Private Residence – 0525

May 25, 2011 – ST. Petersburg

Crystals and ghosts in Paranormal Investigation

This particular home was quite interesting.  The home owner believed in and utilized the metaphysical practices of crystal stones.  Her home had an abundance of crystals, particularly toward the center of the structure in the dining room.  The home owner did believe in ghosts as well as negative energy.  She attempted to utilize the crystals as a way to purify her home, but was afraid that it was not working.  The pets within the home, as well as the husband, felt a negative presence move through the house.

The use of so many stones was new to the SPIRITS.  Though stones have certainly appeared in homes, the number and use of crystals to this level had not before been encountered.  Though this did appear to be a relatively standard investigation, it does raise a good question:  how does the mixture of metaphysical crystal usage and ghostly manifestation work together?
A broad sweep search of paranormal and crystals brought up the following results: 

*Black stones (hematite and obsidian) are “ghost protectors” while clear quarts helps to keep the energies of an area clean.  ( 

*Crystals can be used to cleanse an area of negative energy.  They must be cleansed with the use of salt, sunlight, or under the full moon.  Once cleansed, the crystals should be placed in the area where the individual is “drawn to put them”.  The crystals will need to be cleansed every now and again to remain effective. (

*Another site specifically mentioned the use of clear quartz crystal clusters (3 – 4 inches across).  These stones were to be cleansed with sunlight in order to “illuminate” the house with “positive energy”.  The idea with this is to deter any negative ghostly visitors while also creating a barrier for negative energy.  (

*Ghosts may be attracted to (or more powerful on) land over limestone and/or granite (which, if true, may explain why Florida is so haunted.  This is a limestone-based state).    (

*A person requesting paranormal protection was given advice to place bloodstones and crystals in the affected room.  The stones were to be placed on either side of the bedroom door on the outside, along with a line of salt outside the door.  A crystal made of two unidentified stones was to be placed on the windowsill.   (

*Though crystals (among other types of cleansing rituals) may help to alleviate problems, they are not a long term solution (

While interesting, there does not appear to be much consensus among crystal users as to what clears a ghost.  Quarts does appear to be the most mentioned type of stone utilized.  Though not a truly scientific outcome, the subject does make for interesting research.  Sensitives that were present in this home did not the incredible power of the crystals, and even non-sensitives could feel what appeared to be a tangible heat coming from some of the stones.  This made for a unique case whose results can be viewed on this page. 


1. Do you experience any of the following?
Feeling/touch: The sensation of being touched, caressed, tapped, or other physical contact

Visual: Unexplained movement caught from the peripheral (corner of the eyes)

Visual: Full manifestation 

Physical/feeling: Cold drafts or cold spots found only in a certain location(Barring drafts created by the a/c or heating units, fans, and windows).

Feeling/touch: Moving cold or hot spots in the house.

Visual: Lights turning on/off for unknown reasons

Abnormal behavior of telephones.

Sounds: thumping, knocking, taps, scratching

Sensations: uncomfortable feeling/discomfort in a particular room or at a particular time for an unknown reason?

Sensation: Feeling watched

Sensation/emotional feeling: Hostile feeling

Sensation/emotion: Peace/love/comfort 

2. If animals are in the vicinity, have they been observed (check all that apply): 
Fleeing an area

Atypical or strange behavior

Sudden aggression

Sudden fear

Watching something unseen

3. Have you experienced any of the following? Please check all that apply.
Premonitions (future events), clairvoyance (sensing or knowing things that are going on in the present at an entirely different location), or retrocognition (seeing events that took place in the past)

4. Is there any other phenomena that you have experienced that we did not ask you about? If so, please 6. To your knowledge, did any of the following events happen on the property?
Natural death(s) on the property

Violent acts within the property

7. When was the property/location built? Was the location recently remodeled/refurbished? If so, when? Do you have any information on the history of the property? 
the property was built in 1951.there has not been any remodeling.a/c installed and satellite for tv.

8. A time line of paranormal activity is immensely helpful. Please note as much information as possible, including dates, times, events, who was present, and what happened.
teusday evening at 10:30 or close to my husband began screaming,he claims something held him down.on 4/4/11 he said he saw shadow man drew it for me also.the cats have been acting fearful.

Investigation Notes: 

2. What equipment did you use on this investigation?
Video, Paranormal Puck
3. What phenomena did you experience on this investigation? (Please check all that apply)
Sensation of energy 
Odd behavior of equipment 
4. In review of the footage, recording, or photographs taken at the location, which of the following did you find? (Please check all that apply)
I did feel a bit dizzy in parts of the house, and had to keep recharging equipment.  Did feel heat coming off of the stones.
5. What technical observations did you note during the investigation? For purposes of categorizing data, please post your first name, followed by your response.
Video camera was chaged.  The battery appeared to go down, though this camera can be tricky.when it comes to charging.
6. What sensitive observations did you note during the investigation? For purposes of categorizing data, please post your first name, followed by your response.
Other than energy, the EMF meter did spike 3 times when standing in the area between dining room and living room.
7. What researched/historical information did you learn about this location? For purposes of categorizing data, please post your first name, followed by your response.

House has a history of belonging to one family.  Built approx. 1950, it was owned by the original owners for 2 years.  They moved away due to neighbors.  House was sold to home owner’s husband’s mother who also died in the house.  Home owner’s husband inheritied the home.

8. Rate the level of perceived haunted activity of this location. 1 represents no activity, 5 moderate activity and 10 represents extreme activity.

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