 pieces of evidence. Further below we have a form for you to fill out if you would like to help us identify what is being said.

Clip 1

During a session with our Spirit Portal in the Baseball Memorabilia room, It was asked, “Did you live in St. Pete?”

Clip 2

Baseball Memorabilia Room:

“Were you a captain of a ship or a team?”

Clip 3

“Was it Babe Ruth?”

Clip 4

“Do you have a sense of humor?”

Clip 5

“Are you playing a prank on us?”

Clip 6

On this clip, there were no questions asked, but there is a sound at the very beginning and at the very end. Both coming from the Spirit portal. What does it sound like to you?

Clip 7

This clip is from the “Archives” room. A voice recorder was left in there on record while we were starting the event. We know it was not the elevator. At eight second mark.

Clip 8

You will hear a phone alarm go off. A team member will announce this. Then Nancy will talk and there is a sound over her voice. At eleven second mark.

Clip 9

You will hear a guest talking to Brandon then a strange sound at nine second mark.

Clip 10

Sound over Nancy’s Voice at six second mark.

Clip 11

There will be two clicks. No one acknowledged them at five and six second mark.

Clip 12

A whisper very close to microphone of voice recorder at one second mark.

Clip 13

Sound at four second mark.

Clip 14

Marina was in the “Meddling: The Women who Built St. Pete” room. She was doing an EVP session and she states “I just felt someone behind me.” Just before she says this, what do you hear? Even second mark.

Clip 15

Marina asking if “Are you here with us Alice?”

At the evelen second mark.

Clip 16

Brandy enters the “Meddling: The Women who Built St. Pete” room and asks “If you are here, can you indicate your presence?” “Mary if you are here, is there something you would like to tell Rui?”

SLS Captures

The SLS camera in our case is a camera from the game Xbox. The thought is, that it can pick up anomalies that we can not seen. In the clips below, the camera did pick up a full size figure of each person. What we found interesting was that the figure, shrunk and jumped. The folks that it was in front of were further away than the expected 10′ the specs of the camera can handle. We do not claim these are paranormal. We did want to share the examples of what the SLS camera can do.

From the Patch: World’s Largest Ghost Hunt Comes to St. Pete Museum of History

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