Private Residence – 7th Ave North

September 23, 2003

St. Petersburg, Florida

Now that Hallowe’en approaches, many of you may wonder how a ghost might manifest. One of the most common forms of paranormal activity manifest as shadowy figures that move on their own.

If experienced, this can be most unsettling. It is enough to make the receiver wonder if the home does contain more than meets the eye. Yet, at the same time, it is not enough to fully say that there *IS* something there. These manifestations are the ones, at first, most often explained away as tricks of light, fatigue, or nerves.  

Over time, this type of occurrence can cease as the household settles. If not, they can continue to evolve into a more interactive entity, sometimes as a fully manifest form complete with spectral outfits, personality, and quirks. 

This was part of the phenomena experienced at an investigation at 7th Ave. North in St. Petersburg.  

The homeowner saw shadows that appeared to change size. At first, it was the height of a small child. Later, it was so small that she mistook it for the family cat, until she realized the feline had recently died and there were no other pets in the household. 

As friends and co-workers came to visit, they, too, reported similar experiences. Some actually saw the shadow in the form of an older woman, others as a middle aged woman with long brown hair. One person who spent the night in the back bedroom was awakened by the forms of a couple, a man and a woman, standing over the bed.  

The paranormal incidents continued to escalate. Shortly after the shadow figures manifested, smooth river rocks were discovered in the closet of the back bedroom. No one knows how they arrived there; the family did not keep any for analysis. 

Eventually, those who slept in the back bedroom were now subject to spells of the bed shaking until they were awakened. Subsequently, that area was abandoned by the living for more hospitable quarters.

Even this did not stop the activity entirely. Though she moved her bed to the room furthest to the front of the home, the homeowner still felt as if she were being watched in the home. She also had the sensation of someone breathing on her at night while she tried to sleep. She felt drained whenever she went into the home, and finally moved the family from the dwelling.  

We were called in to investigate. Upon arriving at the location, several sensed an immediate energy shift upon entering the house. The atmosphere was heavy, oppressive, and very active.

Sensitives found multiple personalities in the house. In the back bedroom they sensed an older woman who appeared to be a former homeowner and was “lost” in the house. She was unhappy and weeping; sensitives were able to point out areas where she “stood” and subsequent photographs manifested orbs typically associated with paranormal activity.  

EMF also registered near the back doorway, leading out of the room and into the backyard. No wiring could be found in the area and the fuse box was located on the other side of the home.  

After a short time, she vanished and remained hidden for the remainder of the investigation.

Sensitives also caught a brief glimpse of a younger middle aged woman standing in the same room. She manifested briefly but did not maintain any form of presence.  

The third manifestation was the most unsettling. A male presence manifested and “spoke” only to the male member of the team present. He disliked the women present. The sensitive reported hearing “Where’s Johnny,” the name of the homeowner’s boyfriend. The name was unknown to the team, no pictures were present, and the boyfriend was not present on the premises at the time.

His life was that of a very tough man: he was a mechanic, a former Marine, and his death was due to a motorcycle accident that occurred some distance away from the house. The homeowner often traveled that stretch of road, which is how he found her. He was a “tag along” that “followed her home” shortly after his death.  

He reported that he constantly shadowed the homeowner, herself, in the home. He reported watching her as she slept, possibly the source of the “breathing” sensation that she reported after the investigation ended.  

He became physically violent towards the male member of the team, squeezing the back of his neck and creating a heavy sensation on his body. Pictures taken during this time show orb images across the man and odd shadows behind him.

Historical research did not find any deaths in that home and the land had a history typical to Florida: it was once an orange grove. Though the sensitive did receive a name for the male entity it was too common to pinpoint a single individual through research. More information was needed to do a thorough historical search.

So, if you happen to see any meandering shadows through your home, remember to pay them some heed. At least stand aside as they pass. You never know who, exactly, they may be.

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