Hillsborough County, Florida

This was one of those learning cases from early in the team history.  We had permission to be on the location and did our investigation.  However, it turns out that the house was up for sale and that the home owners were not in agreement about this page. It had been initially approved by one who represented the home.  We were not told of a second owner. After a call with them, we had an agreement for this page:  We removed all images, all identifying details AT ALL, and we could post the general information of the case.  Still, it is a favorite and so here it is in the archives with all of its refined glory. — Ed.

   One such home in Tampa had a very powerful vortex.  The homeowner, who feared a negative entity was in the home, called for us to investigate.  She had small children who claimed to have seen a man standing in their rooms.  She had also seen objects moving, often times thrown, as if by an invisible hand.  She attempted home EVPs and believed she had also gotten voices in response to her queries.

   Most of the activity centered around one area of the home, the upstairs master bedroom.  However, the entire house was filled with ghosts of many varied backgrounds.  Nanna was an older southern woman who was associated with the homeowner.  Another male who died of cancer and was associated with the homeowner’s father stayed in the baby’s room.  An unnamed man briefly manifested to sensitives, as did a growling dog.  There was a young woman with dirty blonde hair who worked as a prostitute.  She had been killed by a john and stayed in the house.  She was the dominant personality who seemed to be in the dispute with the homeowner, and acted out whenever a male entered the home.

   Other than her grandmother, who the homeowner did verify, the remaining entities appeared to be a very random selection.  Sensitives and non-sensitives alike reported feeling a strange pressure coming from upstairs; this area was declared a vortex.  It was attracting entities through at a rapid rate.

   The investigation became even more unusual.  Because the homeowner was very upset with the information gathered and felt uncomfortable in her own home, and with her two small children, and with two of the team’s strongest psi-sensitives present, the team decided to try and assist the homeowner.  The group went upstairs and attempted to close the portal.

   Even non-sensitives had experiences upstairs as the vortex was closed.  Facing the four directions, with additional members braced and recording phenomena, several claimed to see movements around them.  One member spotted a small dark creature run past them as the portal closed.

  At the end of the night, the house felt different to many who participated in the investigation.  The homeowner, however, continued to report phenomena.  Before the SPIRITS could re-investigate the homeowner moved from the home, sold it, and left the area.  No reports have come from anyone in the area of any activity.  Could it have been the circumstances of change associated with the homeowner that created the vortex?  Only further study and future interactions with vortexes can truly tell.

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