Private Residence – Trinity 2

October 7, 2006 – Pasco

The orb debate:

So many paranormal groups count orbs as proof of a haunting. Admittedly, the SPIRITS has captured orbs in the past and we post orb images to the site. There are two reasons for this: 1) Sometimes orbs do seem to appear when we request them to or 2) While we have captured other images on occassion, often we have nothing else other than orb shots. Admittedly, it is nice to have some visual images up with investigations.

Since the advent of interest in the paranormal world, new equipment and scruitiny has arisen regarding the orb phenomena. On the one hand are the believers, such as those who published “The Orb Project” reviewed by the SPIRITS in June 2008. Though skeptical of the book, there were images within that were rather remarkable. These included orbs photographs of orbs with unusual markings and bright orbs that created a vortex pattern. Yet, the book also described ways to summon orbs which included dancing, singing, and going outdoors, all of which can produce orbs naturally. Dust is easily stirred up by movement and humidity can be captured outside (as we well know in Florida).

Recently, I spoke with an investigator with several decades of experience in the field. She was skeptical of orbs until told by her mentor, a man with a variety of ghostly, crypto, and UFO knowledge, that orbs could manifest on command. I know her mentor and I have, personally, witnessed him ‘summon an orb.’ I met him after a ghost presentation where he told me of his theory. He invited me to try an experiment. After taking pictures of the room, he then held out his arm and summoned a ghost. The next picture showed an orb floating about 3 feet above his outstreached arm.

On investigations, this has also worked. Investigators and psi-sensitives have both requested orbs to appear, or pointed to areas of activity and had orbs manifest. This happened in several images located on the page. The image at the top, a trick camera, was used to take a picture of the team at the investigation. Just before the image was taken, investigators invited anyone present to manifest in the image. Sure enough, the 35 mm camera captured an orb image at the location.
A second image (above) was taken when a sensitive requested a photograph to be taken. She pointed to a spot between herself and another investigator and the following image caught an orb. The orb is light and small, not vibrant or bright, though household activity was very low in the home throughout the investigation.

However, in an experiment performed by one investigator the results were mixed. The homeowners were trying to decide on colors for a bedroom. Three patches of paint were up on the wall. The investigator requested the entity to pick its favorite shade. While an orb did appear, it is flat, light, and undefined. The investigator took this as a sign that the entity had, indeed, selected the color of its choice. Yet, an expert who does believe in orb phenomena looked at the image and dismissed it quickly as dust. 
Also, an orb appeared when not requested, hovering over the middle of a doorway. It did not match any other orbs captured that night upon request. In the background a cat walks into the doorway (as noted by the glowing eyes). Could this simply be pet dander caught in a flash?
Skeptics point out that many sources can produce orbs. Dust, humidity, pet dander, bugs, pollen, light rain and other particles are easily captured and illuminated in the flash of a digital camera. As the lens is so close to the flash anything in front can be brightened and frozen in place by the rapidity its computerized parts. Many orbs are easily explained by natural circumstances.

Still, in recent investigations, the SPIRITS have noted orbs doing unusual behavior. In an investigation not on the website, three of six shots had unusual orb images. About 30 minutes before the images were taken, two pug dogs accompanying an investigator on the case stopped, turned in unison, focused and growled at one particular spot. The investigators quickly took pictures, though nothing was produced. Thirty minutes later, after conducting an experiment with EVPs, one SPIRITS member tried the area again. Though all six of her shots were taken one after the other and of the same location, and the investigator taking the images was observed by another experienced field operative, the results produced were strange. The first image had a large orb in front of a closed door. The second had the orb in the same area, but the orb was nearly a third of its original size. The third through sixth shots had no orb at all. Was this dust moving away from the camera? If so, how did it vanish? If not, then what kind of ghostly manifestation did these three images indicate? Could it have been related to the animals’ activity before?

Another recent investigation, still under review, showed a bright orb that appeared to be self-illuminated peeking out from BEHIND a plant. The hallway the image was taken in was dimly lit; the brightest object in the photograph is the orb itself. The orb obscures the leaves of the plant behind it, but is, in turn, partially blocked by leaves in front of it, almost as if hiding in the plant. The image is rare and mimics an orb image taken by another SPIRITS member in November 2008 at a haunted hotel.

Despite these images, however, the majority of orb images shown to or produced on paranormal investigations are, most likely, explainable. Nearly all can be dismissed as simple marks in front of the lens of a digital camera. In fact, I, personally, continue to try to use a 35 mm camera as a back up for images as this camera is well tested in the field (14 years experience), has been cleaned and found to be in good shape, and gives a contrast to the constant exposure of digital imagery. While film is expensive, it does offer a solid alternative to mass produced digital camera images. This particular camera also captured the Haslam’s mist image and the cemetery image — two non-orb images that cannot be easily explained away.

As the field continues to evolve, perhaps the debate over orbs will be solved. Until then, we can only continue to review, critique and evaluate the results derived from testing and re-testing equipment, locations, and images.e up just in case of other reports.

Investigation Notes: 

Homeowners numbered 2 with 2 cats, 2 dogs and two finches.

Moon phase:  Full
GeoWeather:  Solar X-Ray – Normal
Geomagnetic Field – Quiet

Sidereal Time: 11:56

Equipment used:  Dual Readout Infrared Thermometer, Casio Exilim 6,0 digital camera with image stabilization, Fujitsu Lifebook with Wave.Pro recording software.

