Private Residence – The Meadows

February 20, 2004

Tampa, Florida

A desperate phone call came to SPIRITS co-founder Brandy Stark.  A woman asked about the possibility of a ghost residing in her home.  It was an ominous presence and it stalked her with coldness and animosity.  It had even followed her to a meeting where, upon discussing the mysterious presence, a newly installed light bulb blew up.  As a mother to a young child, she wanted to know if she, or her son, was in any danger.

An appointment was set and by week’s end a small group of SPIRITS members converged upon the home.  Almost immediately, the sensitives picked up an intense energy just inside the front door.  

A walk through the house narrowed the activity to the main hallway leading into the bedrooms.  The team focused upon that area as EMF readings rose and temperatures fluctuated.

As the investigation continued, sensitives complained of pain reminiscent of a gunshot wound.   Several instances focused on one young woman, who felt as if her hand was grabbed and that something tried to lead her from the group.

A name emerged from the lips of the senior psi-sensitive: The ghost’s name was “Jack.”  He was a retired military man of high rank who had lived in the home prior to the current family.  The great amount of attention from the group, as well as the crowded conditions in the hallway, made him uncomfortable.  To accommodate him and encourage his interaction, the majority of the SPIRITS members retreated to the bedrooms at the end of the hall, listening as the sensitives tried to converse with the ghost.  

“Jack” remembered being in a hospital but did not remember dying.  He had “returned home” to find this family occupying his place, and he was not happy about it.  He had lived an orderly lifestyle; this family was constantly moving and busy.  The home was not kept as neat as he wanted; he felt the need to try and organize the containers and bottles in the house. 

The constant noise of the homeowner’s child upset him.  He had a daughter while alive, whom he had watched grow to adulthood.  However, as a child she did not behave in such a rowdy manner, as did this little boy.

He tried to communicate with the family.  His focus fell to the mother, as she was present in the home the most. She was also the only one who responded to him.  He did not mean to scare her, but he was so frustrated with the situation that he did not know what to do.

The female homeowner reported that she and her husband felt a presence in their room at night.  Light bulbs burned out at an incredible rate in the room, and they heard strange music coming from the walls in the early hours.  She felt intense vertigo inside the building.  She had been medically treated for the disorder, but nothing cured her.  Yet, when the family took a long vacation the illness ceased, returning only when she came home.  Her throat also felt “closed”; she believed that “Jack” had died of a lingering throat illness.

As “Jack” withdrew, the SPIRITS closed the session with the request that the entity leave the family alone.  The team believed he would.

The next day, the homeowner called again.  The ghostly activity intensified and she felt as if he was hovering over her at all times.  By the following weekend, she had the home cleansed by a psychic who removed “Jack” from the house.

In discussing the case, several SPIRITS sensitives felt that “Jack” did not know he was dead.  By the end of the investigation, he felt remorse for scaring everyone in the home.  It was theorized that he intensified in his efforts to appear to the homeowner in order to apologize to her.  

“Jack,” it seems, crossed over and has left his home for the next one.  The SPIRITS hope that he left on his own, and that the psychic the homeowner brought in simply removed “Jack’s” residue. 

The homeowners have not reported any further additional activity.  They, like Jack, have faded into the annals of the SPIRITS website.  

Investigation Reports:

Note:  EMF meter is set on the 0-3 scale unless otherwise indicated.

Pre-investigation:  Bedroom 1, child’s room:  EMF 0 – 3 scale, .2 – .3 flux.  76 degrees

Bathroom:  .2EMF, 73.5 degrees.

Bedroom 2:  MA bedroom; 2.5 – 3 on scale.

Bedroom 3:  child’s room 2:  Possible orb in picture, .2 EMF, 79 – 80 degrees.

Front bedroom (near front door):  EMF .2, 80 degrees.
Warm in front room. 
Door temp cool; easily noticed.
Camera locked up here.

Living room:  EMF spike by couch, but consistent reading after that.  Plug behind couch. 

Kitchen:  EMF from refrigerator and fish tank.

Garage:  Power box, .2 – .4 EMF; EMF power boxes and refer, EMF. 4.  Denise’s camera stopped.

Second walk through:  
Hallway:  Spent a great deal of time in the hallway.  Homeowner walked through; she said she could sense exactly where he was.  Hallway felt cooler.  Entity felt trapped, too many people.  Sent folks into bedrooms and out to living room.  

Questioned Jack as to why he was upset:  
He wants an orderly lifestyle.  Undisciplined homeowners. 

Who was he:  Army Colonel, General.  

Why does he fixate on the female homeowner?
She is home the most.  He’s trying to get through to her.

Message for homeowner:  Get out of my house (I felt chills on my leg with this).

What year does he remember?
1946 — WWII (?)

He was shot in the torso.  

They sensed he was also rattling bottles and he tried to put things back in their place. 

He is not related to the family, but did have a child, a daughter, who Shelley reminded him of.  

He may have been connected to a relic or a bottle.  

Homeowner interview:
Homeowners both expressed alarm and concern with the entity.  Female homeowner had been seeing a therapist when the therapist, who did energy work, sensed that there was something with her.  When she brought it up, a light bulb burned out.  When she replaced it, the bulb burned out again.  They were afraid.

They had often felt something standing at the foot of their bed.  

Both had heard music coming from the walls at 2 and 3 a.m. in the MA bedroom.  Light bulbs also burn out at an incredible rate in that room.  They could feel his presence; just something else in the house with them.  

The female homeowner noticed someone mentioned feeling “hanged” — she said that she (homeowner) had a throat illness for 2 years.  Whenever she was in the home she felt dizzy, but when they went on vacation recently she felt much better.  When she returned home, the dizziness returned.

They had a dog in the past named Domino, which she insisted on calling Jack.  

Her elder son also had a friend named Bobby who had recently died.  

Asked why they were being interrupted — unusual dreams, child who does not sleep through the night; sensitives felt it was the emotional energy coming from Jack that was causing problems.  

Homeowners were very upset; had been contemplating selling the house to move away.  Tom thought that the entity might be attached to some artifacts and might come with.  The elder son did have several WWII boxes of memorabilia which may have created some energy within the house.  

Post Investigation Information:
The next day, homeowner reported that the entity was even more upset and “clingy” to her.  It is my feeling that the entity was trying to cope with the idea of being deceased, and was upset over its behavior.  I think it was trying to pass on an apology and perhaps deal with its own fear.  Admittedly, that is not a good way to discover that one is deceased.

Homeowners had house cleansed of the entity by a non-SPIRITS contact recommended by the therapist.  Believes the entity is gone as of e-mail notice 2/27.

Investigator’s Conclusions:
Considering the cold air drafts which were palpable in parts of the house, a high energy child, and the emotional stress of the family, there did appear to be a haunting in the house.

I find it interesting that this entity was so unhappy, and one of the few that we have come across that did not know it was deceased.

Homeowner agitation may have made the situation worse.  If the entity was already frustrated from lack of communication and a different lifestyle than it was used to, then  the additional fear from the living made the situation worse. 

However, the homeowners did take SPIRITS advice to take control of the situation and remain in charge of the household.  They also opted to have the house cleansed of the entity.  With the realization that it was dead, it may have finally departed the home.

Prior to investgation on 2-20-04 dropped off umpire clothes to husband  he had gotten called into work on last minute also. We talked for a few minutes and he told me to drive careful and I said I would as long as Doug and Bobby/Robert would let me drive that they had been talking to me since I had left the house. st slows down. 

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