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September 14, 2013 – St. Petersburg

Cats and the Supernatural:

Brandy Stark has done several Paranormal Pets episodes featuring cats and the supernatural world.  The connection between felines and the spectral dates back to some of the earliest known cultures associated with feline domestication.

Egyptians were one of the first to domesticate cats in order to ward off rodents from grain stores.  Cats had a “supernatural” ability to sense rodents due to their sensitivity to vibrations and keen eyesight.  They were associated with healing in theory because the cat’s natural purring ability (which falls into a sound range that scientists have confirmed aids healing).  Their eyes were so attuned to the dark that they were tied to the moon, especially since their eyes reflect in the dark much like the moon.  Of course, felines were the favorite animal of Bast/Bastet (goddess of war and healing), while their fierce counterparts, lions, were associated with Sekmet, a goddess of death and war.  Cat mummies were dedicated to the feline goddess at Boubastis.

Cats were used by ninjas in Japan as a manner by which to tell the time.  It was believed that a cat’s eyes were so responsive to the night that the way the orbs appeared could reveal the time.

The Nordic goddess, Freyja, was also associated with cats; they drew her chariot across the sky.  As a goddess of love, sex, fertility and war, the cat seemed to fit her personality.  

Due to their ties to pagan religion, Christians associated the cat with sorcery and the demonic.  Cats were captured and destroyed in the Middle Ages due to this belief; which allowed rats to thrive.  There is a belief that the Black Death spread throughout Europe because the rodent population was uncontrolled due to the lack of felines.

In the case below, the SPIRITS members were called to investigate due to strange behavior from the family cat.  Though feline behavior is enigmatic, they are closely bound to modern families.  Perhaps this is why cats are often cited as sensing something paranormal — and why cats, like their canine fellows — are also reported as ghosts.

See what we found with the investigation below.

Initial contact: An old lady and a cat seem to be manifesting
Note: We did an investigation for the business that home owner works for in 2010

Home owner reports:
Animal interactions
Cat meowing and getting sick
Peripheral vision manifestation
Full manifestation
Year house was built: 1980
Prior to this structure: Junkyard
Hood Dairy family
Prior home owners are still alive, no deaths or violent deaths on property.  

All of this property here belonged to Hood’s Dairy; a member of the family lives two doors down. They buried a pickup truck in the yard.  
Man with cigarette: the former owner of the house, when they left and underneath the house, there are beer cans everywhere. We don’t smoke but I will find cigarette butts in the back yard.  
Tree outside: Unknown
Report of women and cat: I will hear a cat other than the two that live in the house. I hear distinct loud meows. Three weeks ago I was sitting at the table with the cats. I heard the sound of a cat with a hairball; at the same time, the cat turned and stared at the back converted room. They will both do that from time to time. It was along the wall where everyone got the energy – the cats will sit and stare at that area for long periods of time. My sister and I have seen a young girl in her 20s (or 30s). She went from the converted room to the spare room. She doesn’t do a lot. She’s thin , maybe 110 – 120, dirty blonde hair, usually when I have seen her she is in a dress to a skirt; clothing is dated to the 1950s. I don’t get the same clothes every time. It’s either the skirt or the dress. Male home owner: I will see peripheral movement outside the window, a young woman. There is no one there.  

I have heard my Mom’s voice very clearly; my mother has been dead for 4 years. I hear her call for my sister. I tend to be able to feel my Mom and Dad and my great grandfather.

The young man with the skinny legs could have been Paul; relatively thin. He was 19 years old when he died in an automobile accident. Four people in a car, went off the road and he was the only one killed. This was up in New York, though he seems to follow us.

No anger. No old furniture; source of origin is a bit of a mystery.

When are you seeing her? Early morning and mid-to-late afternoon.  
Time of year that she is more active? Spring. In 2007, when preparing for a trip the ghost was in the room staring at what the sister had packed. It was almost if she didn’t understand. That was probably the strongest was May of 2007. Never violent, see her walk back and forth. 

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