Private Residence

October 8, 2005

Nellie Street, Tampa, Florida

The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg is a paranormal investigative group that is self-professed as searching for the “Caspers” of the supernatural world. However, sometimes a few of the darker entities slip through; their true nature can even be unknown to the people who house them.

This month, we will focus on what the SPIRITS have observed to be signs of negative entities within a home.

Some symptoms, such as sensing feelings of hostility, can be rather nebulous. The corporally challenged can express a range of emotions that the living sense. One of these may be hostility, but consider this: Imagine the indignity that is created as the surrounding environment changes as new people seemingly invade what was once yours. There is belief that ghosts may not know why they are being ignored. Negative emotions are certain to abound.

It is recommended that investigators try to focus exactly what the homeowner feels. Does the subject feel angry? Threatened? Fearful? Territorial? Frustrated? Also, be sure to ask when it happens. Is there a certain area, or an action, that brings on these sensations? This can give a clue as to what kind of entity investigators are dealing with: one who is truly dark, or one who is simply frustrated.

Physical symptoms appear to be the most manifest signs of dark entities. On several investigations where sensitives felt a negative presence, both homeowners and investigators complained of ailments. 

Headaches are one of the most popular symptoms reported. Headaches, however, can originate from a variety of sources. The natural phenomena of constricted blood vessels can be created through simple fatigue from the physical and mental toil of paranormal investigations. Entities may sometimes draw energy from the investigators in an effort to fuel communication. 

Nausea is also reported. This seems to stem more from negative entities than from standard ghost investigations. Perhaps this is a subconscious reaction to feelings of entrapment sometimes associated with a dark force. Humanity appears to become the prey to something greater and larger than itself, and that is, of itself, stomach wrenching.

Sleeplessness or constant fatigue is a large factor to negative manifestations. Some darker forces draw upon the energies of the living, much like psychic vampires, in order to manifest. They literally suck the life out of their hosts in order to make themselves stronger. 

Of course, if the homeowner or investigators undergo a physical attack, that is certainly a sign to leave the premises. Some of that energy drawn from the living can be turned around into psychokenetic attacks. It is the SPIRITS policy that if any member feels threatened or experiences an attack that we all leave the area together.

While these are but a few signs of manifestations, how to deal with a dark entity is much more difficult. The SPIRITS currently recommends that homeowners seek clergy with whom they are comfortable for additional assistance.

  Homeowner questions:

   Have you experienced any of the following? If so, please describe in detail. Please document any of the events listed below.

   *Unusual dreams: Dreams have long been considered a “liminal,” or thresh hold, state. Since ancient times, humans have reported dreams with deceased family, friends, and even strangers. At times, messages are conveyed to the sleeping person, often verified as correct when the dreamer awakens. This may or may not relate to the subconscious mind.

   I have had many unusual dreams.  One in particular I believe to have been one of the ghosts in our house.  There was nothing prophetic said, I just think it was her way of introducing herself.  She did not tell me her name. 

   *Lucid dreams: Dreams where you realize you are dreaming and/or take control of the dream

   I have lucid dreams quite often.  

   *Old Hag Syndrome: The sensation of feeling held down and suffocated by an entity, usually during times of rest or sleep. Often, this “entity” manifests as an old woman, or “hag,” and is a menacing presence. This is a type of paralysis dream and may or may not be related to the paranormal phenomena experienced in an area.


   *Paralysis Dreams: One wakes up, but cannot move for a period of time. This may be related to chemical imbalances or pressure in the brain.

   Never happened to me.

   *If animals are in the vicinity, have they been observed acting strangely? Animals often posses instincts and abilities more in tune with their surroundings. Have you noticed your pet having abnormal behavior, such as suddenly becoming aggressive, fearful, or agitated? Does your pet lick the air, follow unseen movement with its eyes, or track something you cannot see?

   Yes, our cats seem to be drawn to our fireplace and to the curio cabinet where I keep my haunted items (I really hate the term ‘haunted’).  They also have witnessed activity in our bedroom which seems to be a ‘hot spot’ as well.

   Do you experience any of the following?

   *Seeing a shadow/shadowy figure (s)?

   No, no shadowy figures.

   *Peripheral vision manifestations? Do you see movements out of the corner of your eye, turn to look and find there is nothing there?

   Yes, quite often.

   *Full manifestation of an entity?

   I have seen Mrs. Ash, Frannie (in a photo), an unidentified female with Frannie and a young guy with a beard and moustache but I do not know who he is.

   Are there cold drafts or cold spots found only in a certain location? (Barring drafts created by the a/c or heating units, fans, and windows). Are there areas of the location that are abnormally cold? Centralized locations, or columns, of coldness that won’t go away, or appear to move through the house? (These also manifest as pockets of heat, or warm sensations).

   I have actually never experienced a cold spot or hot spot that I know of although I would like to.

