US 19 Roadway

February 19, 2011 – St. Petersburg

Reported through SPIRITS email:

Hi,  I have been scouring the internet searching for any information regarding an apparition that roams Hwy 19 (34th St.) and 56th Ave N., in the old lealmen Area.  My husband and I encountered this spirit around 3am in the morning many years ago.  We we teens then and riding our bikes home from a friends house.  We were approaching Hwy 19 on 56th Ave when we passed a young women (early 20’s) she was wearing a flowing white gown ankle length and was wandering aimlessly.  As we proceeded to pass her we realized she was barefoot. She stared at us as we 
passed though she did not utter a word.  The stare went to our core it was bone chilling. her skin was pale and she had deep circles beneath her eyes. At first I thought it might be a drug attic or something as she was gaunt and sickly in appearance. Though I realized once we passed her that I had just witnessed an apparition. My husband and I did not speak at all till we were across hwy 19 and down the block when we asked in unison ” did you see that?!” We had both witnessed the same encounter.  His hair still stands up to this day when discussing the event. I am just wondering if she has ever been documented by anyone else.  Our encounter was a good 20 years ago and I still question it.  I do believe we encountered a spirit that night and any other documentation on this area would be appreciated.

The SPIRITS opted to see what we could find.  It is the second report of activity in the approximate area, though the stories greatly vary.  However, because of the nature of the public roadway, we will do the investigation during the daytime for safety reasons.  It is also our intent to not disrupt the traffic flow of the area.

We really did not find anything unusual at this area, but will leave the page up just in cas

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