Private Residence – Mattwood

2003 – November 3, 2005

St. Petersburg, Florida

Part of paranormal research is a learning process. The investigation at Mattwood, started in 2003 and concluded in 2005 and offered just such a learning curve.

The investigation started out as any other. Sensitives picked up the presence of two entities, one male and one female. The male was somehow associated with the homeowner’s mother and was waiting for her.  

The female, however, was a different matter. Sensitives picked up that she was the victim of a murder. Her spirit wandered aimlessly, waiting for her body to be found and her death to be solved. She ran for her life from someone she knew, loved and trusted. She was gunned down in her prime and in a state of fright. She saw her body decay; she was left behind and lost.

A third essence was also sensed near this presence. It was not a ghost or spirit, per say, but was an elderly female, who sensitives determined was the dead woman’s grandmother. “Grandmother” was waiting for her descendant to cross over to the other side. This provided the first investigation where we found a ghost who had contact on BOTH sides of the veil at the same time.

The difficulty with this type of investigation is finding information to support this case. Was she a drop in entity, unattached to the land and the people involved? Was she brought in through a vortex? Did her body lie on the property? Unfortunately, there is little research, without a full name and time period, to indicate that what sensitives felt was more than a subjective, though powerful, experience.

This particular entity may have had a secondary manifestation that made her even more unique. According to the homeowner, on several occasions he discovered strange grainy sand in his bed. The sand always appeared underneath the bed cover and on top of the sheets. It was not anywhere else in the home. It had manifest shortly before we investigation and the team was able to examine the bed.

The team members took a sample of the ‘sand’, then samples from the ground outside and from the homeowner’s van to verify that the substance was not tracked in from another source.  

Costs for testing the samples were extensive; few places appeared interested in what we had found. Finally, nearly two years after the samples were originally taken, a new member, trained as a chemist, tried to determine what the substances were. Unfortunately, she quickly ran into a second problem: there were not enough of the samples to do extensive testing. The samples were not useless, though. Doing what she could with them, she did determine that all three did not dissolve in water (indicating that none of them were detergent). Though not on the investigation and not privy to discussion about the case, she did correctly identify two of the substances as being sand from the ground (taken from the yard), and sand from the beach (taken from the homeowner’s van). But, the unknown sample remains a mystery. 

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