   PK activity:

   *Do you experience the apportation of objects? Apportation is the manifestation of foreign objects into a location. This may also relate to small household objects that disappear, cannot be found, but “reappear” in either the exact location first searched or in an area where it will be easily found. Metal objects, including keys, coins, and jewelry, seem to be most often affected.

   All the time.  You name it, we’ve had it disappear and reappear, usually on the bistro table by the curio cabinet but on occasion, outside in our front yard, in our back yard and it assorted places in our house.  Things like movies, make up, articles of clothing, shaving lotion, etc.  This has been happening my entire life, though.  I honestly cannot remember a time that I did not have activity around me.

   *Have you visual confirmation of objects moving?

   No, never visual confirmation.  I always seem to miss that.

   Do you experience any of the following:

   *Abnormal behavior of lights or doors? Have you witnessed lights coming on of their own accord? Doors opening or closing without assistance? Or, have you experienced unlocked doors locking themselves, or visa versa?


   *Abnormal behavior of telephones?

   Yes.  Cell phones ringing with no one on the other line and no number showing.  Regular phone ringing with same symptoms.  And one of our ghosts keeps turning the ringer off of our phone (which I don’t mind since we get a lot of calls from our children’s friends).  This has been going on for a couple of weeks now.  No one living in this house is turning off the ringer so that only leaves the option of the ghost.

   *Abnormal behavior of electronics and computers? Does phenomena seem to happen more near your computer, or when you are working on your computer?

   All the time but I think some of that has to do with me.

   *Do you hear any unusual sounds in the house? Are there any unexplained:

   Popping or sizzling sounds?

   Once we heard this but never figured out what it was.

   Rustling sounds?

   Yes, but it could well be the cats.

   White noise?






   Furniture moving?


   Doors/windows slamming?



   Doorbell ringing all hours and no one there.  Had a friend over who was looking at my haunted items and she said she didn’t believe in ghosts.  About 30 seconds afterwards, our doorbell rang and stuck..but no one was there.  It was one of our ghosts way of saying “I’m here”.  I think it’s Clover doing it because it used to be when the doorbell rang, we would find money in the mulch in our front yard.

   Does the homeowner have natural psi ability? Do you experience the following?

   *Expression of SLIder phenomena: SLIder stands for “Street Light Interference”. This is paranormal activity relating to the living. Theoretically, SLIders are emitting a low grade of PK (psychokinetic) energy which interacts and interferes with electronic devices. SLIder phenomena includes street lights going off as a person walks by them, electronic devices constantly breaking when a person is near them or attempts to use them, watches dying, batteries dying at an abnormal rate, etc.

   Yes, as explained above.

   *Premonitions (future events), clairvoyance (sensing or knowing things that are going on in the present at an entirely different location), or retro cognition (seeing events that took place in the past)?

   Yes, premonitions and some have not happened yet.

   Do you experience any anomalous health conditions?




   Only in the way that most medications do not have any effect on me.  Might as well take a placebo.

   Are there any OTHER events not covered by those listed above? If so, please list and describe in detail:

   Not that I can think of.

Investigation Notes: 

The sensitive group reported such sensations as: 
— A dark presence above the house 
— A male presence attached to the females of the house (mother and daughter), but not necessarily concerned with the father and son or the 3 cats

— A dark presence in the master bedroom and by the bar in the family room 
— A grandmotherly, protective presence in the daughter’s bedroom 

At the height of intense activity, we decided to leave the house but let the recording devices stay on.  Some words about what I recorded will follow.

When we returned to the house, we invited the family to join us.  The husband and wife joined us, but the son and daughter did not.  I remember the husband reporting sleep paralysis and Old Hag Syndrome from his early years, but nothing like that had happened in this house.  The wife told us she believed her first husband had suffered a demonic possession, but that she hadn’t spoken to him since 1997.  She also told us she is dealing in ‘haunted dolls’  both buying and selling.  And she talked about objects disappearing and showing up someplace else.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything else they had in their report or said about what was going on in their house  in other words  the reason they called us.

Interesting finding:  During the group discussion, the sensitives had come up with the name Dominic as a possible name of the dark entity.  This turned out to be the name of the wife’s ex-husband who had had the demonic problem.  I don’t remember if she mentioned his name at the restaurant meeting on October 1st or not.

Latin terms:
In my Latin dictionary (my conjugation):  Dominus, domini, domino, dominum, domino
Plural:  domini, dominorum, dominis, dominos, dominis.

Domini relates to either the gen. singular (of the lord) or the nominative plural (the lords).

The definition is literally “master, owner, ruler”

Other terms that might match:  Domo (to subdue or master)
Domus (house home)

I am reviewing the film from last night.  The cat was moving around in there at the time, which scared me to death.  The EMF beeps decrease but remain active, even while we are out of the room.  They are no where near as active as they were with Chris present.

