Private Residence

July 1, 2005

North Dale Mabry, Tampa, Florida

We were called out to look into a haunting in North Tampa. What the homeowner originally described to the person who set up the investigation and what occurred were two radically different situations. The home, which was a relatively small area to work with, held big surprises for the team.  

Phenomena started as soon as the group arrived. Sensitives felt light headed walking through the front door. EMF began to fluctuate wildly and areas of coolness were felt, though the air conditioner was already shut off.  

There appeared to be multiple entities within the area. The two most prominent were a young woman who followed the group, a “masked force” (an entity that did not interact with the group) created by a vortex of energy in the hallway, second bedroom and bathroom, and third possible spirit of a young girl in the second bedroom.

The woman’s shade was the most active with the group. Oddly, she took to a new piece of equipment that the team was using: a Trifield EMF meter with built in alarm. It allowed the basic EMF of a location to serve as the baseline. Any time that EMF rose above the basic house reading, an alarm sounded.  

This entity, apparently, was using the meter to project her thoughts. In one room, an investigator, having made a side comment about “moving out of the room” heard the words “bye-bye” as the meter beeped. In the second bedroom, the group focused on her presence. As the group recorded an EVP session we tried to determine the specter’s last known age. The meter did not respond conclusively. Finally, someone asked directly, “How old are you?” at which point the meter did a series of beeps. Several people present, one of whom is not sensitive, reported that they clearly heard the words “Twenty-two” imprinted over the meter’s beeps.

The investigation continued into the master bedroom. The ghost realized that she was deceased but would not give a solid answer to how she died. One person, recording the exchange on video recorder, asked if she had committed suicide. Immediately, the video camera shut down. It worked well before the question was asked and when reactivated did not shut down again. The device had been plugged in to ensure that the power would not be interrupted. There were no apparent signs of electronic disruption throughout the rest of the home. Sensitives felt that the entity was a suicide but was in denial about her death; as such she reacted so strongly to the question that she shut the camera down.

After the investigation, the homeowner described a series of disturbing events. She felt that a supernatural force had followed her through her past two homes. She had witnessed items moving, felt threatened, and was constantly fatigued. After moving into the newest location things seemed to be settled. However, she started to see a male entity sitting next to her bed glaring at her. Items were disappearing and reappearing of their own accord, and she, again, felt quite threatened.

The homeowner, after the investigation, verified that she had a family member who committed suicide 30 years prior. Beyond that, it is difficult for the group to determine the exact source of the phenomena. The location had no known haunted activity. However, the strange vortex that sensitives felt in the back half of the property indicated that some sort of paranormal activity was occurring. Based upon what the homeowner described, the team believes that something may have attached itself to the homeowner several years prior. It continues to follow her from home to home, taking time out to manifest its own energy pattern (the vortex). Through the vortex, other entities, possibly “lost souls,” also manifest.

The homeowner started to use blessed water and holy oil to anoint different areas of her home. We suggested that she work with her clergy to have herself, and her home, blessed. To date, she reports that the clergy will not come to her home and will not offer any assistance. She is attempting to appeal higher up the religious hierarchy for help.

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