The Port – Business

December 17, 2011 – Pinellas County

The Port was an interesting investigation, though done under conditions that are not conducive to paranormal investigation.  The SPIRITS came out during the day to the bar, when there was less business and the time worked for the employees.  However, there were customers present, many electronics on, and a few people were smoking.  Though we tried, we picked up little of the ghostly presence.  Sensitives did, however, get a major hit on an event that had happened in the bar a year ago:  a man had a heart attack while sitting at the end of the bar.  While he did survive the imprint of the heart attack remained and sensitives were able to accurately describe the event.  Such a thing is always amazing as there were no accounts of the heart attack in records or later research, but remained an aspect of visual confirmation from people present.

As a reminder, ghosts tend to manifest in a variety of ways.  In keeping to the general category of human senses manifestations may include:

Sight:  Visual manifestations from peripheral vision manifestations (seeing something out of the corner of one’s eye and turning to find nothing there), direct visual contact via shadow figures to full apparition, and seeing objects move.   Be certain with peripheral vision manifestations and shadow sightings to clarify the viewing.  Is there something that could be seen and subconsciously categorized as abnormal?  Are there floaters or other ailments with the eyes?

Sound:  This gets to be more subtle.  Sounds can cross from natural to supernatural quite readily.  Sounds can include unknown rustling, popping, swishing, footsteps, popping, whispers and voices.  Again, make sure that there is no natural cause for this.  Houses that settle can make eerie sounds as can rodents in the wall.  Sound carries in odd ways through items in a home and every now and again metal items can act as conduits.

Smell:  This is, by far, the most common form of manifestation.  Reported phenomena can range from flowers and perfume to spices (as for someone known to cook) to putridity.  This tends to be an easier sense to prove or disprove with some simple research to see if anything present could create the sensation.  The SPIRITS members have experienced smells of perfume and flowers. 

Taste:  Admittedly, this seems to be the least active of the ghostly senses.  There are few places that advise what to do when it comes to tasting a ghost.  This also sounds rather unpleasant and is advisable to avoid.

Touch:  Touch can include abnormally warm or cool sensations, pressure, caressing, hair plucking, and even pushing.  The most nebulous of these is that of temperature though this team has encountered it a few times.  Attempt to verify that there is no natural source providing the fluctuations.  In Florida the confluence of air conditioner and warm air can be a tricky thing to navigate.

One of the best sensors of the paranormal is the individual.  Unfortunately, one of the worst sensors of the paranormal is also the individual.  Keep an open mind to phenomena but be certain to rule out as many tangential items as possible before proclaiming something ghostly.

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