Private Residence – Ninth Ave N

January 31, 2002

St. Petersburg, Florida


(Image above) Karen also got this unusual pink image. It shows a pink “skirt”, with Sandy’s sneakers and feet coming out at the bottom.  No one present was wearing pink. The room has little to nothing that is pink.  Karen held nothing but the camera in her hands.  I checked…her nails were painted sliver, and Karen is very conscious to make sure they remain out of the way of the lens area.  We are unsure of what to make of this.  Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

​By Brandy Buchanan4/24/02

Ghost hunting is many things, but it is neither boring nor predictable. The SPIRITS most certainly recognize this, yet even we were unprepared for the events that unfolded during a routine investigation.

The inspection took place in a private residence located off Ninth Street North in St. Petersburg. The home belongs to an older woman (“M”) and her daughter (“S”), who share the two bedroom, 1 bath dwelling with two cats and a dog. The house itself was built in 1952 and was a rental property for many years before the mother bought it in 1998.

Of the two, “S” believes in ghosts, and “M” a skeptic. The younger woman, who moved in with her mother in late 2001, had strange feelings about the house from prior experiences.  

“Before I moved in, Mom asked me to pick up her mail and newspapers while she was away on a trip. I was about to go over one afternoon when the words “he doesn’t want you there” popped into my mind,” “S” explains. “I had no idea who “he” was, but I didn’t want to go that day!”

The following afternoon, “S” went to the home. Still feeling watched and unwanted, she grabbed the mail and left as quickly as possible.  

When she moved in, the situation became stranger. On several different occasions, “S” found her cats acting as if there was someone else in the room. Sometimes, from the corner of her eye she caught movement, while at other times, she sensed a presence standing in different parts of the building.

Finally, one evening she saw a shadow standing in the doorway to the computer room. When she turned on the lights, it vanished. Still, enough was enough. She called for an investigation.

The night the SPIRITS arrived, two guests accompanied the team. “S” granted permission for the extra personnel, who were interested in the ghost hunting procedures. In all, 6 people were present, including 1 homeowner, the SPIRITS team and the guests.

The hunt proved, at first, to be disappointing. One room captured the attention of the guests and the investigation focused on the area for some time. However, no readings were present, and there were no anomalies captured on film. The rest of the house proved to have similar results.

Shortly after the two guest investigators left, and the SPIRITS packed their equipment away, the ghost made itself known.  

Several teammates stood outside talking, while “S” and Karen West, of the SPIRITS, went back inside for a moment. Upon entering, the women found “S’s” normally quiet dog madly howling as an intense energy engulfed the room.

“The hairs on my arm just stood straight up,” Karen said.

“S” felt herself being insistently pushed forward by an unseen hand. She grabbed onto her computer desk for support as Karen alerted the others that something was going on.

Without much warning, the teammates grabbed for the equipment at hand. Both Brandy and Karen pulled out digital cameras, while Lee went to offer “S” support through the ordeal.

Now even the equipment defied the rules. Brandy noticed towards the end of the initial hunt that her camera was dangerously low on batteries.  

“It took a full five seconds of depressing the button for the camera to respond and take a picture, which I remember demonstrating to the others. When I reached for it again, the camera had been off for about 10 minutes, and I hoped that I’d have enough juice left to at least snap one or two pictures.”
The camera took 12 snapshots with flash, the button depressing easily and the camera readily available. Of those, three returned with orb images, one where the orb is clearly distinguishable against “S”‘s dark blue shirt.

Karen also had luck. Heading to the other side of the room, and carefully timing her shots against Brandy’s, she found a startling pink image on one of her pictures. Karen wore no pink, nor did anyone else present. Subsequent investigation located no pink in the room, on furniture or otherwise. Karen’s nails were unpainted, and too short to interfere with the camera. The pink anomaly, which drapes over “S”‘s legs and lower body like a skirt, remains a mystery.

Could this entity have been upset that the initial results yielded no clue that he was there? Or was he simply waiting for a time when the team would be less distracted by the guests and their equipment to make himself known?

The identity of the being is truly lost. Police records record no deaths on the premises, and with a multitude of renters coming and going, it becomes nearly impossible to determine who, exactly, is within the home.

Regardless, since this night of acknowledgment, things have settled within the household. The activity has died down, as have the ominous feelings. Perhaps this entity was frustrated living in a world unseen and unrecognized. It appears that even the dead want their share of time in the spotlight.

Investigation Notes: 

Brandy B.
Caryl and Parker were with us tonight.  Caryl is a higher-level sensitive; this was their first
hunt together.

History:  Built in 1952, house has a long history of being a rental property; was bought
and sold often.  Current owner has lived there since 1998; her daughter moved back in

Unusual phenomena:  The mother does not believe in ghosts.

The daughter has had the following experiences:  last summer, her mother was away.  The
daughter came over to pick up the mail and paper.  The first day, she did not want to go
into the house — before leaving her home she felt strongly that she was not wanted.  The
second day, she collected mail and paper, but still had the feeling that she was no wanted
on the property, and not to go in. She also sensed she was being watched from the
windows.  The third day, she finally brought the mail in, but felt as if she should not look
up or she would see something she did not want to see.  She set the things on the table,
said aloud Im just here to put down the mail and left the house.

