Business – Angel Cabaret (Now Closed)

November 21 & 25, 2003

Clearwater, Pinellas, Florida

Where else but a theater can you find such and assortment of characters?  The Angel Cabaret, found in New Port Richie, is a delightful mixture of drama, personality, and the supernatural.

This was a most unusual investigation.  It started when SPIRITS member Brandy Stark met Angel Cabaret Theater owner, Jimmy Etta, after a radio interview with WTAN 1400.  A boisterous man who obviously loved his work, his eyes sparkled as he mentioned the angel that resided within his theater.  

When Channel 10 took an interest in shadowing an investigation, it seemed a natural fit.  The Theater was a perfect place with its spacious interior and media-friendly attitude.  And so it started.

The SPIRITS team converged at  the theater.  With the number of people, the group split into two teams, each with 3 SPIRITS members and 1 Channel 10 employee.  One group went upstairs to the costume area, while the other toured the dining room.  The two groups then switched search locations so that all traversed the entirety of the theater. 

The upstairs area, filled with an assortment of colorful costumes, held some “residue” presences that the psi-sensitives detected.  A room of carpentry tools gave off a male presence and the term “safety.” 

Directly downstairs is a kitchen and dressing room area.  These produced more tangible results as equipment stopped working.  At least two team members reported camera trouble, and one went through nearly 3 sets of battery changes until her camera would take pictures again.

The dining area hosts the theater’s stage, where a female presence appears to reside.  She seemed content where she was and is enthralled with the theater and its patrons.  Several sensed that while she was alive she had also acted.  

The tables, themselves, also had very unusual readings.  EMF was found hovering by a front table where photographs later revealed orb images.  The SPIRITS, it appeared, were the entertainment for the evening.

A possible apportation occurred as the team focused more on the dining area.  One team member went to retrieve some more film.  She left the group to go to the front lobby where the miscellaneous equipment was stored.  She set her pen and notebook down, retrieved the film, then turned to pick up the remainder of her belongings.  Her pen was gone. 

After a thorough search of the area, she left to return to the group.    A second team member went back with her to help search for the pen.  After several minutes of searching both gave up and prepared to return to the rest.  A suggestion was made that the group try to ask for the pen to be returned.  It was then that the pen was found sitting neatly on one of the chairs in the lobby.

Upon rejoining the others, a woman by the name of “Rosetta” was speaking to the psi-sensitive.  She was an older woman who had passed on.  She seemed close to one of the theater’s staff that was present.  The sensitive picked up on the nature of her death , and some of her interests in the theater.  When SPIRITS members asked to try and photograph the entity she hastily retreated.

At this point, the team decided to interview the staff and owners of the theater.   Here we learned how the Angel Cabaret received its name. The owners had several encounters with a man with piercing blue eyes in two other acting and theater businesses from the past.  Both times, the man appeared in strange circumstances.  His mannerisms and physical looks were startling, with strong angular features.  Though both visits were of a mundane nature, both owners felt that something supernatural had happened.   

When they opened the Angel Cabaret unusual things started to occur.  One of the most impressive was that a stage light with a stencil of an angel on it continuously turned on of its own accord.  When the stencil was moved from one light to another, the entity turned on only the light hosting the stencil.  

One of the staff present revealed that “Rosetta” was her grandmother who had passed away many years before.  The information picked up by the sensitive was accurate; her grandmother was also camera shy and tried to avoid the lens.

The spirit of a young blonde woman had also been spotted at the theater.  No one knew who she was, but she was peaceful and pleasant.  

Also, pens are known to vanish by the number in the managing office.  Could it be that someone is preparing for an autograph in the afterlife?

Theaters are known to attract entities as the provide entertainment and energy.  With the quality of acting and the multitude of theater performances, the Angel Cabaret is a guarantee to entertain  on all levels of existence. 

Angel Cabaret (now closed)
Nov. 25, 2005

In keeping with the holiday theme, we’ve chosen to write about an angel filled theater: the late, great Angel Cabaret. Though the establishment has closed (the owners moved to the great northwest US), the investigation brings back memories.

The Angel Cabaret received its name after the owners had several encounters with a man with piercing blue eyes. Both times, the man appeared in strange circumstances. His mannerisms and physical looks were startling, with strong angular features. Though both visits were of a mundane nature, they left behind a tangible impression that the participants felt was undoubtedly supernatural.

Strange things started to occur as soon as the Angel Cabaret opened. One of the most impressive was that a stage light with a stencil of an angel on it continuously turned on of its own accord. When the stencil was moved from one light to another, the entity turned on only the light hosting the stencil.  

Pens also had a regular habit of disappearing. While we did the first investigation, one member distinctly remembered placing her pen at a specific location only to have it vanish and show up in an entirely different room. The Angel Cabaret had continued manifestations between investigations, including:  

*Pens continued to disappear
*Dee-Etta, co-owner of the theatre, came into the room during a dinner and saw a mist-like fog covering the top half of the room; no one else seemed to notice it and it vanished quickly.
*Theater Asst., Stephen, says he walked through an entity in the area, on more than one occasion.
* Stephen also walked in on a “party” going on in the dining room, which promptly vanished.

As with the original investigation, those associated with the theatre brought their own entities with them. Through out the investigation, sensitives continued to pick up a male named “John” who was upstairs in the props room who had died by drowning. Several people felt his presence. One woman felt her hair pulled, several complained of dizziness upstairs, and at least one person felt a cold chill run past her. However, this entity would not cooperate with the SPIRITS. Through sensitives, he claimed to be afraid of the team, appeared to be confused why he was there, and he continually ran away from us as we attempted to contact him.  

We originally believed he was attached to Jimmy, the Cabaret owner. However, it was Jimmy’s friend, Jay, who spoke up. Originally there to observe the investigation, he told us that he had an acquaintance matching the description sensitives picked up. The man was named Don. He drowned in 1968, shortly before his class graduated.  

Perhaps the more dramatic manifestations again took place in the lobby. Throughout the investigation, multiple bright white orb images were captured in the seating area outside the main theater. A variety of cameras, from digital to 35 mm film, captured the images. They also appeared at random through the first and second walk thoughts of the theatre and it moved about the room. At least one sensitive believed that the entity was an angel, which would be completely apropos with the theatre’s décor.

While we are sorry that the Angel Cabaret has closed, we certainly value the knowledge we derived from both investigations. Perhaps the angels have moved with their friends to Denver, but we may need to do a bit of investigating to see who is in the building now and determine if activity continues. After all, the tri-county area can never have too many angels in its midst.

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