Private Residence – 0716

July 16, 2011 – Pasco / North Pinellas with Recheck July 27, 2013

Haunted by Residue of the Living

The house for this investigaion is a fascinating study.  Situated near a natural water source it sits in a quiet neighborhood in the Tampa Bay Area.  This two bedroom property has no history of deaths on location nor are there any recorded in the immediate area around it.  The lake stretched behind the backyard and the pool accompanying the house have no known drowning victims in recent history, yet all three locations hold a sense of presence.  The case at Victor serves to remind that the living have an impact upon their surroundings that may last for a considerable time.  

The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg have visited the property for three consecutive years.  The first visit was when the home owner was relocating to the house and by the second she had fully moved in.  Since different SPIRITS members attended each investigation the ones who had not been to the location prior were the first to report their findings.  The location was not released to them before the day of the investigation.  Yet in each SPIRITS visit several consistent reports showed up:

The lake:  (See images above for IR photography of the area).  There are several sets of trees located in the backyard of the property bordering the lake shore.  These trees have consistently fascinated the SPIRITS sensitives who report various scenarios there.  There is a feeling that someone watches from the lake and that there may have been some sort of negative emotion there (i.e., in the third recheck someone sensed a group of three where one member was jealous of another).  It is important to note that some sort of power line runs across the area and does emit some EMF.  There is speculation that the lake may have been used by Native Americans, but the episodes reported during the visits cannot be confirmed.  The common thread remains the sensation of feeling watched, a sense of solitude and a bit of negative emotional residue.  

The pool:  The first two visits indicated a strong dislike of the pool.  Several members felt fear near and around the structure.  The third visit did not hold the same sense of fear for most but still had a slightly negative feeling by the stairs.  This may be the result of two things.  One is psychological as the first time the SPIRITS visited the house the pool held only sludge water.  Along this line is the unusual build of the pool which the home owner acknowledges has a very unusual and steep angle to it.  The second aspect may be a form of residue in which someone did have an unpleasant experience in the pool.  Reports of fear of falling into the pool were commonly reported so perhaps this did happen at some point in time.  Again, it is not documented and no reports have surfaced to such an experience.

The house:  The house is one of the most interesting areas of the investigation.  Consistently members have reported a sense of vanity, depression, isolation, and physical pain, particularly on the right side, in association with this location.   This matches with research of the property owners as well as reported information from the home owner.  The prior owner of the house sold it along with many of its possessions as is.  The home was run down and in need of repair in part because the prior owner had been in a terrible car accident, injuring her right side, and was largely home bound.  No monies were collected and though she loved the house she could not keep it up.  The house sold to the new owner several years ago and though she has done repairs the residue of the prior owner remains.

Other than the residue remaining in the home, EMF is detected and appears to respond to questions, though EVP and photography work show no results.  The home owner is open to spirits and one thought may be that she has drop in entities.  These ghosts are in the process of travelling but sometimes remain in one location for a time.  (The home owner reported an odd scent of perfume that she didn’t recognize in the home twice in recent months which was new to her).

This home is somewhat of a mystery.  Though there have been other cases where residue of the living or recent past events was picked up we rarely have the opportunity to observe this through a consistent series of visits.  Perhaps personality plays as important a role as location.  The lake may provide a natural energy source that, when mixed with the electrical wires, creates a form of site recording.  The prior home owner may have been a person of great emotional power who could leave such an imprint.  Either way, the recommendation for the home owner after this visit is to work to cleanse the energy from the property.   Time, itself, also dissipates this energy.  Perhaps next year the new SPIRITS members will be unable to feel what once was there.  Only time will tell.​

Investigation Notes:

​Home owner report:

Note:  The home was recently purchased by the home owner, so few details of activity, if any, exist.

1. Do you experience any of the following?
No Response 
2. If animals are in the vicinity, have they been observed (check all that apply): 
No Response 
3. Have you experienced any of the following? Please check all that apply.
No Response 
4. Is there any other phenomena that you have experienced that we did not ask you about? If so, please list and describe.
No Response 
5. Do you experience any anomalous health conditions that might impact these experiences? If so, how might they be impacted? (Medication, physical sensations, etc.?) 
No Response 
6. To your knowledge, did any of the following events happen on the property?
No Response 
7. When was the property/location built? Was the location recently remodeled/refurbished? If so, when? Do you have any information on the history of the property? 
1961 Built. 2011 remodeled 
8. A time line of paranormal activity is immensely helpful. Please note as much information as possible, including dates, times, events, who was present, and what happened.
No Response 

Discussion:  There is nothing creepy in here.

We wanted to go back out to the pool.  After going to the pool, the creepy feeling still pertains.  Les was able to walk around the pool easily.  Brandy did step down on the first step, which looks steeper than it is.  Nothing was sensed by the pool, though we did try an EVP.

Home owner:  the lady who lived here went into a really deep depression.  She is still alive.  She had gotten into a couple of accidents, hit by a drunken driver.  She couldn’t get compensation.  The house was not a short sale, but it was as close as you could get here.  She simply sold the house as it was.  I was sorting through her things when I got the house; she left everything here.  She changed her first name in the past 8 years or so – something like Diane to Kim.  She is about 68 years old.  She was totally overwhelmed and depressed.  She loved the home, and when I bought it, she told me that this house was magnificent but that she just couldn’t do anything with it.


Home owner typed notes as the SPIRITS investigated:I  noticed whisps  in living room about June, and the sound of a woman’s voice a few times, as if the radio was on.  A few lights have been on and off, and drawers have been opened at night.  The dog  barks at the wall once in awhile.  

RECHECK 7/27/13

Home owner:
Woke up one nite. My dog was standing on the bed, facing a corner of the room. She wasn’t upset – she was sniffing the air directed at the corner of the room. I smelled something – an aroma I had never smelled before. It happened again about month after that. Some things are rearranged, or opened, when I did not leave things that way.  

Discussion: I woke up to Gracie quietly standing up and I have never seen her do this before. She had an interest as if she saw someone with recognition; sweet perfume or cologne that was wonderful. I remember my grandmother, mom, and sister with their fragrances. The only thing I could figure is that I had just gotten a bedspread from Hospice thrift store. I didn’t have it on the bed before, but it was less than a week since I got it. It happened again – both times were less than the past 3 months. I cannot keep the girls out of the spare bedroom. They love going back there to lie down. They really like that room and I can’t figure out why.  
There was a woman who had this house built. It did not have a pool. Right before she sold it she had the pool built. I spoke with the neighbors who told me that she sold it to the woman I bought it from, who had lots of issues (poor thing). The pool was build in 1961.  

Discussion : MA bedroom and spare bedroom. Outside seems to be a residue.  
In the current recheck, we did review the past investigations. We have two members who have not been here before. These two (and I) had the similar sensation of dizziness. The pool seems to have calmed down with Beth noting a sense of panic (prior investigations show that that area was seen as an issue). However, the new folks also picked up on the pain sensation (right side, which was repeated here again). The sense of loneliness, depression seems to be a residue from the prior home owner and is consistent. The area by the lake continues to play out a sense of residue activity — people out by the pond. 

Additional research, performed by Donna H., shows no accidents, murders, deaths on or near the property. This includes the pool area. The neighborhood also shows no real violence or activity. She did note that there is a possibility of Native Americans in the area due to the freshwater source.  

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