Private Residence – Cranberry Lane

January 19, 2003 & February 5, 2003

Brandon, Florida

There are two types of paranormal investigations.  The first is the best possible scenario:  those that are exciting and produce phenomenal results via equipment and photography, and that hold psy-based information that is verifiable through research.  The second kind is quite the opposite, with either minimal activity, unverifiable results, or no phenomena what so ever.

The SPIRITS investigation on Cranberry Lane provided both results for the team.

The first time the SPIRITS arrived at the three story house, we had a multiple agenda.  The producer of “Pychic Moments,” a Tampa-based cable access TV show, arrived to film a pre-investigation walk through with two members of the team.  The entity within the house started to stir almost immediately.  A set of wind chimes rang when no one was near them, and the producer, herself a sensitive, received several messages that were verified through the homeowner. 

Tentative investigation picked up an entity in the master bedroom, complete with temperature fluctuations that registered anywhere from the lower 70s to the upper teens.  Three digital pictures caught orbs in the bedroom.  A second bedroom held a small blip of EMF (electromagnetic field energy).  The downstairs area, where the majority of the events took place, also produced a few small orbs.

However, as the other SPIRITS members arrived, several unusual events happened.  The cameras belonging to two different individuals refused to work properly.  One member became sick to her stomach.  It was also the date of the Buccaneer play off game, itself a paranormal phenomena long awaited by residents of the Bay area.  In addition, a second set of reporters, hailing from Arcadia, arrived to observe the group in action.

In order to allow a respite between events, permit the repair of equipment, and create an island of rest for the weary, the investigators opted to do something unusual:  with the homeowner’s permission, the team ordered dinner.  

A short time later, the team felt well enough to move forward with the investigation.  The entity, however, did not.  Upset at the temporary lack of attention, the sensitives picked up that it refused to cooperate with us that night.  No images appeared on film, no EMF registered.  Temperature fluctuations stopped.  At 7:30, the team called it quits and rescheduled to come back.

Two weeks later, five core members of the SPIRITS team arrived refreshed, sans reporters and camera crew.  This time, we focused entirely on the entity.

The results were radically different.  Areas that held energy before were now quiet settled.  The upper bedrooms produced no abnormal activity.  Yet, downstairs the entity managed to connect with the team sensitives and produced multiple orb images.  As the homeowner suspected, it was the spirit of her father who had passed.  His wife, and her mother, currently lived in the downstairs quarters.  Several of her father’s possessions were stored in that part of the house.

A secondary entity, a young boy named “Peter”, temporarily appeared.  He claimed he was lost and lonely, and wanted to go home.   

A female spirit passed through the area producing both orbs and mists.  “Emily” was proceeded by a sweet flowery aroma observed by three members in the first floor kitchen, study, and living room.  Apparently confused, she remembered being on a train, but had no idea why she was in the house.  Her presence faded after a short time.

As the team completed the investigation, one last event occurred.  In the living room area, as several teammates sat down to contemplate digital images, a large, eight pound book leapt forward 63 inches from its resting place, landed on the floor, bounced, and settled 95 inches from its original spot.  Photographs taken in the area show several light orbs.

Despite attempts to replicate the result, the team could not get the book to move.  

Was this a message from the homeowner’s father?  Psychokinetic proof of his visit and loyalty to the family?  

If so, it provided valuable insights to all involved.  Psychokinetic activity is among the rarest events the SPIRITS team has experienced.  It was remarkable that nearly the entire team was gathered to witness the phenomena.   

For the homeowner, it held a possible additional clue to her father’s purpose there.  The book that fell was a family Bible, and the image it opened to showed a picture with a caption beneath that read:  “The cave of resurrection.”

Notes from investigation: 

Cranberry II:  When the entity stopped communicating the first time, the SPIRITS felt it necessary to return.  (left) This image was taken by Amy, and shows a nice orb in the area of the sitting room.  (right) A second series of events started in the kitchen area where multiple images were captured.

​Special thanks to Dinah Arnette, TV Producer — Psychic Moments.,
For producing three tv shows concerning the Cranberry investigation.  Final show airs March 1, 2003, Tampa, Time Warner channel 20, 8 p.m.


5:15 p.m. camera problems, sick to my stomach.
1st room Son’s room: Temp: 74-75 degrees Butterflies in my stomach.
2nd room Daughters room: 78 degrees uncomfy feeling, light heated, needed
to leave room.
3rd room Master Bedroom: 66 degrees (window was also opened) Man standing by closet door. Compass going crazy doesn’t stop by closet door goes around and around. Barely moves by window. Hushing feeling.
4th room Bathroom: shower 73 degrees sink 71 degrees compass spinning around and around and doesn’t stop.
5th room Living Room: 71 degrees compass not moving at all, computer area 69 degrees.
Set up camcorder will have details of recording later.
6th room Downstairs Room to the right (pink pillows): 68 degrees felt alone, lonely, feeling of missing someone.
7th room Downstairs Room to the left (ivy wallpaper) 63-66 degrees felt like this is my room don’t bother me get out, leave me alone. 
This is just off of my notes that I took from the quiet walk thru. I will give a update on what I find on the video recording. 

