Private Residence

May 1, 2005

40th Ave North, St. Petersburg, Florida

Often times in the field of paranormal investigation things do not always go as planned. Though we attempt to maintain a steady standard of protocol, sometimes things happen in which we simply must improvise. This leads to new techniques and insights into the ghostly mind.

Such was the case with the “40th Avenue North” investigation. The parents of the current homeowners built the structure and three generations had lived there. There were minor phenomena going on within which had been reported for several years by various family members. 

We began the investigation by splitting up into two teams, each one going to opposite ends of the home. Sensitives reported messages coming through right away. Terms that came through included “Ohio,” “apple trees,” and “the Navy.” At the end of the investigation, we learned that the current homeowner’s parents grew up in Ohio, the homeowner herself had lived in Washington, known for its apple trees, and her father, Walter, was in the Navy. Walter, though deceased, also “resided” in the home, his spirit staying in the living room.

The most exciting part of the investigation, however, was a male entity that appeared in one of the bedrooms. He was the reason why we were originally called. The homeowner’s daughter, now grown, had stayed in this room. Throughout her childhood she continually sensed a presence there. Now it was trying to communicate utilizing our ghost investigation equipment.  

Our sensitive noticed a pattern to the Trifield meter in use when she asked questions. In an experimental move, she asked the entity if he would answer her questions by pushing the needle to the right, increasing EMF, for a “yes” answer. Brandy enhanced the request by adding that the ghost should let the needle move to the left, decreasing EMF, for “no.” To the group’s amazement this worked, so well, in fact, that protocol was broken. The silent walk through ended and both halves of the team were reunited to observe what happened.

We learned that he was a member of the family, and that he was happy where he was. He said that he watches over the family. For a time, he appeared “fatigued” but after a break, he answered more questions. At one point, a sensitive picked up that the spirit felt as if he were being used as a “parlor game.” The group quickly emphasized that this was no game. He appreciated the sentiment, and added that he was excited over the recent changes in the family; a wedding had taken place. 

Though the results of “40th Avenue North” were moderate for an investigation, we picked up a valuable new technique. The EMF meter goes beyond measuring field fluctuations; it can be used as a tool for communication. Since this experiment, the technique has become a standard part of SPIRITS protocol. Questions have become more specific and the EMF Trifield meter has been upgraded, but the results remain the same. Perhaps this practice can be in the future as a safe documentation method for proof of ghostly existence.

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