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September 22, 2007 – Pasco

For the past several months, the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg and our “sister” team, Pasco Pinellas Paranormal, have gotten a growing number of reports of entities that are rude, hostile, stubborn, or who present a sense of entitlement to residing in a location, despite the objections of the living.  The Sept. 22 case, named for the date of the investigation, is just such an example.  Here, a male entity moved through the dwelling.  He annoyed the homeowner, ignored her requests to leave, and ultimately hid from SPIRITS investigators who came to investigate.  These reports bring about two primary questions:  Why is this happening, and how can homeowners deal with these entities?

To answer the first question, perhaps we can propose that popular media and the rise in interest toward the paranormal is one reason for the increase of these cases.  The rampant abuse produced by unchecked television shows provides inappropriate examples of behaviors toward the supernatural.  This certainly does not help the matter.  Televised teams are shown in situations of provoking, taunting, and teasing the dead, which is not only abhorrent, it is unnecessary.  Yet, it is done in the name of ratings.

From the television shows, there is a rise of popular interest in the paranormal.  Untrained individuals, some of whom mimic what they view, are creating unstable environments through which the supernatural may manifest.  If these visits are not supernatural, they are, at the least, unhealthy psychological responses to the dead and the afterlife.  Sadly, the televised media does not show much, if any, compassion to the deceased.  Morals and ethics, which are desperately needed in this field, are cast aside for sensationalism.  This does allow for the pondering of these questions: how much television does it take to affect the psyche of the living?   If we cannot show respect to the dead, then how can we show respect to the living?  When is pushing TV for ratings also pushing sensationalism too far?

As the escalation of para-TV continues, readers are urged to assess how these images affect them, the restless dead, and the world at large.   The media is not harmless, but we are not powerless.  Remember that viewers are consumers of products.  TV shows are products.  As described above, we are empowered to change our realities.  As long as positive response remains from the general viewing audience, these shows will continue to be aired.  As consumers, we have control — remind the producers of that power.  Cut the cord to unhealthy shows that are promoting this negative mindset. 

For the unfortunate home owner caught in the middle, there are a few empowering steps that can give aid in these situations.  

1)  Speak out loud to the entity.  If this is a hostile case, try not to show strong emotion.  Treat them politely, but firmly, almost as if dealing with a disruptive customer.  This allows the home owner to remain in charge.  Some believe that entities may feed off of the negativity to make themselves stronger.  Even if this is not true, over-reaction empowers the entity, removing power from the living.  This will only create more tension within the household.  Ideally, the homeowner will act in a sense of calm compassion and love toward the entity.

2)  Remind the entity that it needs to leave the property.  The property now belongs to the living, and the ghost needs to cross over into the light.  Firmly request that the entity leave the property, or cross over to the other side. 

3)  Many groups espouse the use of cleansing materials, such as burning sage.  Home owners may do research on sage cleanings, but be aware that this herb is quite strong smelling when ignited.  Other forms of cleansings include the use of salt, white light meditations, placement of sacred, holy, or blessed items in the house, or even the placement of copper within the corners of a room.  

4)  Call for a ghost investigation.  Be honest in the assessment of the house to the paranormalists.  Home owners will not do any favors lying about their spectral activity to get a team to come in.  However, ALWAYS check a team’s credentials.  As noted above, the advent of television has spawned a cascade of ill prepared paranormal investigation teams.  Teams should have references, a strong website, a history of investigations that is documented, and connections within the parafield to other qualified teams.  If one team cannot deal with the hostile case, often referrals are made to teams who do specialize in these investigations. ​

Investigation Notes:
Note:  Rainy weather.

EMF upon entering (living room) 1.8 EMF
I asked, “Is anyone here?  If so, can you make the EMF meter “spike”, or make the needle on the EMF move to the right?”
“Can you confirm that you are here?”
Do you understand the rules of the investigation?  Spike
Attempted to time spikes, but they did not come at regular intervals.
75 – 76 degrees.
Temperature dropped 1 degree as I took the readings.
EMF dropped 1.4 EMF.
I also got a headache.

.7 EMF
Appliances interacting with meter

Bathroom: 76 degrees
.6 EMF

MA bedroom:
75 degrees
High EMF in the middle of the bed.

Returned to living room.  EMF was at 1.5, temperature 74-75 degrees. 


Bedroom:  Male, older male.
Relation:  Marriage or blood?
Grumpy old man.
Thickness of atmosphere….by the bath tub, sense of coughing.  Nothing in the hallway or kitchen.  In the dining room and buffet area, male sense of presence.  Bedroom:  swirling sensation.

Went back to check the bedroom.  Energy was gone, removed from the area.  He was hiding. Not much response.

Homeowner interview: 

Hears noises of someone building or doing something, dog barking, woman crying, heavy drilling.  
Has seen the entity:  1940’s style wearing a hat and suit.  
Smells aromas of food:  meat and veggies.
First saw him on the roof of the condo about 8 years ago.  Thought he was a real person, he was throwing stones at her.  Told him to come on down; he shook his head.  However, after that he may have come into her area.
Feels like he “hides” in a cubby space somewhere in the building.  He is constantly watching her, and he can be sexual in his intentions.  Feels inhibited in her own home.  He sometimes “sleeps” next to her on the floor; she can hear his snoring.  Has tried to ask him to leave her alone but he refuses to leave.

We spoke to homeowner; some of the noises may be related to building and construction in the area, or other buildings.  However, we do agree that there is something there.  He may not be as negative as she thinks.  We asked the entity to leave her alone again.  A week later I phoned and she reports that activity is much better than it once was; it’s much calmer.

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