January 10, 2015 – St. Petersburg

Home owner Information:

1. Do you have any information on the location that might aid with our research? Please answer as many questions as possible: When was the property/location built? Was the location recently remodeled/refurbished? If so, when? Were any deaths reported on the property?

House was built in 1965. While metal detecting in the backyard, I did find an old wheel cover from a 1930’s Olds. No recent major remodeling/refurbishing done. I believe a previous owner, an elderly woman, may have died here. I supplied you with the last name, let me know if you need that again.

Also, a teenage boy visiting next door was shot by a resident there in 1980 and died in the backyard there. I supplied you with that name too, let me know if you need it again. 


2. What are you experiencing? Please be as detailed as possible.
Activity comes and goes and am not sure there’s someone that’s followed me from my old place as I had some unexplainable activity there too. Activity there ramped up after I discovered my birthmother and that she died. Let me know if you need her name again.

Most concentration of multiple/repeated activity has been in front room (former livingroom), to left of front door, and in office.

–on/off or flickering lights and electronics going haywire both at home and at work (either suddenly shutting down/not working/shortened battery charge, mouse acting crazy, etc.), 
–items moving (i.e. IKEA bag moved to middle of living area and turned upside down, birthday cards that had to have jumped over other cards, etc., helium-filled mylar balloon following me down the hall and me finding it later behind closed shower curtain, magazines found outside of rack on floor, etc.)
–cats acting paranoid or freaking out (more detail in related question below), 
–latched doors opening (almost all, including hallway closets and outside workshop)
–being touched/feeling a presence/hearing voices/conversations during twilight – sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes I can’t tell – (i.e. “wow”, “we should take her to doctor ??”, “maybe I should go to another house”, cackling noise, something getting on the bed with me, etc); also recorded someone during waking hours saying they were “Tom”. Accent sounded British. Followed that with what I think was “what are you doing?”
–knock on bedroom wall at night (couple of occasions)
–unusual smells (sometimes I walk in and house smells fresh/neutral, other times musty or wet dog smell, sometimes there’s a scent with no source (i.e. light floral, etc.), toast)
–orbs (I think). I took photo in backyard of cats and camera acted funky in first shot (black with cat eyes during daylight), then second pic full of orb-like balls. Also recently sent a pic of the office with what I think looks like a moving orb. Again, problems with camera exposure on pics before orb pic taken.
–various bumps and clatter throughout house, usually a few times a week

3.Are there animals in the vicinity? If so, please describe any unusual behaviors observed. No animals in the vicinity (Check box)
Strange or abnormal behavior of animals: (Please specify) (entry box)

Yes, I have two cats. Both have acted strangely. Hershey tends to be more mellow but checks behind most doors as he goes by them but will follow something across a room with his eyes. Mimi often stares/follows something above the ground/near ceiling with her eyes. She also freaked out a couple of times – once in the middle of the night, growling at a bedroom door area, and another time jumping from couch and something caught her eye, caused her to back up with ears down.  

In this house, here’s some approximations of when patterns started or for isolated events. I’ve mostly been alone. I did have one witness on the front door opening and a number of people heard the “Tom” recording before it was erased:

9/2012 – I noticed the workshop door in the back being open in the morning first, after I closed it at night. That was a few days into moving in.  
9/2012 – cackling woman sound in my bedroom within the first weeks in
10/2012 – mylar balloon followed me then found behind closed shower curtain
10/2012 – first knocks on walls, only noticed at night
10/2012 – moved Ikea bag
10/2012 – noticed odd smells on and off
11/2012 – cats following something with eyes
Fall/Winter 2012ish – male voice in twilight said “maybe I should go to another house”
Spring 2013 – noticed doors in house opening except front, sometimes noticed that cat is inside and was last outside
Spring 2013ish – noticed lights flickering and electronics acting oddly
Winter 2014 – magazine on floor out of rack 
Winter 2014 – “stung” feeling in kitchen and neighbor noticed 5 little welts on my back
Winter 2014 – being touched during twilight and then hearing two people talking to each other about sending me to a doctor
Spring 2014 – recorded voice stating he was “Tom” and wondering what I was doing
Spring 2014 – noticed front door opening a couple of times
Summer 2014 – pic of possible orbs in backyard
Fall/Winter 2014 – pic of possible orb in office

