Private Residence

June 13, 2003

Temple Terrace, Florida

One of three EVP’s captured on this case. “Is Judy there?” No.
Two of three EVP’s Captured on this case. The file has been modified for the EVP. Notice the “No” sound.

During the year there are times when it appears that there is a natural increase in the report of ghostly phenomena.  October, of course, is a major season for paranormal investigation but, oddly, so are the hot humid summer months leading up to Fall.  

The reason for this is unknown.  Perhaps Florida’s intense heat and nearly inhumane outdoor conditions drive individuals inside allowing them more exposure to potential entities within the home.  Summer rains occur nearly daily,  complete with lightning, which is said by some to allow for entities to manifest.

These factors combined also appear to augment the ghostly activity of the Tampa Bay area.  In June, the SPIRITS were called to Temple Terrace to investigate a condominium shared by a graduate student, her two dogs and one cat.

I had been to the home one time prior to the investigation.  She invited me for a small cookout shortly after moving into the condo.    While we were there, the homeowner started taking pictures of various individuals with her digital camera, then downloaded the images for us to see.  Next to me in two separate pictures was a small bright orb.  None of the other pictures possessed this image.  I feared that I had inadvertently brought a “party crasher” with me.  

The homeowner, excited with this find, attempted to duplicate the image while I was there but no further phenomena occurred.

However, months later she contacted me again.  The orb, apparently, was the manifestation of another “invisible resident” of the home.  She reported sensing the heaviness in her bedroom and had a dread of sleeping there.  She had dreams in which she spoke with the ghosts, and her cat often watched some invisible force moving through the rooms.  

Our investigation revealed two locations of activity.  In the bedroom, several sensitives felt a very heavy atmosphere surrounding them and described a fight scene between a man and a woman. Another sensed spectral energy that blanketed the whole room, possibly trapped there due to the activities of the arguing couple.

Meanwhile, an independent entity “paced” outside the bedroom urging us out according to one psy-sensitive.  We returned to the living room and, again, our equipment picked up small EMF fluctuations.  Cameras from nearly every teammate captured orb images this time.  The small bright orb returned again, this time settling next to the homeowner and her dogs.  Another orb moved around the room investigating us as we investigated it.

Both entities appeared to be male.  One was a “drop in” spirit who died in a car accident as a young man.  His life, he said, had been directionless and his death pointless.  He wandered the earthly plane looking for companionship and friends.  He appreciated the beauty of the homeowner, though he was not fond of her dogs. 

The second entity was a fatherly figure who had possibly known the homeowner a short time.  He lived in the area as her neighbor; the two shared a common wall.  

During the interview, we learned that, indeed, the homeowner’s neighbor had died shortly after she moved in, though she did not know him well.  She also reported hear-say from the neighbors about a former couple occupied the condo before she moved in.   They could hear them arguing and things slamming against the walls. No one died from the incidents, though apparently a strong psychic residue was left behind.

Though the homeowner lived in the building for a year, the activity remained mild until the late spring/early summer season.  Now, the home has sold and she has moved to a cooler more northerly climate.  It will be interesting to see if the entities follow her, or if we get a call from the new homeowner asking us for an investigation. (623)

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