Private Residence – 10th Ave S (Reconstruct)

St. Petersburg – Date Unknown

This is a reconstructed page.  The original corrupted during a website update.  Information comes from emails from the tenant at the location as well as SPIRITS team member’s recollections.  This site was investigated multiple times over a three year period.

From the tenant:

We have so many stories  about the home, some funny, some that scared us.  This started from the day I got the keys.  For the first year, none of us were saying anything  to each other  about what we were seeing  or hearing.  Finally, one day it all came out and that’s when we decided to find you.  Your team was always professional and good people.”

 Reports from home owner:

In the upstairs room, which was then the son’s bedroom, the bed would shake on its own.  The bed would move and shake on its own, no matter where it was placed in the room.

Tenant would go upstairs and shut all of the doors, but all would be open again when she went back up, even if was only 15 minutes later.

Sounds of furniture being dragged around upstairs when nothing was moved.

The upstairs was so active that the tenant would not stay up there.

A disembodied child’s voice would call out “mommy”; she sounded like she was about 8 years old.

Footsteps heard going up and down the stairs when no one else was in the house.

The tenant saw a full body apparition of a girl in her late teens with long brown hair and a cape.  She would stand on the walkway in front of the house, but had also been seen inside the house walking into the bathroom.  Visitors to the home would also see the girl and often reported that after her visitation, doors would be locked from the inside, the slide bars would lock, and water faucets would turn on by themselves.

A male shadow figure would appear in the house.  He was so dark that the tenant could not see through him.

Wallet and keys of the tenants would be found on the walkway outside the house, though no one put them there.

The sound of ghostly parties would be heard throughout the house when the tenant was alone.  Sounds of glasses clinking and voices would become very loud; this often happened during the day.

When the tenant’s son was there, activity seemed to increase.

The tenant’s daughter also reported seeing activity in the house.

The SPIRITS attempted a flashlight session, asking questions and getting responses from the flashlights as they turned on and off upon request. 

During the investigation, the whole team was settled in the upstairs bedroom where the bed moved on its own. During the session, every member of the team sensed, saw, or felt the presence of an older male in the room who was unhappy with our visit.  The general feeling was that the man wanted us out.  SPIRITS founder,, Brandy Stark, distinctly remembers seeing an older white man with grey/white hair and a neatly trimmed mustache in a white suit leaning over her, mouth open and body postured as if he were screaming at her to “get out”.

The team did witness the bed vibrating. 

During one investigation, the SPIRITS’ sensitive reported feeling an older woman in the computer room who felt lost and alone.

Other reported activity, post investigations:

After the tenant (above) moved out, her daughter became friends with the family that moved in next.  She spent several nights at the home and reported that she still saw the apparitions.

(2022) The current tenants described lights acting up on the second floor.  They claim that they have no real activity, but that their son, whose bedroom is upstairs, talks to a male presence that he has named Remy.  However, there is little or no fear reported.  They did say that when they first moved in, lights flickered but an electrician fixed that with no further issues.

Legend:  The homeowner of this property and his neighbor allegedly had a dual in the front yard.  An argument had grown to such an extent that they saw no choice but to face off; the lore is that each killed the other (or that there was at least one death on the property).

As an odd note of synchronicity, the cooling coffin that the homeowner had purchased from a local antiques store ended up being sold back to a different antique store around the time she moved out of the house.  That coffin was at Patty’s And Friends, and antique store that we investigated under prior ownership.  The coffin ended up on display and for sale during a couple fo the SPIRITS events at the antique store.  The woman who had purchased the coffin later contacted Brandy Stark personally, offered her a discounted cost for the coffin and even delivered it for free to her home.  Brandy has had it ever since in her house.  The coffin was likely not used and has been checked several times.  It appears to have nothing attached to it beyond the odd story of connection between this house, the antique stores, and the SPIRITS team.

The history of the house as remembered by the tenant:  The original title belonged to the daughter of a couple who came from New York.  The husband worked in a knife factory. It may have also belonged to the son of one of the city’s mayors at one point.  For one period of time, the house was abandoned and boarded up.  Vagrants allegedly lived in the house before it was reopened and restored.

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