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June 12, 2010 – St. Petersburg

One fairly common form of supernatural manifestation appears to be those involving babies. This makes a difficult study for paranormalists because children that young cannot verbally express what they experience. Interpretation is then based on the behavior of the child, i.e., my child stares at empty spaces, has an obsession with images of a deceased relative, or talks even though no one is there. The interpretations can vary widely since the infant stage is one of remarkable change. The brain moves through several levels of development and, as a new human, the parents and child are becoming acquainted with each other. Yet, historically infants have drawn spirits, particularly ancestors, to guard and entertain them. There is certainly the notion that passed family members have an interest and an attraction in the next generation of the family.

​A newborn child has only 25% of the weight of the brain that it will have as an adult. The ages of 1 – 3, the time when children are reported as seeing ghosts, are also important in the development of a child. Thus, this brings us back to the question: Is a ghost seeing something that is supernatural, or is it misinterpretation from the adults who are giving their own meaning to the babies actions?  

A quick internet survey showed that this is a topic online, particularly among mothers who are observing their children. The responses to questions posted about babies seeing ghosts are often confirmed by other women who identify as mothers who have seen their own children do this before, or people who were told by family members that they saw ghosts when they were young. There are few objective arguments listed — i.e., that a child may stare at an image because the portion of its brain that is developing is that of facial recognition. Additional responses are from mothers who have lost children prior to this baby, and thus associate a supernatural connection between children. Affirmative responses also come from individual who identify with psychics will also confirm that children see ghosts simply because they do not understand (have not been taught) that they shouldn’t. 

For purposes of this page, we’ll post a few websites for consideration. 

Child Development: (A hub of information on various topics related to babies and development)

Q&A Posts: (Series of posted questions on babies seeing ghosts, and the responses from the public)

Skeptic explanation:

Psychic belief:

Investigation Information

Home owner report:

1. Have you experienced any of the following? Please check all that apply.

Unusual dreams: Dreams have long been considered a “liminal,” or thresh hold, state. Since ancient times, humans have reported dreams with deceased family, friends, and even strangers. At times, messages are conveyed to the sleeping person, often verified as correct when the dreamer awakens. This may or may not relate to the subconscious mind.

Lucid dreams: Dreams where you realize you are dreaming and/or take control of the dream

Old Hag Syndrome: The sensation of feeling held down and suffocated by an entity, usually during times of rest or sleep. Often, this “entity” manifests as an old woman, or “hag,” and is a menacing presence. This is a type of paralysis dream and may or may not be related to the paranormal phenomena experienced in an area.

Paralysis Dreams: One wakes up, but cannot move for a period of time. This may be related to chemical imbalances or pressure in the brain.

Expression of SLIder phenomena: SLIder stands for “Street Light Interference”. This is paranormal activity relating to the living. Theoretically, SLIders are emitting a low grade of PK (psychokinetic) energy which interacts and interferes with electronic devices. SLIder phenomena includes street lights going off as a person walks by them, electronic devices constantly breaking when a person is near them or attempts to use them, watches dying, batteries dying at an abnormal rate, etc.

Premonitions (future events), clairvoyance (sensing or knowing things that are going on in the present at an entirely different location), or retro cognition (seeing events that took place in the past)

2. *If animals are in the vicinity, have they been observed (check all that apply):

Acting strangely (in manners not typical of normal behavior)

Licking at the air

Follow unseen movement with its eyes

Track something you cannot see

3. Do you experience any of the following?

Seeing a shadow/shadowy figure(s).

Peripheral vision manifestations. (Individuals see movements out of the corner of the eye, turn to look and find there is nothing there).

Cold drafts or cold spots found only in a certain location(Barring drafts created by the a/c or heating units, fans, and windows).

Unusually warm areas found only in a certain location.

Moving cold or hot spots in the house.

The apportation of objects. (Apportation is the manifestation of foreign objects into a location. This may also relate to small household objects that disappear, cannot be found, but “reappear” in either the exact location first searched or in an area where it will be easily found. Metal objects, including keys, coins, and jewelry, seem to be most often affected).

Doors opening or closing without assistance.

