Private Residence – 22nd Ave North

July 21, 2002

St. Petersburg

This case involves a young woman who killed herself.  Estranged from much of her family, she sent her items to her favorite aunt and uncle.  They, in turn, began to feel her presence in the house. She was 27 years old and near to finishing graduate school.  She enjoyed the company of others and displayed strong artistic talents.  Though she appeared healthy and happy, Jennifer secretly struggled with her own inner turmoil.  

From pieces put together after her death, Dan and Lynn surmise that Jennifer was schizophrenic.  In her personal journals, she wrote of hearing voices.  She checked out a book on mental illness the night before her death.  Distraught with what she read, Jennifer decided to kill herself.  She died by self-inflicted strangulation in 1997.

Her first manifestations started with Lynn.  Shortly after making the trip north to attend the funeral, she found that she knew intimate details about Jennifer the two had never discussed.  She confirmed many of them with Jennifer’s mother during the visit. 

Returning home, the strange events continued.  A week after Jennifer’s death, Lynn and Dan were awakened by the sound of a doorbell ringing at 3:30 a.m.  Dan got up to answer it and found no one there. It was only later that they realized their house never had a doorbell installed. Certain paintings continually fall from the wall, though the nails are sturdy and the wires undamaged.  Yet, when replaced with some of Jennifer’s artwork the pieces steadfastly remained.

Others have witnessed Jennifer’s acts.  She appeared to Lynn’s son one night as he rested in the living room.  A family friend has sensed her presence around the building.

Though nothing was caught on EVPs, one sensitive heard from the ghost.  He had a first name starting with the letter “A” and a second name with a “Bea” sound.  The entity died during the administration of the first George Bush.  He was an older man, in his 80s or 90s, and he considered the house “his.”  When asked why he stayed there, Susan felt he was waiting for his son to “cross over” so they could be reunited.  He remembered his son as being in his 50s and living far away. 

Dan confirmed much of the information.  The prior owner was an older man who died in a nursing home around 1992.  Dan bought the house in 1993 from his son, who lived in a northern state.  The son looked as if he was in the 50 – 70 year old age bracket.  Both men had the same first name: Benjamin.  The father’s middle name, however, started with the letter “A.”

Though neutral to the homeowners, the “old man” did acknowledge a frightened woman’s spirit residing on the other side of the house.  He tried to tell her to cross over, but she refused.  

The team sensed several EMF spikes throughout the home.  In the kitchen, the EMF meter sat on a counter centered between the living room and kitchen.  It registered no EMF, yet spiked twice shortly before members experienced equipment battery drains.  The smell of lemons accompanied the reading.

The garage held another surprise.  Despite the 85 to 90 degree temperature reading, Susan was cold to the touch.  She sensed a young woman in the area, about 27 years in age.   She felt pain in her left eye, headache, and high blood pressure.  She knew that the entity, while alive, was preparing for an appointment, and that the woman was blonde with green eyes.

During the interview, corroborative information revealed that Lynn and Dan store some of Jennifer’s personal items in the garage.  Susan was able to accurately determine her age, and Dan explained that shortly after her death she was scheduled to return to graduate school.  The blood pressure, head pain, and pain in the left eye may relate to the strangulation aspect of death.  However, during the interview session, pictures reveal Jennifer to have brown hair and brown eyes.

Jennifer seems happy in her current location.  Despite her warm personality, the manner by which she died upset family members.  They listed “kidney failure” as the killer, and none but Dan and Lynn accepted responsibility for any of her personal possessions.

Remarkably, though two reside on the spiritual plane, the inhabitants of the house on 22nd Ave. appear happy together.  

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