Private Residence – Bridgeview Drive

September 8, 2006 – Wesley Chapel

​One aspect of paranormal investigation is the attempt to rule out natural phenomena as cause for events labeled as supernatural.  However, there is a greater issue at stake here: ruling out investigator assumption that an event, such as an investigation, will always be in a haunted location.

Television shows have teams that come in to locations to prove or disprove a haunting.  Often, these locations have a history of lore that links them to a ghostly phenomena or at least a violent/mysterious past.  For the average team, however, working with the public, these venues may not always be accessible.  This is why the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg has an active call out for non-haunted and haunted locations to host investigations.

Bridgeview is one example of a venue that was not haunted.  Only slight anomalies were reported by the homeowner.  These included:

*The family dog barked at 3 a.m. on some nights.  Having met the pooch in question, however, we noted that it was a toy breed and very active.  While this can be one sign of haunted phenomena, the timing could relate to a scheduled event that the homeowners did not notice.  Not enough information was supplied for this to really reach the realm of the supernatural, but after observation of the dog and when added with the other small amounts of reported phenomena it did not amount to “paranormal.”

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