Abnormal behavior of electronics and computers.


Unexplained Voices

Discomfort or an uncomfortable feeling in a particular room or at a particular time for an unknown reason?

The sensation of being watched when no one is present?

4. Do you experience any anomalous health conditions? If so, what are they?

No Response

5. To your knowledge, did any of the following events happen on the property?

No Response

6. When was your house built? Have you recently remodeled or refurbished the house? If so, when?


7. Is there any other phenomena that you have experienced that we did not ask you about? If so, please list and describe.

Chills, headaches, feeling touched, feeling like I want to cry

8. A time line of paranormal activity is immensely helpful. Please note as much information as possible, including dates, times, events, who was present, and what happened.

Will send separately

Verbal report:

When the child came, the baby would laugh and giggle, look away, etc.

The rocking chair: my husband’s father showed up in the rocking chair.

(To the sensitives) I’m not surprised that you were picking up guardian, as there is a guardian angel prayer every night. There is something that tries to come out in the corner — the sparkling, etc.

His baby monitor goes crazy. We checked the monitor because it acts very odd. I saw someone manifest in the room with me; I said “no” to it. It was a balding light hair, light shirt, suspender, older male, trying to tell me something. I said “no” and he left.

The office: I don’t like that room, but I’ve never focused on it. Headache did happen.

When I heard you get pulled in the direction of the room, I got them “how do I let them know”?

There is a Jane in the history here.

Garage: I feel as if I’m going to get locked out from my son.

The MA bathroom, one of my dogs licks the air. I saw her sitting there staring at the shower curtains and licking the air about an hour agao.

I have also seen someone standing outside my door as if they are coming in. Dogs stand at the door.

Crying sensation was out in the patio. The feeling that I got was, “It was nothing that they did, it was work…” HO had an acquaintance with a family that committed suicide

The energy in the corner is the very spot where I saw the little girl ghost that followed me home. She has been very distant here. She is very scared and shy.

When my in-laws were staying in March, they stayed in the office, the printer/copier went nuts that they had to unplug it.

HO: She was actually a baby that died, though she showed herself as a young child. The old man may be attached to the little girl…the girl ghost followed me (HO) and the old man protects her. I saw a vision of an old man, maybe 1920s clothing, who was a doctor. A woman was asking for help, and the doctor pushed him out….


Brandy’s Report:

1. What was your role in this investigation? (Please check one)
2. What equipment did you use on this investigation?
Digital camera
Audio recording devices
3. What phenomena did you experience on this investigation? (Please check all that apply)
No Response
4. In review of the footage, recording, or photographs taken at the location, which of the following did you find? (Please check all that apply)
Orb images (digital)
5. What technical observations did you note during the investigation? For purposes of categorizing data, please post your first name, followed by your response.
I am still getting used to using my IR digital camera. For the first time, the IR digital did produce an orb in the study. However, I do not know how common this is. It has not happened before or since this investigation
6. What sensitive observations did you note during the investigation? For purposes of categorizing data, please post your first name, followed by your response.

8. Rate the level of perceived haunted activity of this location. 1 represents no activity, 5 moderate activity and 10 represents extreme activity.
Home owner communication, post-investigation:

The sensitive was definitely feeling a female energy pacing – it did not dawn on me until later but when I recalled the name Jane, having no recollection of a family member, my dog Harley (female) unofficial middle name was  Jane.  I forgot until I called Tikka (another family dog) from crying the next night (her unofficial middle name is Marie – lol). She was the other dog I got in Hawaii and that was her best friend.e se

I can say the little girl is gone….I heard the words “gone, gone, gone” as the meter dropped – that was why I asked (I am still not so sure of myself sometimes).  And the house has been peaceful – no feeling of garage door being shut but I am still apprehensive.  I am in the computer room more and just acknowledge if there is a presence I am no harm but no feeling.  Got a massive headache today, and that was a first in a while.

Also, we ordered a new monitor.  The next day it went haywire so we shall see when the new one arrives.  Right now thinking it was interfering with the neighbors as we learned that they still use one that afternoon. 

Thank you all for your help.

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