Private Residence – 0922

September 7, 2007 – Unrevealed

Weather: pleasant for Florida

Equipment used: Fujitsu Lifebook with recording software and external mic. Sony Digital Camera, Sony Camcorder with night vision capability, Infrared thermometer and Olympus recorder.

Investigation Notes:
The investigation proceeded as usual. We determined that there were two separate entities, one male and one female. The male entity would answer questions using the EMF meter as his chosen method of response. This male entity interacted with us primarily in the bedroom. The female entity seemed to keep to the bedroom. The female it was believed to have been a very religious person that has appeared to the current residence, possible someone who may have died prior to taking her religious vows into a catholic order. This female entity seemed to be very shy, even retiring and did not seem to be negative. The resident of this site is also a very religious person who prays regularly but the residence seemed to sense this entity draws close to her during the prayer times.

The male entity seems a bit more problematic. According to the resident, this is the source of the strong urine smell. This urine smell was one of the first reports the current resident made to us at the end of the investigation. It is believed that this male entity will take keys and money. The resident reported lights being turned on when they should have been off as well as keys missing. Also the residence confirmed the point of missing money. We advised our client that she will need to be very firm and very consistent with letting this male entity know that his style of “jokes” will not be tolerated and to leave the people dwelling in the site alone.

Both of these entities have appeared to our client. The man being very tall and woman was short, only coming up to the male entity’s belt buckle. She has not seen the face of the male but stated that the face of the female was very pale and round but her eyes were just “evil”. At no point did any member of our group feel anything negative out of either entity. The male entity is annoying, yes, but not evil or negative. Our client has family members that have witnessed these events. What is of special note is that during a walk around the condos Jesse and I found that a corridor of very high emf readings that runs up the back of the condos.  

No objective documentation was found in the review of audio or visual for evps or filmed phenomena. However, towards the end of the Sony handheld digital recorder there is a tremendous amount of static. This static is so loud at times as to totally diminish the voices in the room. This recorder has never done this before. During the closing of the investigation and while Brandy was trying to make it clear that the male entity was not to bother our client I got the feeling that the male entity was laughing at her words.

Homeowner interview:
Reports a smell of urine.
Sense a tall man watching her (reported activity by the computer).
Bedroom:  Felt as if she were being watched.
Left area Aug. 24th and has not been back.  The night before, she had a dream with a short lady, with a round face, wearing white, and a tall man (wearing brown pants and a belt buckle) standing at the foot of her bed.

She has seen shadows.
She sees the tall man in the hallway; he seems to come with a strong urine smell.
She feels a loss of concentration.

Reviewed notes on investigation.  Home owner asked about “Tuesday”:  Daughter reports that she was spending the night on a Tuesday and felt a man standing next to her, felt his energy as if “running”.

Homeowner fears these entities; feels that they disrupt her concentration, particularly during times of prayer or reading Bible.

Investigator’s suggestion:  White light meditation (via religious references).  Noted that if entity wanted to hurt her, they would have.  The male entity is not bad, just obnoxious.  The female has a strong Catholic connection.  Some suggested that she may be a bit perturbed by the Protestant nature of the woman, or may wish to share in the prayer with her.

At homeowner’s request, we did ask the entities to leave the house.  Recommended that she remain persistent with the male entity – keep asking him to leave.  He may not take her suggestion seriously.

Overall:  I was very surprised with the accuracy of the two areas.  We did experiment with a sensitive who was on the phone.  One investigator walked through the home holding the phone while the sensitive reported what she felt (remote viewing).  I think that the remote viewing is worth trying again.  Mild activity overall.

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