Private Residence – 80th Ave North

April 29, 2006 – St. Petersburg

Children in life are enigmas, but they are perhaps more so in the afterlife. While a child ghost always presents some aspect of remorse for one who died so young, it also tends to be more physical in the way of communication. Yet, when asked direct questions by sensitives, children can be as elusive as any other paranormal being.

The investigation on 80th Ave. was a wonderful example of just such a spirit. Though he had lived there for over 15 years, he had often had the sense of someone else present in the home. The activity became worse as he continued to remodel the house. He heard pops, electronics acted up, and he saw light and partial manifestations around him.  

An avid collector of model trains, he had a favored engine that he enjoyed playing with. One night, he was running this model engine for several hours. His wife requested that he shut the train down as it made too much noise. He complied, but the next morning came in to find the engine gone. After searching, it was discovered in the pantry, all circuitry fried. He sent it to the manufacturer to have it repaired and they confirmed that the toy looked as if it had been struck by lightning. Neither the homeowner nor his wife could explain it.  

He also reported that his young granddaughter often spoke to an “invisible friend” in her bedroom. The area of discussion was limited to a single bedroom, and her behavior was normal in all other parts of the house.

Sensitives picked up a young boy who stayed there. He was not a resident of the home but “dropped in” after his death of heart complications. He liked the area and opted to stay. However, the renovations made him uncomfortable and he was throwing “tantrums”, especially since the homeowner removed something from the backyard that the boy loved. (The homeowner later confirmed that he had taken out a sandbox and sealed one of the doorways leading directly outside).

The homeowner reported that he, and others, had heard the rustling of skirts in the home. He had, at one point, seen the lower half of a woman manifesting in front of him, though she was not present for the investigation. He also mentioned a former homeowner who was murdered in the house, but he, too, seems to have gone on.

Yet, why the boy was there no one knows. Did the grandchildren attract him? The homeowner’s own sense of play with the engines? Though he didn’t answer the questions directly, the boy was still willing to play with those present. The homeowner asked for a print of one of our images taken during the investigation. He went to his computer to download the picture and, for reasons unknown, his printer would not turn on. It worked before the investigation, and, as we were alerted the next day, afterward. Apparently, the little boy was making his point.

After the investigation, the homeowner chose to have the house prayed over by a minister in order to have the ghost removed. The fate of the little boy is unknown, though we certainly hope that he is happy, wherever he may be.

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