Private Residence

April 14, 2012 – Pinellas County

Home Owner Report:

1. Do you experience any of the following?

Feeling/touch: The sensation of being touched, caressed, tapped, or other physical contact

Visual: Clouds, smokes, wispy forms, outlines, white figures/shadows

Visual: Seeing a shadow/shadowy figure(s), dark form, dark cloud of gray/black color

Visual: Unexplained movement caught from the peripheral (corner of the eyes)

Visual: Full manifestation 

Sensations: uncomfortable feeling/discomfort in a particular room or at a particular time for an unknown reason?

Two women and a child

2. If animals are in the vicinity, have they been observed (check all that apply): 

Atypical or strange behavior


Cat act as if they are gaurding (go to the left and right of the individual).

3. Have you experienced any of the following? Please check all that apply.

No Response

4. Is there any other phenomena that you have experienced that we did not ask you about? If so, please list and describe.

Daughter seeing shadows and people. Home owner has seen the same. Wife reports something watching her (someone peeking around the corner). Neighbor did say that there was a woman who died of natural causes; a second woman also died (she had a child). Ghost cat or dog.

5. Do you experience any anomalous health conditions that might impact these experiences? If so, how might they be impacted? (Medication, physical sensations, etc.?)

No Response

6. To your knowledge, did any of the following events happen on the property?

Natural death(s) on the property

7. When was the property/location built? Was the location recently remodeled/refurbished? If so, when? Do you have any information on the history of the property?


8. A time line of paranormal activity is immensely helpful. Please note as much information as possible, including dates, times, events, who was present, and what happened.

Via email: Regarding family lineage – Yes my mother, her and I have had this strange connection, things would happen to me and she would either feel it happen or experince it in some way. In college I was sucker punched and my nose was broken, this happened at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. My mother calls me and ask ” did you just break your nose?) Strange other things like me having memories of my mothers childhood. This is going to sound crazy.. but I can remember looking at my parents & my dad helping my mother and picking my parents. With Alannah I have had some more conversations with her and she is def seeing what I see, one thing she said that has me a little worried is that she said that she sees large figures in the shadows. Tracy and Alannah are leaving tomorrow (Wed.) and will be gone until Sunday. If any of those evenings work for your group just let me know. One thing I would like to do is write down what I see, experience..etc. and seal it & after your investigation, open it and see if either I am loosing it or …. I was talking to my mom about this and she said that before my father passed, she would be laying in bed and someone(?) would pull the covers off of her and there was nothing there. When I was little I would hear what sounded like whispers coming from the corner of the room. several times I would get up and try to locate the source and nothing, both my parents and sister sound asleep. years later I was talking to my sister and I brought that up and she said.. OMG.. I heard that as well.. but I was afraid to get up and look for the voices. My father passed in March of 2007 – afterwards I had some strange dreams and my dreams, are very strange.. I have a lot of dreams that come true, that give insight into the future. The strangest dream was after my father passed, this was more like a visitation I floated into a boat where he was on this lake fishing, it was right at dawn and the water was still and peaceful, the sun was coming up, it was still low in the morning sky. He did not speak with his mouth, at first he just smiled & I heard him tell me that he was so proud of me & that Alannah was beautiful (he never got to see Alannah), he then told me that I should stop worrying about my mom, she is going to do what she is going to do regardless of what I say or do. Then I floated up into the sky and back into my body. I have had some really weird dreams where they are so real.. I can not tell if I am sleeping or not and when I wake I am tingling all over, I am really weak, I have no energy and I can’t even stand up.. it feels like I am plugged into an electrical socket. There are a few more that I are really strange.. I will tell you about them in-depth when we meet. We also have a ghost cat or dog ( I think its my old Dog Maya) you will be setting on the couch and you will feel that pounce / thud an animal makes when they jump and land.. but there is nothing there.. you feel it.. nothing is there.

Investigation notes: 

Investigator 1: Upon entering the home I felt the energy of a young girl, around 6 yrs old, blonde (light) hair. She was curious about the people (investigators) coming into the house. She was located in the hallway between the living room and bedrooms. There was also an older male energy that was very controlling. He seemed angry and a bit paranoid. I ‘heard’ him yet, “Get out!”. At the beginning of the investigation. When we investigated outside it felt like there was an invisible barrier of some type around the home. At one point I heard the word ‘priest’. The home owners confirmed there was a home close by where priests once lived. The home owner also revealed there were two females who passed in the home. They were both older females.

2: Residue haunting (Active) [Information is validated]

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