Tiger Horse – Private Residence

November 15, 2014 – Pasco County

A podcast was made of this investigation via Petliferadio.com.  A 10 minute segment of the investigation was also included here:  http://www.podtunecast.com/ParanormalPets_065_TigerHorse.mp3

Home owners Reports: 

A girl who is the niece of one of my friends came out to meet my horses the other day. I guess her aunt and this girl have a history of seeing spirits/ghosts. She reported seeing a man in my back field who was always hanging around one of my mares. She described him as having old cowboy type clothing on. It was interesting because my mare sometimes goes to the back of the field by herself just to hang out. This is odd for hoses as they enjoy being around other horses since they are herd animals. [The home owners were out of town; the guests who came to check on the horses knew that they saw ghosts. The mother asked if anyone saw the guys in the back (two of them). They were messing around with the horses. Fancy and Calypso both will go to the back corner and hang out there. They don’t agitated or spooked, or afraid.  
My husband Jeff and I saw an orb floating in and out of our barn one time after dark. It was about 10 or 11 PM and I looked out the back window toward Calypso’s stall. This was before the horses were in the stall. We had just finished this building; both of us saw what we thought was an orb go through the barn, go through the stalls and to weave in and out. It left its own path. Both of the saw the item. It was big, bright white, and about the circumference of 4 inches. When the husband went out to look with a flashlight, they couldn’t find anything. They did verify that it wasn’t the neighbors.

No deaths related to prior owners of the homes. Crime in the area was more interesting – recently there have been high priority calls and wellness check, shooting in the area, suspicious person, according to Google maps, 269 feet away, a tenant was arrested. In 2008 .9 miles away, a home owner was shot multiple times due to a drug deal gone bad. Multiple UFO sightings; Bigfoot sightings as well. Local team claimed on their page that gnomes that live in this area.

Mob was active in all of Pasco in the 30s and 40s as a dumping area. Two serial killers existed in the general area; some believe that bodies have yet to be found.  

Areas of activity:  Start of the walking trail by the pasture; side of the house; inside room that corresponds to that.  
Home owner reports that there was a lot of items dumped here. There was no drive way and they would have had to come in here to dump this stuff.  

Second walk through:  Areas of dizziness by the trail felt again by Brandy, Kitty and Bryan.
The area by the back/left pasture; attempts to question showed that the entity was not happy with us being there. The EMF meter spiked on male and female, but continued to spike when anyone mentioned “you do not want us here” or “it wants us to go”. It was the only time that it would consistently spike. Behind the barn (as per home owner) the needle spiked on “Fancy” and “Calypso” but not other horse names.  

Home owner discussion:  The area of the statue and the bedroom with the odd feeling belonged to a family member that passed away. Home owner also noted that the room was one where she felt a heaviness in the area as well.

Home owners have been here for 10 years; haven’t felt anything odd or uncomfortable.  
EVP session outside. No results.

Other Notes:

Q2: What equipment did you use on this investigation?
EMF Trifield, recorder, camera, computer (notes)

Q3: Investigator Observations Part I: What outstanding phenomena did you experience on this investigation? Please list room and experience.
When I arrived on the location I did start developing a headache that eventually developed into a migraine. In one area I did feel a bit off balance.

Q4: Investigator Observation Part II: Upon review of your data after the investigation (EVPs, photos, videos), were there any anomalies? If so, please list location and result.
During second walk through session, observed the meter continue to spike on the name of one horse — Fancy — with some spikes on a second horse. The area in the back pasture grew physically colder the first time we tried asking questions to the extent that I felt the chill through my clothing (including jeans). The second session did not seem to get quite as cold (though the horse was present and sensitives seemed to think that she calmed the spirits down a bit). 

Q5: Investigator Observation Part III: What is your overall summation of this case? What information should be addressed with the home owner or rechecked for validity?
Fascinated that one horse seemed to be the focus of the attention. The horse showed no fear (non-hostile entity). Don’t know who this entity could be; one question ties it back to Native American or a former Florida cowboy.

Q6: Rate the level of perceived haunted activity of this location, rank it 0 – 4.

2: Mild activity and entity interaction through EMF meter. Not a strong presence going through the area but certainly one that did interact with us. Seems to be primarily on the outside of the property — perhaps on the border to the neighbor’s lot.

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