Private Home (7993)

May 22, 2010 – St. Petersburg

Each case that the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg attends is always unique.  This one, however, is a bit more unique than others.  The reason?  The home owners attempted to trick us.

The case was a call for help and the team took it seriously.  Upon our arrival, we discovered that the family was under a great deal of stress and to the point of near disfunctionality.   The house was also in a state of disorder and reflected the family struggles.

Sensitives did pick up some legitimate information.  The home had housed an elder, a grandmother, who had passed away, and whose death started some of the traumatic incidents that the family reported.  However, the grandmother may have had good reason to be upset.  The family was engaged in practices that they admitted she would not approve of.  The youngest daughter, who was not present, was very troubled as noted by the condition of her room.  The behaviors described by the family during  a frank discussion also revelaed that they knew more of the causes of the disruption, particularly related to the serious problems of the youngest daughter, than they had let on.

The clencher for this case, however, was the discovery that the boyfriend of one of the daughters, who did not believe in this sort of thing, wanted to test the SPIRITS’ sensitives.  With permission of the daughter (his girlfriend), he planted a ring to work as a red herring for the team.  He and the daughter attested that the ring manifested in the room when, in fact, it was brought in.  They admitted to this later.  The SPIRITS sensitives did not pick up anything from the ring, other than an extreme negativity.  This sensation could be explained by both the action, and the revelation of the boyfriend that the person to whom the ring belonged was an unhappy individual with whom he did not get along.

This was one of the few cases that we had to walk away from.  While there was activity, we could not help the family once several issues were aired and the deception was revealed.  We referred them to another team and advised that they be up front about what was going on.  

This case served as a good reminder for the SPIRITS, and for the paranormal field in general, to remember that what we do requires a level of trust.  Though we conduct home owner interviews, and this particular case invluded multiple phone calls and emails, there remain a few who are less than up front about what is going on.   If a client can’t be honest with us, then how can we work with them to resolve an issue?

Luckily, this type of scenario is rarely seen, though there have been more incidents in recent years than there were before.  Perhaps the advent of television’s thrill seeking shows has spawned a new group of client.  Yet, the SPIRITS predates these shows and has chosen to maintain a level of professional integrity.  We give respect, but we ask for the same in return.


Homeowner Notes:
The first thing that has happened was lights turn off and on in our bathroom and banging noises.  The next thing had happened  was a flower thing off my bedroom wall had knocked onto the floor  in order to knock it off it has to be lifted up the way the screw is,then our candle thing had fell onto the floor  onto the rug,then our broom fell over,then right after that, is when our plant fell over behind our couch and nobody was near it or any of these things. We have had a ball move by itself toward the sliding glass window,a ball fly off the counter, then plant knocked over, knives laying out on counters, and very demonic sounding voice over mine and my friend ambers phone, there just is so many things that have happened here to name all of them! I do believe that when amber is here it does seem to get worse but things still happen when she is not here. I have heard whispering,growls, kids talking

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