Late November of 2001 she moved back in with her mom.  During a Tuesday night in
December, when she was alone, and was heading to another room to check e-mail.  She
sensed someone standing there and watching her, but when she turned on the light to the
room, no one was there.  

A couple of weeks later, she sensed a male entity standing in the living room.  She also
felt him watch her as she walked down the hall to use the restroom one night.

Several nights in a row, her cat, very interactive and people friendly, has been talking to
somebody when he seemed alone in the room.

The night before the hunt (1/30/02) she saw movement in the attic, which she attributed to
possibly being tired, or anticipating the hunt.

This was a very dualistic hunt.  

The team organized to walk through from garage to front, then to bedrooms.  

In the Kitchen, Caryl and I both felt pressure to the chest.  Caryl was more sensitive to it
than I (I thought it was allergies).

One corner of the house attracted
Caryl and Parker, who sensed bad intentions, someone breaking and entering into the
house at one point. 

Sandy’s Room:  Caryl did not like Sandys room.  I felt intense heat, which I did not feel
in other rooms.  Caryl saw that a woman had been killed in the room 30 years ago. Caryl
sensed the woman was trapped in a time warp, brought on by the terror of the event.  She
sensed a crazed man in his 40s came and attacked the woman for money.  The man, she
did not think, had been caught.

The woman had straight gray hair, he had brown thin hair, was tall and thin.  The womans
name was similar to Rebecca White….the mans name was Daryl.  She sensed Daryl had
attacked others.  

During a question and answer session, Caryl said the last year the ghost remembered was
1968.  The entity, however, was very discombobulated.  There were no fluctuations in
EMF or in temp in any of the rooms, however.  

Caryl worked to talk the spirit through to the other side by helping her through the
moment.  The team focused on a happy memory for the ghost, a time during her
childhood.  She went to her grandmothers house and listened to an old phonograph of
music.  The grandmother gave the child her full attention.  It was a happy time.  

Finally, the team suggested the entity go into the light.  The ghost was afraid, did not
know what to do.  Encouraged her to focus on the light…and to call for her grandmother,
who was waiting for her on the other side.

A second entity seems to be in the house.  This one was more interactive.  Lee felt the
presence when he arrived…a he near the garage, and watching them from the windows. 
A male presence who died in the house, in his 50s.  Thin with silver and black hair.

At 9 PM, as we were wrapping up the hunt, Caryl and her husband left.  Lee, Karen,
Sandy and Brandy were chatting I the driveway.  Karen and Sandy decided to check
schedules to verify a couple of upcoming events.  Upon walking back into the house, they
noticed Sandys dog howling madly.  A quite dog, he rarely howls or barks (He barked
once when I knocked on the door).  Both women felt as if they were hit with a hard wave
of energy. Karen had goosebumps all over her arms, Sandy felt a pressure against her. 
Sandy asked Karen to call for Lee, both Lee and Brandy came into the house.  

Sandy described an increasing pressure, and she felt that she was being challenged. 
Brandy started to pull out her cameras, Karen, too, got cameras.  Lee concentrated on
Sandy, offering her support.   Brandy noticed that her camera, which was low on batteries
before and was showing a delay in taking images during the initial hunt, was able to take a
succession of pictures in a very short amount of time, with flash.    The camera worked
easily.  Sandy talked through the experience, with Lees support.  The end result:  I took
approx. 12 pictures on digital, one with camera (before running out of film).   From the
digital camera, one shows a shadow on Sandys back, which none of the other images do. 
One has a very light orb, the second a very prominent orb (visible on the LED display and
on screen).  The remainder have no images in them.  EMF was not taken.  Time was
limited and circumstances did not allow us to unpack all equipment again.

Conclusion:  The male entity was captured on film during a dramatic session for attention. 
Equipment acted unusually (actually working as if under optimal conditions).  The male
entity was not detected during Caryls session with the team, as she focused her energy on
what she perceived was a female entity.  The female was focused on and worked with until
she passed through the light.  He was ignored.  I feel that he waited for Sandy, in
particular, to return to the house, where he asserted himself to gain her acknowledgment. 
However, as the team was still on premises we were able to capture at least one strong
image of the entity.  

The female entity we need to research to see what information can be discovered.  At the
conclusion of the session, the room did feel a lot lighter, less hot and less energy.  It was
interesting to work with Caryl.  More research needs to be done.  No results on digital, no
EMF, no temp fluctions in Sandys room.
From: Caryl

I saw the pics and read the site and have a possible explanation.  Before I
went into the house I did my usual “protection” process.  I rarely experience
negative, ugly entities.  My goal is always to use my abilities to help, in
love – so consequently that is usually what I experience.  Maybe he couldn’t
stand the frequency.

Hopefully he will leave now that she is not there for him to feed on.

Just a thought,

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