Private Residence

January 8, 2005

Lithia-Pinecrest, Florida

Lithia-Pinecrest was the first investigation in 2005.  Initially, the home was presented as a “control,” or non-haunted, location.  Perched at an odd angle on cross streets with one of the oldest cemeteries in the area a few scant blocks away, the home had several surprises in store for the group. 

Three SPIRITS members attended the investigation; a fourth member was present but he lived in the home.  With a small area to search, the silent walk through was not as strictly enforced.  One visitor was in attendance for part of the investigation as was the other roommate, Aaron.  

The phenomena was pretty basic.  There were constant levels of low EMF, reaching 1.5 to 2.0 on the 0  3 scale.  There were periodic surges of EMF, however, that were accompanied by cold spots.  Various members of the group felt a thin ribbon of a cool breeze blowing by them.  The windows were not open and the heat was not turned on.  Even when the doors to various rooms were closed the cold draft remained, particularly in Aaron’s room.

Of the two sensitives present, one immediately picked up the image an older woman.  She was grandmotherly and came to visit Aaron, who she said was her great-grandson.   Oddly, when asked why she was there, her answer was “Because you [The SPIRITS team] are.”  Could it be that we have a reputation with the spectral crowd?  Perhaps it was the only way for her to know that she could be heard.

She had no message to convey, other than to voice her pride at her descendant’s progress through life.  Her brief contact with the group seemed to quickly drain her.  The EMF dropped and her messages also petered out.

The other sensitive picked up an “A” name as soon as she walked in the door.  She said the name “Angel” and felt the being was related to the SPIRITS member who lived there.  Only at the end of the investigation did we learn that this individual believes he has an angelic protector watching over him, and that he has seen it.

Other phenomena in the home may be drop-in visitors, possibly from the cemetery down the street.  Aaron, who resided there longer, reported two strange events.  Once he felt as if someone was watching him; it so unnerved him that he quickly left the house.  He was careful not to turn around, certain that he would find someone standing right behind him.  

Another time, he had a guest staying with him who was going out for the evening.  Just as he reached the front door, the bathroom door slammed shut.  No one was in the proximity to push it closed and the door displayed no anomalous behavior before or since that time.  He has also experienced something akin to Old Hag syndrome and said that he was awakened late one night by a voice “speaking rudely” to him.  

Yet, as per its function, the control investigation reminds us to look at the natural first for a source of phenomena.  One SPIRITS member believed that she saw a red orb traveling across the wall.  The homeowner later explained that lights from the street reflect oddly in the home to produce that particular result.  Another member reported a strange shadow figure reflected in a mirror.  Closer examination, and attempted reduplication of the images, showed that the camera was simply at an odd angle and, by chance, captured the reflection of a shadow cast upon the opposite wall, possibly created by the flash of her camera.  

To wrap up the night, the SPIRITS, with Aaron in tow, trekked to the cemetery.  One sensitive picked up the presence of an old colonel standing near the American flag.  Pictures snapped that night showed no phenomena, though pictures taken before did have luminous white orbs floating above some of the gravestones.  

This control investigation was a wonderful tool to hone our skills.  It reminds us to watch for explanations and to never jump to conclusions.  Ironically, it also cautions us that even a non-haunted house can contain a spook or two.  As is this world, the Otherworld is unpredictable and can be filled with contradictions.

Investigation Notes:

Brandy’s report
Lithia Pinecrest
Start:  8:30 p.m.

Others:  Aaron, his girlfriend (for part of the investigation), 1 cat, a fish tank with turtles and a bird named Charlie.

We stayed together as a group.  

Kitchen:  4.0 EMF, 80  82 degrees.  We were talking to the girlfriend, who was getting ready to leave.  I got a chill during the discussion and had a brief headache while waiting in there.

During the discussion, I felt a cold spot form on my hand.  The temperature on my hand dropped form 95 to 85 degreesand there was a slight movement of EMF.

EMF started to go up.

Homeowner interview:

David senses an angel around him.  

Aaron has had old hag syndrome; tall dark figure appeared 3 times to Aaron at his mother’s home.  Aaron has lived in several haunted houses.  

In current home:  6 months ago he heard a voice talking to him rudely.  A year and a half ago he was walking to the door and he felt as if there was something right behind him; he didn’t want to know and didn’t turn around but left the building as soon as he could.  

He did explain the lights on the wall:  the wall was at an angel to the street and he often saw head and taillights through the blinds.  Because of the odd angle of the wall to the street he believes the lights are explainable as a trick of light through the window.  I tend to agree with him, and that would discount my experience. 

Aaron also said that one day the bathroom door slammed shut on its own.  About a month ago he had a friend staying with him.  The friend was leaving and turned around to say good bye.  As he did, the friend witnessed the bathroom door close by itself; Aaron heard the door slam but didn’t see it shut.  No one was near the door.  The friend made a statement that the door closed by itself, the dismissed the thought and left the room quickly.  

David has some SLI-der phenomena happen around him; both have experienced some form of de ja vu/clairvoyance (dream about something, then it happens).  

Both were uncomfortable with the mirror in the living room; it had belonged to Aaron’s father who had some negative energy attached to him.  However, in recent months the mirror was “cleansed” by both men and neither felt as uncomfortable with it.

Conclusions:  This was mostly a control house.  David is a member of the SPIRITS and sensed some minor strange energy in the home, but for the most part did not have phenomena.  The potential results that the SPIRITS received appear to be related to our coming to the home.  

The location is also very near an old cemetery; I wonder if they have some minor entities crossing through the area.  The door slamming on its own is unusual and that Aaron reports feeling watched at least once in the past indicates that there is very minor activity in the area, but not enough to be worried with.

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