Keep hearing the cat purring and meowing for us!  Very creepy when staring at this screen!!
At one point it gets up in front of the camera and it also knocked something off the counter behind the equipment.  That is one entertaining cat!  And, since I got to see a prolonged view of its belly, Denise, I think that cat provided your squiggly image.  Lots of longish fur….

Nothing on the second video to date other than the cat yowling.  I also said “okie dokey” at some point, which is pretty scary.

I did set the camera up in the perfect location because I faced it toward the TV which gave a reflection of the door area; no one other than the cat came and went out of that area.  

Can’t find anything on Oryn or Orin.  It is a real name, and also relates to sci fi stories.  So, no god there.  As close as I get is Orion…..and the chest of the constellation Orion was considered Tuat in ancient Egypt.  Tuat is the land of the dead….Heaven, in otherwords.

Other information on goats in religion:
*The Sumerian god Marduk often has a goat as an accompaniment, and it also appears with hunting goddesses. 

*The wild goat was sacred to Artemis (who had a crush on Orion, but her brother, Apollo, killed Orion to keep Artemis chaste).

*It is an attribute of Dionysis, who took this form when fleeing from Typhon

*Dionysos/Bacchus is shown reclining in a cart driven by Cupid and drawn by goats

*The followers of Dionysis, the satyrs, are half-goats with goats’ horns. (Selini — SP? — are evolved goat men; human form with the ears of goats; also followers of Dionysis).

*Pan has the legs, horns and beard of a goat. FERTILITY city!

*Zeus Dictynnos was suckled by the goat Amalthea, whose skin became the aegis and her horn the cornucopia. 

*The goat was sacrificed to Faunus, who guarded the woods, fields and sheperds of flocks; also to the other nature gods such as Silvanus and Pan. 

*The she-goat was sacrificed to Artemis at her Athenian festival of Munichia. 

*Herodotus says that the goat skin or aegis was worn by the statues of Athene in the Lybrian sacrifices and rites.

*Arabic lore shows he-goats leading the herd with dignity; yet it also symbolizes lawlessness, independence and straying.

*The ram and the he-goat are attributed to Agni, god of Fire and creative heat; Hindu diety (still exists today).

*Thor’s cart (Nordic) was drawn by goats who are his sacred animal.  His goat, Heidrun,  gave heavenly mead; the drink of the gods (How, I don’t know!)  Other connotations show the goat as stubborn side of humanity.

*The Chinese goat spirit Yang Ching is the god of the stay Fan-yin; he is the transcendent goat with white face, horns, a long beard and a special head-dress. He is also a Mongolian god. 

*In Chinese, the goat is a homophone of yang and so represents the solar, masculine principle; it also signifies peace and the good. 

*Russia has a wood-spirit, the Leshi, which resembles Pan and the satyrs in having human shape with the horns, ears and legs of a goat. 

*The goat is frequently used in Heraldry; with horns of a different color, it is said to be “armed.”

Tape one has nothing else on it, either.  

Amon-Ra was depicted with a ram’s head or else as a sun-disc with ram’s horns. His cult seems to originate in Nubia.

Jupiter-Ammon (Roman/Egyptian) associated with the ram.  And in one of the mystery religions, Greek god Hermes appears as Kriophore (a shepherd with a kid on its back).  (Mystery religions do appear to be quite cultish).

Great Goddess Ishtar (Astarte or Ashtarot) (Near East/Middle East) was adorned with ram’s horns.  Moses also had “horns of light” that were misintepreted to ram’s horns by later artists.

Judaism:  A ram’s horn –shofar– was used as a trumpet, to herald the presence of the ark (and war), and was used at coronations and other ritual occasions.  It’ll be used again in a week or so with Yom Kippur.

EVP recording: Transcript of the following 

[Comment to the cats who were walking by and exploring our equipment]

Brandy:  Just don’t break anything.  You can chew anything you want.  

Brandy:  Okay….okay…. Sniffing sound (one of us).

Brandy:  Uh, Let me just try to put down EMF beeps…’cause I’m trying to know what it’s beeping at.

VOICE:  (What I hear): 

Anger (3rd syllable)  
(or) Anger It.  
(or) Angery.

Brandy:  Okay. 

Female SPIRITS member saying SOMETHING but I can’t fathom what it is. (“That is how it stopped?”)

Brandy: It probably smells like rats, that’s what the big thrill is [for the cats].

More research:  (Non-participation on hunt, but did additional outside research to help figure this investigation out):
(1) Ornias’ abode is in the constellation of Aquarius and he strangles 
men whose zodiacal sign is Aquarius. In one of his transformations he 
is a sort of succubus who, shaped as a woman, visits men and young boys 
in their sleep. In addition to the “burning fire” (TSC) or “flaming 
fire” (TSol), he can also appear as a winged creature and a lion. (TSC 
10; TSol 2:2-4)

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