S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of St. Petersburg
Field Investigation Form: Brandy Stark

Date: Cranberry LaneTime:4:30-5:00, 5:45 – 7:30

Weather Conditions:                                                                                     
Temperature: Precipitation:                                                       
Lunar Cycle: Full Moon, day 3Other: 

Brandy’s equipment used:  
Olympus digital recorder: Yes
ELF meter: Yes
Trifield Meter: Yes
Samsung digital: Yes
2-35 mm with 400 speed film (b&w and color):   Yes
walkie talkies: No
Radio shack IR Thermometer: Yes
Polaroid 600: Yes

Others Present: Denise, Alex, Dianna, Virginia (Family), Carla, Steve (guests/reporters), Max, Spock, Nibbles (family pets, dog, sugar glider, bird, respectively), Dinah (Psychic Moments TV producer, 3:15-4:30)

Prior to the main investigation:  4:45:  One investigator’s camera starts to rewind and “chew up film”, this is the first time this has happened, cameras not working, Cindy got sick feeling, though she was fine before and after the episode; 5:54:  Amy reports that she was locked in bathroom; she didn’t recall locking the door, but when she tried to get out found the door stuck; 6:15:  curio door cabinet open; the tape that was holding them closed was not broken.   Could be natural phenomena; the doors were taped because the magnets no longer worked. 


Location: Daughter’s room:  
No activity for me; 68 degrees at the window (fluctuation) and 100 % EMF by TV area.  Amy reports an unusual spike on  her EMF meter.
Photographic anomalies:  Photographs of the area do produce a few orbs.  My digital picked up at least one orb image in the room.

According to the homeowner, her daughter has heard voices in the room, and been awakened by multiple voices calling her name. 

Location: Son’s room
EMF:   Fluctuation near fish tank; filter
Temperature fluctuations: Room read 71-74 degrees.
Photographic anomalies:  None
Other occurrences: None

Location: Master Bedroom
No EMF during pre-investigation
Temperature:  59-61 degrees; windows open
Pre-investigation:  several pinpointed this as an area of activity; it was selected for revisit.  

Investigation:  EMF SPIKE, 0-3 scale, jump from .2 to 1.5.  Lasted a fraction of a second.

Temperature fluctuations: Yes, several teammates recorded unusual readings near the window.  Temperatures fluctuated from the readings in the 60s.  Three thermometers were utilized, though all were of the same make and model.  Closer to the window, metal registered 12 degrees, air near window registered a constantly dropping temperature.  This area coincided with the EMF fluctuation I got on my Trifield meter.  This area stretched from the window sill to the base of the bed.  

Other occurrences: Two sensitives honed in on an entity. He was a male, in his 60s, with salt and pepper hair and brown eyes.  One heard the name Stinson, and associated him with brown (name?  Color?)  He faded away.

Location: Hallway
Temperature:  68-72 degrees
No EMF, no unusual senses.

Location: Stairs
68 degrees, EMF steady reading at the top of the stairwell wall, 10+ reading.  Wiring.

Homeowner reports that she has heard stomping coming from above this area before.  It sounded as if it came from the attic, and lasted a considerable amount of time.  She checked the attic and could find nothing in there, but the stomping noises continued.  

Living room:  EMF:  TV on (100% plus)  
70 degrees near windows, 71-72 degrees in the room.
No unusual sensations.
No unusual images from my camera.

Homeowner reports that she has seen an outline presence in this room.  

Location: Study area:
No unusual sensations.
EMF:  100+ (computer in area)
Readings:  65-67 degrees.

Location: Kitchen
EMF:  Yes, recorded from devices.refrigerator, microwave, etc. 
Temperature:  66-67.5 degrees.
No unusual sensations. 

Location: Mom’s sitting room, downstairs
61 degrees, 63 degrees near window (partially submerged into ground)
65 degrees near door
Pre-investigation:  Walking from Mom’s bedroom to the sitting room, I felt dizzy, a sensation I have come to associate with strong haunting activity.

Several picked up that they wanted to go back to this area to investigate it again.
During the time of the tv show taping, the wind chimes in the stairway at the bottom started to chime a bit. 
Pre-investigation:  Dinah, the TV producer, picked up several sensations:  dice clicking and playing craps, unlaced shoes with holes in the sole.these all were confirmed by the homeowner as being things her Dad had or did during life.  It is believed by the homeowner that her father stays near her mother, who lives in the area. 