This investigation, though not a repeat, is related to the original Trinity investigation. I did have prior information and a few expectations, however, the results of this investigation took a completely different path from those expectations.

Trinity 2 homeowners were delightful and friendly people, most welcoming and even supplied the SPIRIT members with a wonderful banquet that we gratefully enjoyed and we thank you very much for your hospitality and kind gifts that we will certainly put to good use.

One highly interesting episode happened in the Master bedroom.  The home owners were redecorating and had painted several different paint colors on the wall in swatches.  I spoke out loud telling the entity that if it would go next to the color of paint it liked the best and let me take a picture of it, I would let the homeowners know it’s choice.  I counted 1,2,3 to give the entity notice and then snapped the picture.  There was a distinct orb directly underneath one of the color swatches.  I have included that picture with this report and also did notify the homeowners of the entity’s choice as promised.  

Examined the son’s bedroom, guest room but did not detect anything by impression or on film.

When the group came back together, we compared notes and impressions and examined our pictures.  We determined that the best place to attempt EVP work and communication would be the Master bedroom and we proceeded there.

EVP:  Total time for recording 1 hour 5 minutes.  Just after setting up our equipment, I had a very loud ringing in both ears.  The new potential also reported a ringing and Denise said she had ringing but in only her left ear, which was closest to me and in direct line of the closet area. Only one notable EVP was recorded and that is the sound of thumping, like a heartbeat, followed immediately by an audible EMF spike. This EVP was recorded when no one was in the room as the SPIRIT members were very busy with the banquet out in the kitchen.  We left our equipment running in the Master bedroom on Denise’s advice.   The entity was considered to weak to communicate but it is thought that the homeowner’s attempt at getting pregnant was a focus for this entity.  Denise was getting impressions of something in a drawer, underneath something which was of great importance to the entity.  But, we were not able to determine what the item of focus for the entity was.

Conclusion:  I believe that there is an entity present, related to the male homeowner that has taken a very strong interest in an upcoming event about to take place in this household.  We are speculating that this event has to do with a possible pregnancy and we will be very interested in the homeowners following up with news if she is indeed pregnant now and is just unaware of it.   The entity does seem to watch over her during the night. 

Child’s room:
EMF by radio and alarm clock.  Temp 74 degres.  

73 degrees
EMF by plug.

Guest room:
1.8 EMF
71 degrees
Room feels much cooler, chills on leg.  Checked with homeowner and the room is in the eastern direction.

EMF 2.2
Chills on leg
Small spikes – 3 in a row on meter (2.4)

Laundry room:
EMF over washer and dryer.
74 degrees.

2.6 EMF
74 degrees
EMF over crock pot, microwave and stove.

Dining room:
2.2 EMF

EMF 1.9 with flux.
74 degrees.
Chills and dizzy.
Felt pulled over to a cabinet with pictures and a Pekinese statue in it.

Bedroom:  73 degrees
1.8 EMF

Bathroom:  72 degrees
Chills in bathroom and bedroom.

Decided on MA bedroom and living room areas.  

MA bedroom:  Male entity; temp in closet dropped to 72 degrees.  Dropped 2 points while we were in there.  

I recorded much of the conversation on video:

“Are you here to tell us that she is pregnant?  That she might be pregnant?”  Spike.
“Are you excited about this pregnancy?”  Spike.
“Are you on Julian’s side of the family?  Are you related to Julian?”  Nothing.
“Are you related to Christi?”  Nothing.
“Is the baby going to be a boy?”  Nothing.
“Is the baby going to be a girl?” Nothing.
“Do you want the baby to be named James?” Nothing.
“Do you want the baby to be named Jazzman?”  Nothing.
“Are you Julian’s father?” Nothing.
“Are you Julian’s grandfather?”  Nothing.
Are you a cousin? Nothing.
Are you a friend? Nothing.
Are you a guardian?  Nothing.
“Is this not a “pregnancy announcement”?  Are you just happy that they are trying to have a child?”  Nothing.
“Does the sheep have any importance?  Does it signify anything?”  Nothing.

Homeowner interview:

Homeowner reports one strong incident when her mother was present.  Her mother’s cell phone rang; it displayed no number and she was unable to return the call.  

Unusual sounds:  Knocking.  Quoted from homeowner:

My mom was visiting and we heard repeated knocking (3 knocks in a row, numerous times in different locations of the house).

The strangest event happened while my mom was visiting.  It was approx. 4 p.m. on a weekday (I don’t remember the exact date).  We heard three knocks in a row, faint, but they sounded like they were coming from the attic.  We ignored them, and then 3 more knocks, this time the sounded like they were coming from the foyer.  My son was in his bedroom, so I asked him why he was knocking.  In the middle of my sentence we heard them again.  3 knocks, but they sounded like they were inside the wall between the office area and the garage.  There was more knocking after that but the three of us tried to ignore it.  Then my Mom’s cell phone rang and it showed “no number’ on the display. She let it go to voice mail and there was no message.  I tried using the call back feature to find out who it was, but the phone would not dial since there was no number to call.

Other events:  At night, I need to sleep with a night-light and I can’t sleep with my back to the wall because I feel like there is someone standing behind me.  I also feel like I’m being followed if I go into the bathroom at night.  

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