The Pier Hotel

October 12, 2012 – St. Petersburg

Pier Hotel
The hotel originally opened in the fall of 1921 as the Hotel Scott. She was built by the Scott family, to serve as a hotel for the wealthiest of clients who came to winter in St. Petersburg. She was sold in 1923 to the Cordova family and renamed the Hotel Cordova. During the 80s and 90s the Hotel Cordova fell into a state of disrepair. She was purchased by a local investor and reopened as the Pier Hotel during the 2000/2001 season.  

It was said that the Cordova family brought their major domo or butler Charles from their home in Michigan to run the Hotel Cordova. It is reported that Charles who always dressed in a full, formal uniform was a perfectionist and ran the hotel according to his very rigorous standards. After more than 20 years of service at the Hotel Cordova, Charles passed away. While the hotel staff thought they may have caught a break from Charles’ strict standards and disapproval, they were wrong. 

There are reports of the sheets being pulled off of improperly made beds. Many have reported towels being tidied or moved. There is one report by a woman who was staying in room 206 that she felt an overwhelming need to clean. She felt that this compulsion came from a paranormal source. Another report came from one of the first floor rooms that, though the couple slept all night in the room, the next morning they discovered all of their towels were in the toilet. They were rolled up on the shelves when they went to bed and still rolled, despite the move, but now soaked in the toilet.

After a long day of travel a man came to the Pier Hotel. He kicked off his shoes fell into bed, and slept. When he woke he found that his shoes, which he had kicked off without care, had been neatly placed by his bed. He was upset that someone had come into his room while he slept and tidied up. He checked with the hotel staff and was assured that no one had entered his room while he slept.

Sensitives also reported a woman on the third floor who suffered from gout. She may have stayed there with her sister in the 1940s. Another woman was sensed on the veranda and on the third floor. She had a knee-length shawl, and may have worked at the hotel as a maid.

We have not done an official investigation of the hotel, but have eaten there and walked through it with managerial permission.

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