Brisket Basket – Business

November 3, 2007 – St. Petersburg

Video update 10/4/2020

Though there exists some tension concerning the topic of ghosts, many religions do have stories associated with the spiritually restless.  Often, the topics presented in scripture address how the living should (or should not) interact with the dead.  However, in paranormal investigation there is an interesting reversal of this idea:  how do ghosts deal with religious concepts when interacting with the living?

In November 2007, the SPIRITS investigated the Brisket Basket.  While it appeared to be a fairly inactive investigation at first, several interesting results came from it.

The Brisket Basket, itself, has a long history.  Located across the street from St. Petersburg High School, also a reputed haunted hot spot, it was originally opened as Triplett’s (fondly called “Trip’s” by the locals) in 1946.  The original owner sold it in 1969, and, though it went through several changes of management, it remained known as Triplett’s until 1982.  A new owner changed the name to Harry’s Red Hots, though this incarnation ended later in the decade.  The current ownership bought the business and reopened it as the Brisket Basket in 2007.  

Several of the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg members reported fond memories of eating at Triplett’s during various decades when they were students at St. Petersburg High, whose mascot is, ironically, the “Green Devils”.

The investigation started out on a strange note.  There was very little interaction inside the building, itself.  Sensitives could feel something hovering about, but it was keeping its distance and often felt “out of reach.”  It would interact briefly with EMF, but after a time ceased to use the meter as a communication device.  Temperature remained consistent and images showed few to no orbs.  However, when the team went outside, things started to change.  The entity continued to “hover” and remain distant but it did interact with us somewhat.  One unusual images appeared along the back wall.  An investigator asked if the ghost was a “Green Devil.”  The EMF meter spiked, and an image taken shortly thereafter produced a light green mist along the back wall of the building.  Several cameras and many shots taken to replicate it produced only a small second green mist, located lower than the first one.

When no other results were produced, one member attempted to try a variety of questions, using the meter as a tool for the entity to respond. The question that first brought response concerned ethnicity.  After a series of options were offered, the EMF meter spiked on “Jewish”.  When asked to confirm “Jewish”, the needle spiked again.  At this, the entity became more active.  Sensitives were able to feel the entity’s hesitancy to interact with the team, partially because it was not supposed to communicate with “necromancers” (the EMF meter also spiked to confirm this).   

When the aspect of Judaism was revealed, the SPIRITS turned to their knowledge of the religion to learn more about it.  The entity identified itself as a dybbuk, a type of ghost derived from a person who died in a state of sin.  According to Jewish folklore, the dybbuks are said to either be escapees from Gehenna (“hell”) or barred entry into the afterlife because of extremely serious spiritual sins, such as suicide.  
EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) taken on the site and reviewed later revealed one odd statement:  “I killed him, Michael….I killed him.”  Could this be the act to which the spirit referred as being spiritually unclean?  Was this what created a dybbuk?  So far, there is no research that supports this finding, and no known reason for the entity to be near the area.  The entity does not appear dangerous, but is remorseful and standoffish. 

The owner of the Brisket Basket reports other, milder phenomena.  On occasion, small items, such as a broom and a spatula, appear to have been moved.  Also, many employees have heard a phantom delivery truck pulling up to the building.  The sound is so real that even customers have asked if anyone was going to go out back to pick up the delivery.  Local lore says that many years ago, some high school students rented a truck and drove it in circles around the building as a revenge-joke against the owner.  The truck fell over onto its side, ending the prank, though no one died or was injured.  This may have created some sort of impression in the location that is “heard” by others from time to time.

The only other news items worthy of interest involve memories of stories about students who were killed crossing the street from St. Pete High in front of Triplett’s.  No recent deaths have occurred, though sensitives wondered if one spirit there was of a Sophomore-aged male who had been killed in the area. Again, information was sketchy as it did not interact much with the team equipment or sensitives.  If there is a secondary ghost, it may be the prankster who moves items to gain attention.  He is harmless and seems comfortable with the staff who are present.  Thus far, articles have not been produced though the current business owner has worked to create a safer school zone in the area.  The bus stop has been moved, and a walk way created, to ensure student safety.  

Biz owner discussion:
Reports a phantom delivery truck; According to legend, kids got mad at original business owner.  They rented a truck and drove it around and around the business; the truck fell over.  No kids were hurt, but since then several have reported hearing the truck come in.

A customer came in and reported that a few years ago a kid got hit near the business, actually dying as it crossed the street.

Current owner bought the business in November, did some renovation and reopened in April.  Does report some Jewish clientele.

Conclusion:  I was quite surprised with the aspect of a possible ghost associated with Judaism.  I would liked to have heard the delivery truck, which has been seen and sensed (as well as heard) by both employees and customers alike.

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