During the main investigation, the room was warm and stagnant.  As we were down there it did gradually grow noticeably cooler.  Several images did develop in the area.  

However, the sensitives picked up that the entity was upset with us.  We had started the investigation, then stopped it for dinner, and started up again.  The entity did not like that and was sensed as “pouting” and upset.  

At this time, the homeowner’s husband and son came home; neither experience phenomena, and the husband does not believe in ghosts.  The dynamics of the home shifted noticeably, as human noise and activity increased.  We ended the investigation at that point.

That night, the homeowners reported that the entity stomped around, turning on lights and music, and had to be asked to stop disrupting the family.

Mother’s bedroom:
61-65 degrees.
No unusual activity picked up by the team.


Other Indications of haunting:

Unusual dreams? Yes, homeowner has dreams that entity/ies is/are communicating with her.  Often, they appear as standing next to her bed talking to her.

Lucid dreams? Yes

Old Hag Syndrome? Yes

Paralysis Dreams? Yes

Expression of SLIder phenomena? N


Other:  Homeowner has seen an orb with a face above her bed upon awakening from an unusual dream.  She has also seen outlines of human forms. 

If animals are in the vicinity, have they been observed acting strangely? Yes, the family dog gets upset and follows something with his eyes, barks, and snaps at the air.

Biological Information:

Any drug use? No  

Drinking? No

Medical conditions? No

Does the potential entity manifest as:

Shadow figure? Yes

Peripheral vision manifestations? Yes

Full manifestation? Yes:  outlines

Cold drafts? Yes

Cold spots? Yes

Apportation of objects? Yes:  Diane, the sister, has seen a matt that was propped up on the stairs throw itself downstairs three times.  When she spoke out loud and explained herself to the entity, that the matt was there for her mother’s protection, the activity stopped.

The chimes at the base of the stairs leading to Mom’s room also chime when there is no one there.

After the investigation, a book the homeowner had in her purse, a surprise gift for her sister, was found next to the purse.  Homeowner had not moved the book, which was kept in a side pocket of the purse, and no one was in the area.

Visual confirmation of objects moving? Yes, see above.

Abnormal behavior of lights or doors? Yes:  after the investigation, lights and music were heard going on and off all night.

Approximately two years ago, the activity started.
The family, particularly the homeowner, her mother, sister, and daughter, have encountered paranormal activity before.  

In the home, the first thing that happened was the manifestation of footsteps mentioned above.

The daughter’s room started to manifest a negative feeling, and the family felt wathced in there a couple of times.  

There has been activity in the living room:  3 to 4 people have seen or experienced something downstiars.

Other activity not listed up above:  The two sisters heard a strong heartbeat coming from the mother’s room. It lasted for hours.  The father died due to heart ailments.

At one point, after a negative conversation about the father, the area of the chair emitted a horrible odor of bodily waist.  It lasted for 15 minutes, and was emitted from the chair.  The family had to leave the area but the smell completely dematerialized a short time later.

The sister also felt an intense evil manifest in the living room one day.  It left, but she was shaken by the experience.

Investigator’s Observations & Conclusions: I believe that the family is being watched over by the father’s spirit.  However, I think there may be other spirits active in the area.  I find it interesting, and alarming, that several have sensed such strong negativity in the home, Cindy got sick, the cameras acted up.

The entity also behaved abnormally, becoming upset and pouty when we did not pay attention to it.  My feeling is that it was excited by the TV interview, as manifestation of activity occurred,  and by Deanna’s presence.  However, due to several unusual situations that day, the investigation was interrupted.  The person described by homeowner and family would have probably been OK with it; why did it become pouty and upset?  Was that a manifestation of another entity?  Or did we inadvertently offend this one?

We would like to try to investigate the home again, with less distractions, no guests, or dinner interruptions.

Shortly after entering the home I got the feeling of someone sitting on the corner of the bed in the master bedroom. This was the foot of the bed on the right hand corner (facing the bed). I got nothing else form the upstairs areas. Susan reported hearing a brief voice upon entering the daughter’s bedroom.

In the sitting room downstairs, I got the sensation of many people surrounding us and watching what we did. The energy in the house seemed to be all down here. The homeowner’s father then made his presence known by laughing at us. Some family matters were discussed that I will not go into in respect for the privacy of the family. Amy and Brandy reported that they were getting many orbs in the photos they were taking of the room. I kept getting the image of many people going up and down the stairs and that they were a major thoroughfare. It’s the same with the upstairs hall.

We had possible movement of a leather dream catcher on a small table at the bottom of the stairs and the area did feel cooler than the sitting room. It should be noted that the homeowner had asked her father on several occasion to give us a sign that he was there, other than appearing as an orb in photos. Which leads us to the two most interesting events of the night.

