Private Residence – Captain

One of the most common stories in paranormal investigation is that of the parents or grandparents who return to visit their living offspring.  It seems that even death cannot break the bonds that exist between families; they truly transcend space and time.

This investigation is one of the most prominent examples of maternal love that transcended the other side.  The homeowner’s mother had died a year before and yet had not completely left this plane of existence.   She made her presence known, often through the manifestation of electronic phenomena.  However, when the SPIRITS were there, the team sensitive was overwhelmed with the mother’s presence.  The message was simple:  “Hello, I’m okay.”

The EMF meter matched the sensitive contact.  During the entire question and answer session with the sensitive, the meter recorded unusually high readings.  It was the only time readings were recorded during the investigation.

Traditionally, family members are said to manifest to loved ones for one year after death.  As time continues, the manifestations fade to major events and holidays.  While parents never completely exit their children’s’ lives, they do become less active; however, as long as they are never fully forgotten, the are never fully gone.

Investigation Notes 

Others: 3 homeowners, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 youth

First walk through:
Sitting room:

EMF 1.2
79 – 80 degrees
Small EMF spike, camera

Bedroom 1:
EMF 1.0
81 degrees
small spikes on EMF 1.0 – 12.
Radio gives off EMF

Bedroom 2:
EMF 1.0
81 degrees.
Felt physically cooler, registering some temperature shifts

Bedroom 2: 
81 degrees
Out in the hallway as we entered bedroom 3, 1 small EMF spike.
EMF .8 – 1.0 (base readings)
Chills on leg
2 fans on in the room
HP camera “stuck” on image
1 orb showed up in images; repeated picture showed nothing
Camera batteries died.
Denise asked us to take pictures in the corner; my camera died at that point.
1 large EMF spike by the closet (1.0 –2.0)
1 small spike also by closet, 1 spike in bathroom.

Dining room
2.080 degrees

.8 EMF
80 degrees

Study:  Fan on
80 degrees

EMF 1.2 
Temperature 80 
Small EMF fluctuation 

EMF 1.0
Noted power lines (no real EMF changes)
81 degrees
A/C unit outside, but not providing any EMF (air off during the walk through).

2 orbs in the 3rd bedroom
Hot upstairs in hallway
EMF recorded in bedroom 
Camera ‘sticking” and batteries died.
1 large spike; small spikes by closet and in bathroom
near hallway.

Hallway to bedroom 3, chills on legs, 1 small EMF spikes.

2nd walk through:  bedroom 3:  8:45 
EVP attempted
A/C on, dogs outside

Needle on EMF meter (going with EVP) spiked with the following phrases:

Glory, Gloria, Laurie (or an “orie” name)

Tony, son-in-law/son

Issue related to the mirror

The kitchen area

Kitchen:  Denise:  entity still here and watching
Had eye problems (glaucoma?  EMF spike)
But more issues than just the eye.
Died before saying goodbye (spike)
A son or grandson, someone did not get to see her in time

It’s an old death; died in hospital or under medical care (spike)

Someone not there at the time (Sully, Sullivan)

She wanted to let every one know that she is very happy, and that she got to say goodbye to most.

She was happy about jewelry that was given away.

“Don’t forget”

She wants everyone to know that she loves then and that she likes what they’ve accomplished

Name:  Trevor, Travis, Trent, energy to communicate, wall to separate communicate

Someone traveling somewhere:  “CA” sound – California?

Someone here has done a trip…Carolina, Colorado; somewhere she wanted to go when alive

Bed and breakfast.

Homeowner interview:
Peripheral vision manifestation and lights, yes.

Name confirmation:  Grams (86 – 87 when she died of Parkinsons)
Also one of the homeowner’s mother

Nursing home, then transferred to Hospice House
Male, grandson she didn’t get to see.

Family told by a psychic that another grandson (who lived in the home with homeowner) would see her in the mirror, she would appear to him in the mirror.  He was trying too hard to see her.

Tory is the daughter of the grandson (the “orie” name)

Homeowner:  Key West trip:  traveling out of area.  (Denise:  entity was the one who was put idea in homeowner’s mind).  (Key; “Ca”)

Jewelry:  2 crosses, one given to Tory and to a brother (belonged to deceased)

Homeowner in this house for 1 year; prior home she had lights that went off for a few weeks after her mother died, and a couple of months ago, the light near her flickered.  Only light in house to do that.

Conclusion:  This is a drop-in entity/guardian.  The homeowner confided that she was recovering from a period of bad health.  Since this is the homeowner’s mother, and parental figures are the most often to show up in reported cases, I have no doubt that this is happening.

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