Private Residence

September 17, 2005

Avalon, Gulfport, Florida

The investigation of the Avalon building, in Gulfport, was reminiscent of the SPIRITS original team line up.  The person who owned the home and set this up was, in fact, retired SPIRITS co-founder, Karen West.

The parallels to the original team were phenomenal.  Because this was a smaller home, four members came out to investigate. This harkened back to the first two years of the SPIRITS existence when the entire team consisted of 4 dedicated individuals.  There were no senior psi-sensitive investigators present so, as with the original team, the four had to rely upon basic gut instinct and instrumentation for this location. Three members present were also new to the group, which also gave this experience a fresh feel.

The home was beautifully decorated with artwork and was in the process of being renovated.  The group opted to start with the Florida room, an open area filled on one side with Native American ornamentation and housing eastern decorations in the other.  EMF registered around several of the Native American items and also over an older oriental-styled chair (which the homeowner confirmed that there were no electrical wires in those areas).  Several digital cameras captured orbs there as well.

The other area of activity that night was the master bedroom.  Orb images also showed up in that area, as did unusual EMF spikes.

After group discussion, the Florida room and the bedroom were re-investigated.  The team attempted several EVPs and video recordings, which revealed little additional information.  However, the entity present did attempt a form of communication, primarily through spikes that triggered an alarm on the Trifield meter.  

One team member, also a co-founder, felt that there might have been a connection since it was only her equipment that the entity appeared to be using.  Karen’s husband, Lee, was a fellow SPIRITS co-founder who passed away in November 2004.  The Native American items had belonged to him, and were some of his most prized possessions.

They focused on the entity to determine if it was Lee West.  When asked directly, the meter beeped.  The co-founder asked if Lee had come to visit her near the time of his death, and it beeped again.  She asked if he had a message for Karen, another beep.  Determining the message was impossible since the meter only allowed for a yes-or-no-questioning format, though speculation was that he wanted Karen to know he was still there with her (which she confirmed that she knew during later discussion).

Karen also reported that she and her husband lived in the home several years before his death.  They both heard various voices coming from the hallway outside the bedroom near the bathroom.  They felt that the location of the home, which was on a miniature peninsula, created conditions that allowed entities to drop in.  

The SPIRITS set up video and tape recorders, and the EMF meter in the area she indicated.  Together, the group left the home and waited outside for 15 minutes to see if anything would be captured.  One video caught a potential orb image and the tape recorder showed shifts in the sound spectrum, but there was no other conclusive proof.

This investigation was unique as it did allow for a reunion of sorts:  the three original co-founders, two corporal and one on the other side, worked together one more time trying to unlock the secrets to the supernatural world.

Avalon Building, Gulfport.
Brandy’s Report
Sept. 17, 2005
Full moon
7:45  9:15 p.m.

Others present: 
Homeowner, 1 dog and 1 cat.

First walk-through:
Florida Room:
EMF 1.0  1.2, with 2 spikes.  
1 spike moved from 1.0 to 1.6 and down.
Attempted to time spikes.  Could not find a consistent timing issue.

There were spikes over by Native American items and also by an antique chair.  Verified with homeowner that there were no wires out in the area; all outside electricity was turned off.

In the living room 
Two small spikes from .6  1.0
82 degrees

Chills on legs.  EMF in wall by TV and air cleaner.

High EMF in kitchen and near hallway.
Discovered electrical panel in the closet in the hallway.

EMF went from .8  1.6
Temperature 81  82 degrees.
2 orbs captured in bedroom; both cat and dog in the room.

Bathroom:  Not finished
Temp:  81 degrees.

Dinette area:  Chills on legs.

Group opted to return to Florida room and bedroom.

EMF used to communicate:  
Asked if this was Lee?  Yes.
Do you want Karen to know you’re here:  Yes.
(Asked a second time, no answer).
Do you want Karen to come in here: Yes.
Do you have a message to pass on to Karen:  Yes.

We tried several things unsuccessfully to determine what the message might be.
(No response).

