In this month’s SPIRITS reminiscence, we have a fairly unusual investigation.  A family called us to report that they were haunted by demonic entities.  They had been checked by another team prior to coming to the Tampa Bay area who told them of the demons.  According to the prior team’s report, the male homeowner was a sensitive and he drew entities through his music, which tended toward the hard rock variety.  The family was in a panic as they had sensed movement within their new house; the youngest son had begun to study occult books in an attempt to figure out what was going on in the family.  Yet, when the SPIRITS went out to investigate, no demons were discovered.  The only spectral animal sensed was a totemic animal, a wolf, reported by the primary SPIRITS sensitive.

This is a most unusual find for the SPIRITS, who typically deal with ghosts or spirits.  However, during the investigation member reported seeing movement near to a Native American bow hanging on the wall of the son’s bedroom; several noted a cold breeze in the area as well. While the SPIRITS cannot say for certain that this was the haunting, and not suggestion by the decoration, it leads to an interesting study.  

Many paranormal teams believe that in the spectral realm there are a variety of unusual creatures that appear to interact with the living.  A totemic being is just one of those which is described by shamanic religions, psychic sensitives, and other spiritual workers around the world.  To further clarify this ideology, the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary lists a totem as “any entity which watches over or assists a group of people, such as a family, clan or tribe.”   Unlike modern derivatives of the term, totems do not belong to an individual but guard the whole family group.  Often, totems have stories that accompany them and explain their inclusion into the spiritual pantheon.

Today, with the advent of the New Age movement, single individuals have chosen to seek their totemic helper, which often is in the form of an animal that has special meaning to them.  These spiritual helpers are also called “totems”, though they do not relate to any other practices found within the tribal religions.  This appears to be the meaning behind our sensitive’s observations for this particular family.  

For more information on totems, here is a list of other websites to consult:

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Investigation Notes: 

Full moon, cool clear hunt.

Start: 9:35 p.m.
Completed:  1:20 a.m.

Present: 2 homeowners, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 turtle

Homeowners had prior investigations done in AZ.  They were told that they were haunted by a demon.  SPIRITS discussed the demonic nature of this case; Denise and Brandy discussed more in depth.

EMF is on 0 – 3 scale unless otherwise noted.

Son’s Room:
Noted books on cults.
EMF .2
Animals not affected (cat in room).
Fees cooler, though registered at a steady 74 degrees on thermometer.
Small EMF spoke (.2 – .8).  I asked:  Is there anyone there?  Another spike from. .2 – 1.0.

Bedroom 2 (other son’s room)
Cool spot, breeze.
Detection of breeze; strings on bow moved.  Chills on legs.
3 spikes:  .2- 1.0 (20 seconds)
.2 – .8 (22 seconds)
.2 – 1.0 (23 seconds; double spike).

EMF pegged, due to appliances

Living room:
10 p.m. Homeowner reports heat. Registered at 96 degrees with IR thermometer

Garage:  aroma detected, EMF .4

MA bedroom:
79 degrees
.4, up to .6 but no spikes
Headache, coolness in doorway, room felt unusually hot

Outside:  Wires noted around house; owner box outside of garage


Went back to bedroom 1 (nothing).  Bedroom 2 had a large “animal” in it – son’s guardian.  Wolf.  Garage:  nothing.

The SPIRITS remained in location until 1:20 a.m., when activity was supposed to begin. Nothing manifested. It is the SPIRITS belief that the youngest son has a very powerful guardian animal with him. The family also has high psi potential. Suggesting keeping son in the loop, but guiding him away from self-research on the occult. Suggest meditation and working to build up protection to prevent this from happening in the future.

Home owner discussion: 

Family moved from AZ to Florida.  They had a lot of unusual experiences in AZ and were investigated by another team.

Homeowners report:  Unusual dreams, lucid dreams, old hag syndrome, paralysis dreams, animals acting up, shadow figure, peripheral vision manifestation, full manifestations of an entity, cold drafts, PK activity (keys moving, lamp and chips moved in AX), Abnormal behavior of telephones (team believes that it could be the result of the use of cable modems).  Loud bangs, explosions, scratches.  Footsteps, furniture moving, doors and windows slamming, premonitions.

They did have a cleansing done at another home in AZ; it was calm for two days before acting up.  

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