Private Residence – Cardigan

August 12, 2005

Tampa, Florida

The investigation has a pre-history to it.  A friend of a SPIRITS member was afflicted with cancer.  When she came to visit his home she picked up an odd presence in the house:  an angel.  She took a photograph of the room where she sensed it and captured a pink orb and what appeared to be the outline of an angelic being.  The SPIRITS site featured it as a poll image shortly thereafter.

To find out more information, the homeowners requested an investigation from the team.  Seven arrived at the site, including the photographer of the pink orb.  However, it turned out to be a very busy night with some surprises.

Several individuals sensed a “higher level being” in the home.  In their independent reports, members mention feeling a form of caring, protective, and calming energy, which may be related to the angelic being.  It was not a strong manifestation for our investigation, but it was still felt by those present.

There was a lot of emotional energy in the house.  One sensitive also picked up on the feeling of “cancer” (no one but the contact knew of the homeowner’s cancer at this point), which was initially attributed to someone close to the family. There was a dark residue energy in the kitchen which some speculated was a result of negative discussions, or fear.  Later, after learning of the cancer, some speculated that it might have been the result of the homeowner’s fears manifesting in part of the home.

The more active entities that night, however, proved to be a little boy named “Andy” who created cold spots for the SPIRITS team.  He also registered as EMF on one recording in the same area that the sensitives pointed out.  During the group discussion, another teammate mentioned that Andy liked to bother the dogs.  As if on cue, the dogs, which were crated for the investigation, began to growl and whine. 

“Andy” was the entity that the homeowners, particularly the wife, had called us in to investigate.  He also played pranks and could, according to homeowners, move small items.  To test this, the SPIRITS placed a tennis ball, a key chain, and an earring on the table and asked Andy to move them.  Sensitives reported that he did try but grew frustrated when he could not achieve any motion.

At that point, a second male entity, possibly a drop in, made himself known.  A lurker in doorways, he did communicate with the group.  He gave the name “Ronald Evans” and manifested in a uniform.  He said that he was a private in the Army during World War II, had a wife named Betty or Bonnie, and died in 1958.  After the investigation, the homeowners, who had taken notes, sent us a most unusual finding.  They found an online entry for a “Ronald Evans” who had died in 1958.  He was born in 1938, so was alive during World War II but obviously did not serve in the army.  No mention was made of a wife, but the tie-in with the name and date was a powerful testimony to his existence.
Since the investigation, the homeowner afflicted with cancer has died.  An article on his life was published in the newspaper and his funeral was well attended.  His family, and friends of the family, reported sensing his presence several times over the ensuing weeks after his death.  The house where the investigation was done has subsequently been sold.  The wife did attempt to contact the SPIRITS for an investigation but the notification came too late; we could not return before the new homeowners claimed the property.  However, no reports have come forth from either the family or the new homeowners.

​Investigation Notes: 

Start:  7:20 p.m.  End: 10 p.m.
Other:  Perseid meteor shower, Mercury Retrograde
(*I had just returned from an overseas trip the Tuesday before).

Homeowners (2), 5 dogs
**Note, EMF is on the 0  3 scale.

First walk through (Denise, Brandy, Chris, Cathy)
80 degrees
EMF:  1.8  2.0 
(Some nearer to computer)

EMF:  1.6
80 degrees

Bedroom 1:
81 degrees
Spikes by camble box and cords by back wall

1.4 EMF
(Temp not recorded)

Main livingroom:  2.2 EMF with two small spikes.
This is higher than the rest of the house; near couch.  Could be wall units, but no wiring behind the couch that we can find.
Temp:  79-81 degrees.

Dining room:
79 degrees
(One reading said 68 degrees, but reader not sure on that).
1.4-1.8 EMF
Cooler in passage way.

MA bedroom:
78 degrees.
Note of a small headache
MA bathroom was a 78 degrees, with a small spike to a 2.0.
Closet was 80 degrees.

EMF 1.6 
Temp: 81 degrees.

Group discussion:  It got colder by me as we talked.  Andy was sensed in the room with us; sensitives got that he passed away in 1978.  A drowning.  Refers to male homeowner as Daddy; as he spoke Brandy noted that the chills on legs continued.  Dogs began to growl and whine.

We tried an EVP at 8:15.  My EVP:  Nothing but a series of scratch-like sounds.  I tested Olympus digital recorder again to verify that it was working and not a malfunction.  With the tests, it worked fine.  I am not sure what to make of these strange pulses/scratch sounds.

I felt a bit dizzy at 8:20.  EMF spikes 1.1  1.6; spikeof 2.0.
Asked about best toy he remembered:  Boober the Bear (I felt very cold.  Child was standing next to me, then by homeowners).

The child was younger at 4 or 5 years old, not 6  8.

Andy sleeps between them, with the puppies. 

The male figure, Private Ronald Evans, also showed up.  He kept saying he was Army 1st Infantry, Air Division, WWII.  Poland.  He died 1958, was related to New England, Vermont.  Woman, nurse, died with him  Betty or Bonny.

Andy loved football and watched it with “Daddy”.

Sensitives also found a “black feeling” a “dark feeling” in the kitchen.

We didn’t do a second walk through, since entities seemed to come to us, and most seemed to be related to the homeowner.

This was another unique investigation.  It is one of the first where the ghosts came to us, rather than us going back to them.

The child spirit is certainly quite active.  I could sense the hot and cold as he moved around us; the EMF also fluctuated, growing in strength as we watched it.  Amazing.  The child could be a relative of the homeowners, possibly a miscarried child.

After the investigation, the homeowners sent us an image of a grave of a “Robert Evans” who died in 1958.  He was alive during WWII (born in 1938) but was too young to participate.  Not sure if he was in after the war or not.  Still, it is a form of validation.

The older woman was possibly an Aunt Margarite, who was related to one of the homeowners.  

The angel has been experienced by several in the household, including a visiting SPIRITS member (pre-investigation).  

One homeowner, indeed, is battling cancer as one person picked up.  The cancer is probably the dark energy that was sensed, as well as the source for emotional tension that was felt by sensitives.

Overall, I’m impressed with the group and the performance.  The homeowner was remarkably sensitive as well, and they seemed to work well with the SPIRITS group.

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