Asked if Lee was responsible for the strange noise I heard in my room the night before he died:  Yes.

Wrapped up session.  Went into dinette area to talk with homeowner.

Report states yes to the following:
No increase in usual dreams; while living in home had a sensation of someone sleeping behind her, curled up with her.  Felt very warm and peaceful; feared looking behind her because she knew it would end then.

The dog growls and barks from the living room into the dining room and kitchen areas.  The dog licks the air as if licking someone and cocks his head as if listening.  Both the cat and dog will follow unseen movement throughout the apartment.

Peripheral vision manifestations:  in living room.

Objects that can’t be found will “reappear” exactly where I looked for them previously.  Keys and remote being two of them. 
Perfume bottles will be rearranged, bathroom cabinet knobs are turned sideways (they are not loose and do not turn on their own).  
Have heard voices (lots of low volume conversations especially in the bathroom, hall and bedroom areas).  Footsteps have been heard once or twice.

Homeowner prone to some premonitions:  knows when someone needs her to call or contact them.

Friends have also experienced the following:
1.Peripheral movement
2.A presence in the west side of the Florida room
3.Sensed Lee waling to and fro from the living room to the edge of the Florida Room
4.Sensed a presence associated with the antique chair in the edge of the Florida Room
5.Contractor felt he was being watched while painting.  Same contractor left abruptly and never returned.
6.Photos with orbs or haze have been taken in the living room and Florida room.  

Some of the above has been happening since we bought the home in Nov. 2003 and some since Lee’s death in November of 2004.

Paranormal Diary:
8/22/05:  2 and 1/23 days after full moon.  5:30 a.m. awoke and tried to go back to sleep  Asked Lee, Angels, Masters to guide me re:  Moffit Action.  Meditated to try to go back to sleep.  At approx. 5:50 a.m. felt a rush of cool air go by right arm.  Felt calm and was not scared.  Removed eye mask, a/c not on, and music had wind sound to it.  

9/4/05:  3 a.m.:  Finally went to bed and felt someone touching my head and feet.  Looked by couldn’t see anything.  Happened again, didn’t scare me but made me wonder.

9/11/05  9 a.m.:  Dog and cat staring at the kitchen.  Dog also barked.  Dog stared on and off for an hour.  Dog and I in the chair reading a black and white newspaper.  A green florescent dot showed up on my paper as if coming from behind me.

9/15/05:  Diablo (the dog) laying in front of TV sleeping.  Lifted head, started towards dining room and barked.

9/17/05:  Diablo on my lap in recliner.  Looked up and barked at the kitchen area and looked at me as if to say “do something.”

Homeowner interview:  Whole area has been active for past 2 weeks.  Conversations:  Bathroom, nothing coming through; different tone, different vibration.  Voices very often male.

Not Lee, not attached to anyone or the home; they were drop ins.

EMF spiked when the dog came out.  

We opted to try an EVP from 8:55 to 9:10 went with homeowner to walk her dog, leaving the area empty.  Left recorders, 2 camcorders and EMF reader to see  if we could pick up any sounds.  Reviewed tapes and recordings; one video recorded a potential orb floating across screen.  Hard to tell if it was phenomena or dust.

Another video picked up movement, but it was the cat walking outside the bathroom.   

No other indications of anyone there. No EMF flux caught of film.

Oddly, when we returned to the area, EMF dropped radically.  All flux stopped.  Things were pretty calm.  Areas we had gotten images in before had no orbs in them this time through.  (Did capture a very light orb in the MA bedroom).

When I asked if it was Lee moving through the bathroom, the EMF meter beeped.  It was the only EMF spike we had after the walk and returning to the area.

Conclusion:  I would like to re-investigate the area.  Homeowner reports that there is phenomena going on all over the building and that they have water all around them, which may increase activity.   Homeowner is amenable to another investigation in mid-November.  Would like to have more sensitives come in with this investigation to see if we can communicate well with the entity.  We had some response, but not a lot and not as specific as I would like.

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