Private Residence – Old Coachman

May 11, 2003

This investigation featured two common themes: a restless spirit created from an unexpected death and a little girl’s ghost.

The home belonged to two young women and was located inside of an apartment complex. The roommates felt uncomfortable within the area since they moved in 2001. Both reported paralysis dreams, abnormal behavior of their pets, and peripheral vision manifestations. Books fell to the floor and windows rattled for no apparent reason.

When we walked through the apartment, sensitives felt two very distinct presences. One was the spirit of a little girl named Emily. She was approximately 6 years of age and wore a beautiful dress. She was not native to our time period, apparently connected to a more rustic era as she referred to the apartment as “larger than her homestead.” She was fascinated by the television and, as with her modern counterparts, she enjoyed watching programs. She stood looking out the windows and caused them to rattle. She also liked looking on the bookshelves at the various knickknacks and it was her curiosity that inadvertently caused her to knock books over.

The second presence, however, was much more elusive to us during the first walk through. He was quite defensive at first, sharing only that while he was not fond of the girl ghost, he didn’t do anything to her. He remained on the periphery of the group for quite some time. As the evening progressed, however, the investigators eventually won his trust and he shared his story.

He was the ghost both roommates saw moving near them. He was a “drop in” entity, unrelated to the homeowners and to the location. He was lonely and tired having died in a car accident in 1986 on the way to visit his girlfriend; his restless soul still looked for her. He was angry because of the futility of his death; he had died of drinking and driving. Though he wanted to go to Penn State University, his untimely demise prevented him from fulfilling that dream.

We tried to encourage him to go into the light, but his discouraged response was that the light “was a train at the end of the tunnel.” Still, he did apologize for upsetting the homeowners and, at the end of the session, his energy faded out.

This is an interesting story for the new year time. As ghosts are trapped in the past, the living have the ability to impact the present and mold the future.  

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