Private Residence – 72nd

September 27, 2003

St. Petersburg, Florida

It’s interesting to compare investigations when it comes to ghost hunting.  While each is unique in and of itself there are, on occasion, patterns of personality that appear from one site to the next.  The investigation on 72nd Avenue holds just such an example.

This home had a mild presence in it.  Homeowners believed that there was a spirit within the home that had manifested for them several times.  The homeowners reported dream paralysis and shadow-like figures that appeared in their peripheral vision.  These shadows manifested stronger at night, casting shadows of their own and reflecting light from the television set.  One time, the figure manifested as a set of arms waving madly in mid-air and another as a floating domed figure.  The family’s little girl felt afraid in her room at night.

Sensitives found at least one male figure that “spoke” with a very thick accent, though he made it plain that he wanted to be called “Sir.”  He missed his homeland and was not certain why he was in the home.  It was possible that he had come as an attachment entity.  However, as we tried to learn more about him, he became upset.  He claimed that what we did was “blasphemous” and the SPIRITS opted to leave the entity alone.

A second milder entity also appeared in the home.  He was a family relative, male, and he seemed to want to pass information to the family.  He mentioned “Arthur,” “blood work,” “cancer,” and other terms.  Homeowners later confirmed that they had a family relative who recently died of cancer named Arthur, and one of the homeowners went in for blood work.  

However, it was the third spectre that held the most interest for the group:  a little blonde girl of approximately 6 to 7 years of age named Emily.  She loved to show sensitives a beautiful frilly dress that she was wearing.  She seemed to like the SPIRITS members who were also mothers, she liked the homeowner, and she wanted help in finding her own mother (a woman with the name Diana).

This entity may be one that the SPIRITS have confronted before.  Upon returning home, investigators took the description and compiled a list of locations that dealt with a “blonde girl” to that date.  The results are astonishing:  

Oakmoss: Sensitives noticed the spirit of the little girl. She was sad, possibly being the child of a previous owner. Denise wondered if it was a place memory.  As the group moved into the master bedroom, a girl of 4 or 5 years of age appeared.  She had died in childbirth, but she still interacted with the homeowner’s who sometimes babysat. 

20th Ave. North: One of the sensitives said that they saw lots of children passing through the room, going from one closet to the other

Return to Haslam’s: In the Children’s Section sensitives picked up the presence of a little girl lost that we believe had been killed in a car accident near the store. She was alone, scared and confused. Varying temperature readings were taken during this time. 

Temple Terrace: Sensitives found a young blonde child (girl) near the glass. Child sees homeowner as an aunt, likes her animals. She likes skipping and is playful. 

Another 26th Ave N: Sensitives report the impression of a younger boy running up and down the hall playing. He has blonde hair and is wearing shorts, tee shirt and sneakers. There was a little girl with long blonde hair with the bangs cut straight to the level of her eyebrows. The children were playing jacks; it was possibly a place memory as it appears sometime in the 1940’s. 

68th St N:  Psy-sensed a little girl who was giggling. The girl wore a frilly dress and had blonde hair; she was her having a tea party. The child seemed very, very happy.  This could possibly be a place memory,, though, while in the bedroom several photos were taken and orbs appeared. 

Lake Helen:  While downstairs in the sitting room sensitives felt the presence of a young child looking through the spindles of the staircase at us.

Since this investigation, the SPIRITS still report the presence of a blonde girl from time to time.  In one recent investigation there was an “Emily” found within the halls of VLT and she was also a blonde child.  She was a known ghosts and had manifested prior to the SPIRITS arrival.  Another investigation of a suicide in Safety Harbor also produced several children, including a young blonde girl.

What could this reoccurring theme mean?  Are each of these entities separate?  Is there a unifying factor for children in the afterlife that accounts for this?  Or, do the SPIRITS have their own mascot ghost who enjoys appearing from time to time?  

Only though continued research, can we shed light into this mysterious being.  Until then, this enigmatic blonde girl continues to make her rounds in the SPIRITS investigations.

Initial report and interview about the property: 

Homeowners verified homeowner report, and added a few other details.

They had seen a dark column with a domed top (described as a 1/8th moon lying on its points) move through the living room late at night.  She could see the TV reflections on the creature.

Another night she saw arms fluctuating/moving so rapidly that they seemed to fly up and down

Both times their child was in the house.

They did have an uncle, Arthur, who died of cancer (cancer runs through the homeowner’s family).

When asked about the jewelry:  yes, they had something in the MA bedroom that was from Spain.  However, the jewelry was fairly modern to have an entity attached to it.
When asked about the pestle:  it was not very old; from the 1970s or so.  However, above it and near it was placed the jewelry in the room and a beautiful piece of stone that came from Iraq.  It’s a desert flower; a rock in the formation of a rose.  It is common place in that area and was given to the family in the 1990s by a family member who is no longer associated with the family.  He had alleged mercenary ties, though lived in Spain. The stone came from Iraq.  Sensitives in the room felt a great deal of energy coming from the stone.  Thought it was found and dug up in the 1840s.

Linda is a deceased sister of the male homeowner.

The heavy set man Denise sensed may be the father of the female homeowner.  He died of cancer and was described as a “round” man.
Susan then said that she heard the name “Nick”; that was the man’s name in life (Nicola; Nick).

The homeowner (female) did receive 2 pints of blood
The blonde child:  there was a child who died in the 1970s.  However, homeowner had a psy sensitive session where a psychic drew several pictures of entities around her.  One was the spirit of this deceased child, who had dark hair and looked like her present child looks now.  (The image, as I understood it, was drawn years before the present child was born).  

The same person drew an image of a great-grandfather who died in 1902.  Later, the homeowners found a picture of the man, and it was exactly the same.

I also noted that we have had multiple reports on several investigations of both a blonde haired child and a blonde woman with a bob haircut.  I went through some of the SPIRITS reports to determine if there was a connection between investigations and investigators present.  I found (in a partial review of sites) the following investigation reported a little girl/children on site:

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