I asked Amy to take photos of the kitchen-sitting hutch because I felt energy in the corner. She said she got an orb and then someone mentioned they smelled a sweet scent, like floral and honey. As I went up the stairs to check it out, I was hit with the energy of a young woman by the name of Emily. She was in her mid thirties and very confused, sad and lonely. She had no idea where she was or how she had gotten there. Photos taken at this time show an orb on my leg as I communicated with her. Emily left as quickly as she came.

The second and most startling event of the evening happened as I was downstairs talking to the homeowner’s sister and mother about personal matters that again I will not go into here. I will say that they were about the father. The rest of the team was upstairs in the living room. Suddenly Susan, Brandy, and Amy were hollering for me to get upstairs NOW. I went up and found them as well as the homeowner standing over a family Bible that was laying in the middle of the living room floor. This Bible sits on a shelf over the couch and has been there forever with no problems. The group was in the living room when the Bible suddenly launched off the shelf. It seemed as if someone had forcibly slapped it down. None of the team or homeowner was near the Bible and the kids and husband were all in their rooms. We tried to duplicate having the Bible land the way it did in several ways but could not get it do so again. I told the homeowner that this was the validation she had asked for from her father.

After taking measurements and several more readings, we closed the investigation and left shortly after

Cranberry Lane II

2-5-03    7:28 PM
Crescent Waning Moon

Brandy’s equipment used:  
Olympus digital recorder: Yes
Trifield Meter: Yes
Samsung digital: Yes
2-35 mm with 400 speed film (b&w and color):   Yes
Radio shack IR Thermometer: Yes
Polaroid 600: Yes

Investigators Present: Brandy Stark, Denise, Sandy, Susan, Amy

Others Present: homeowner, two children, husband, sister, and mother

Upon arriving at the site, Susan felt a presence at the lower floor’s right hand window.  I also felt that there was somebody looking out of the left handed window.  I started to feel a bit light headed.

We skipped the pre-investigation for this secondary visit.


Location: Stairwell
EMF:  NO  
Other occurrences: Sandy sensed a female entity, curious about what was going on.

Location: Living room
EMF:  NO  
Other occurrences: Sandy sensed a male standing next to the doorway.  Sue felt dizzy, and sensed a lot of voices.

Location: Bedroom
EMF:  NO  
Other occurrences: This area had a lot of activity last visit, but the furniture inside has been rearranged.  

Location: Son’s room
EMF:  NO  
Other occurrences: First sense of homeowner’s father, Mr. W.

Location: Daughter’s room
EMF:  NO  
Other occurrences: Susan thought she heard a voice coming into the room.  Brandy felt as if her hands were very heavy and warm, though no EMF was detected, and temperature did not change.

Location: Downstairs location
EMF:  NO  
Other occurrences: Initially, a secondary presence was sensed.  Sandy got the name of “Petey”a young man.  Sue thought he was 15 years old.  There was a temperature spike.  Sandy thought it was a little kid, who was following and watching the team move through the home.

The last year remembered was 1972.  He was from up Northand made it through 7th grade; he was possibly 13 or 14 years old.  

He is related to Denise, and comes and goes.
He knows he is deceased, but is lonely, and wants to go home.

“Mr. Bob”, homeowners father, then came through.  He said that he knew the child in life, and that he had possibly drown.

Mr. Bob likes the family activities that are going on.  He is glad that the daughters are taking care of their Mother, but he is not happy with the family discussions, which involve a very sensitive family issue.

There was a temperature flux, in which the room temperature moved from 78 to 74 degrees.

When asked about time, “Mr. Bob” answered that there was “no time, only now”.

When the homeowner asked her father to produce some stronger phenomena, several teammates saw a light leather dream catcher styled necklace move.  However, the necklace was light enough that it could have caught a draft in order to move.

There was some discussion of a tan and white book, as well.

Investigators started to smell a sweet flowery aroma. 

While resting in the living room, one investigator was looking at the view screen of her digital camera.  She called to Denise to come and view the images with her.  As Denise approached the area, a large white Bible came off of the bookshelf.  It moved horizontally 63 inches to come to the edge of the couch beneath it, where it bounced and landed face down 95 inches away from where it started.  Denise put the Bible back on the shelf and started to hit the walls, move the couch, etc., to get the book to fall.  It would not.  We could not duplicate the fall.  Homeowner reports the book has not fallen before.  The area is a single floor, which rules out vibrations from stories above or below.  There was no traffic passing by at the time, and the neighborhood is fairly quite, with little traffic outside.

When Denise put the book up on the shelf in an unstable manner, it did fall off the shelf, but it fell directly down onto the couch.

Orb images appear in the area via digital cameras.  

Homeowner reports that the book weighs 8 pounds.

The book has not fallen since.

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