Doors still open, bangs/clatters and smells on-and-off, sensation of something/someone on my bed…

Research on location: (Research by Donna)

St. Petersburg FL 

Quality: Average  

Square Footage: 1802.00

Foundation: Continuous Footing

Floor System: Slab On Grade

Exterior Wall: Concrete Block

Roof Frame: Gable Or Hip

Roof Cover: Shingle Composition

Stories: 1 Living units: 1

Floor Finish: Carpet/Hardtile/Hardwood

Interior Finish: Drywall/Plaster

Year Built: 1965 Effective Age: 32

Heating: Central Duct Cooling: Cooling (Central) [1]


00/1965-07/2002 JRF & GMF (Decd)

GMF died Jan. 24, 1992 (Obit located)

07/2002-08/2012 GDH & KEH

08/2012-Present AFD

Very much a shortage of information on this specific address and persons associated with it. However, the area as a whole does appear with ghost tour information as well as on our own SPIRITS site – as the area is rich in Native American history. 


Started at 7 PM
Team did outside then inside.

Brandy: Paranormal Puck EMF is very low; Trifield, very low at a 2 with the computer.
Checked into the floor in the area where folks felt uneasy at the start of the investigation; it was level.
Areas to check out: MA bedroom; tree in front yard; work shed

Front yard: Tree: accident on Park (just past the house); is there a connection to Augusta bricks

Shed: Older man, angry or grumpy; spikes (Brandy: Dizzy in shed)
Spikes: Knew Steve; spike on Goria; when asked about knowing Gloria, Miki heard a raspy laugh; complained that we were annoying him; picked up that argument with Steve was messing with his stuff; would like to check into blocks under shed.
Female entity: Relationship to home owner: Dorothea (possibly related to home owner; Gloria). 

Bedroom: One invesitgator sensed a woman in a blue night gown with slippers; well done hair, clean; prior home owner; connection to the home owner; original home owner was single; connected to her 50s or 60s in age; Another investigator picked up a pill box hat. Heart failure? Did home owner see mists, shadows?

Interview with home owner:
House changes: former home owner of the 1980s
 Prior home owner: F (name plate on the shed). Prior home owner built gazebo, shed, MA bathroom, etc.
Home owner added that she sensed a dark spot in the bedroom (like light being absorbed from the area). Motion detection toy went off. Cat sleeping with home owner woke up in the middle of night (3:30), growling and clawing, staring at the doorway. Woke home owner up. Happened twice. This happened one more time when home owner was sitting on the couch.
Mylar balloon moved with the home owner (like following) twice. She moved it to the lamp; then came out and it had vanished. Searched the house and found the balloon behind the shower curtain. Curtains pulled against the wall and appeared undisturbed. Alone in the house. Nephew, on a different occasion, would not go into the second bathroom in the hallway.
Out front: when trimming the tree (recently) heard a male voice say “hey” or “hello” when trimming the trees. Can we do research for the street outside for the accidents?
9:32 closed


Q2: What equipment did you use on this investigation?
Trifield meter, Paranormal Puck

Q3: Investigator Observations Part I: What outstanding phenomena did you experience on this investigation? 
I was the contact so I sat with home owner during much of the investigation. The second part of the investigation I did experience some dizziness in the shed and a sensation of cold in the MA bedroom.

EMF was low through the house but we did get some responses in the bedroom and the shed area.

Q4: Investigator Observation Part II: Upon review of your data after the investigation (EVPs, photos, videos), were there any anomalies? If so, please list location and result.


Q5: Investigator Observation Part III: What is your overall summation of this case? What information should be addressed with the home owner or rechecked for validity?

1) Car accidents; can we verify any in the area?
2) Prior home owners — does this match with what we have?
3) Is there any information about the general area that we can add to this?

Possible recheck to see how things are doing.

Q6: Rate the level of perceived haunted activity of this location, rank it 0 – 4.
Note:  I’m between a 1 and a 2 on this (residue to mild presence).

2: Apparition (Mild) [Personality apparent, but little interaction]

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