Private Residence – 110th Ave

November 15, 2006 – St. Petersburg

For the holidays, we have a family-oriented ghost investigation (with recheck). 

What happens when a family has a believing mother, a skeptical father, and a daughter on the verge of becoming a teenager? Well, the answer is a combination of rolling balloons, bursts of perfumed aroma, and lights turning on of their own accord.

This particular family’s experiences span across three households. In the first, locks activated when no one was inside to turn them. A door chain pulled itself straight and hovered in the air for a few seconds. Blinds moved rhythmically though there were no breezes in the room.  

Things continued to get stranger when the group moved to an apartment. Shortly after they arrived, they discovered the still knotted rope from which the former dweller had hung himself. The cats acted up, hovering near the homeowner whenever she went into a particular room. The newly washed bathmat was found messed up shortly after it was placed upon the floor. A cool and unseen finger liked to touch people as they moved about.

This set the stage for the third, and current, location. Phenomena focuses around a set of sliding glass doors. On separate occasions, the doors have rattled as if hit. No known source can be found for the doors’ strange vibrations. Homeowner also reports feeling as if they are not alone in the home.

We came out for the first investigation. Focus quickly shifted to the back yard, where power lines hovered. Though these lines were high up, they did emit EMF fields on a regular basis, and meters recorded a patterned cycle.  

However, sensitives picked up a name associated with the daughter’s room: Charles. He was a minor residue that was believed to look in on the girl from time to time. He was protective, and homeowners later acknowledged Charles, a deceased family friend.  

Still, little information could be determined at this investigation. A second check was set for the following spring. Though homeowners reported a new phenomenon, an aroma of strong perfume similar to that found in an Avon line, we detected very little activity during the time period.

Overall, the family appears to have experienced paranormal activity in the past. Though it continues on a lesser scale in their current home, it was hard for the us to come to a strong conclusion one way or the other. The power lines certainly have an impact upon the property and our equipment, but the randomness of the events and the way they fit within paranormal parameters does not allow us to rule out a ghost.  

Ah, the coy and fickle nature of Florida’s supernatural residents fits in well with our warm winters. Both are hard to define, both have a fleeting existence. Perhaps someday Florida will have its snow and the SPIRITS will have the final key to opening the secrets of the paranormal world.

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