Private Residence – Old Northeast

July 2, 2006 – St. Petersburg

Ghosts usually follow a standard equation when it comes to haunting. Some are attached to locations, others to objects. A few, however, choose to drop into the homes that they haunt. The only reason for the visit appears to be the people who inhabit the area. So, what, then, is the human equation of paranormal manifestation?  

Some people constitute a very unique form of energy. While they possess mild psychic abilities, they also act as batteries for ghosts. It is this energy that attracts “drop in” entities and creates a most unusual form of haunting. These are often some of the most challenging ghosts for investigators, as there is little verifiable background information available.  

This was the case with the home in Old Northeast. The homeowners had two entities residing with them, one related to the female homeowner and one completely foreign to them.  

The homeowners had noted that a radio that was unplugged turned itself on when no one was near it. Unusual sounds had been heard, such as rustling and footsteps. Their dog continued to growl at something unseen and often bit at the air. Keys, glasses and other small items disappeared from the area, and their closet door had opened on its own . All of these were determined to be the product of the mischievous behavior of the “drop in” entity.

This was a rare investigation where three of the SPIRITS strongest sensitives, along with two newer sensitive members, came together. Four members “felt” the ghost of a young man who was in his 20s, had a name that started with a “G”, and was very mischievous. He was stand-offish when the investigators were present. However, he did generate enough of a manifestation to appear as an orb, a cold spot, and several EMF spikes in the vicinity of the master bedroom.

He had no real relation to the family present, but loved getting a rise out of them whenever he acted up. He often stayed out in the hallway but liked to poke around in the main living quarters. He had no real answers for the SPIRITS sensitives but wasn’t interested in listening to the team, either.  

Additionally, there was an older woman who continued to “check on her children”. She had breathing problems and most associated her with a strong pressure to the chest. She was possibly the mother or grandmother of the woman homeowner, who was also very ill at the time of the investigation.

The randomness of ghosts is already a complicated matter to work with. Added to this are entities that cannot be traced through any standard protocols other than what they produce for sensitives and equipment. It is another issue that ghost investigators face as we continue to work towards academic acceptance according to mainstream society.

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