Private Residence 5001

January 21, 2011 – St. Petsburg

It is  always interesting to have a case where the living leave a stronger impression than the dead, often times referred to as a residual energy.  This is just such a case. The female picked up during this investigation is still alive but the impression she left in the area is undeniable. The second entity was the man in the garage — an individual who had passed on.  Much of his presence, however, appears to also be an imprint.  

The SPIRITS has encountered other similar cases of imprints and residue energies.  Over time these likely fade as the new owners make the property their own.  The irony is that to discharge one residue really involves installing another.  However, there are some places where this simply cannot be done — areas of psychological imprint that retain the impression of otherness.  Think of major areas of deaths, genocides, or wars.  They maintain the energy of death and loss long after the event is finished. Other places of triumph, love and hope retain just the opposite energy; it feels like a place of acceptance.  

To allow readers a greater scope of ideas to contemplate — perhaps to monitor and maintain their own residue energies — here are a few web articles to examine:

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