East Tampa

December 7, 2016 – Tampa

Home owner reports:

Husband and wife were in the house. Wife took off wedding band to do the dishes. She went to put it back on. It was gone. She couldn’t find it. The husband was listening to her and he went to open the fridge and in the ice box – there was the wedding band. In the middle of the tray. It was still warm.

In the band room, I know that there is something in there. I always know it. In the morning, out of the corner of the eye I see a shadow movement. I don’t know if it is the leaves it or what.

We are within walking distance of multiple cemeteries.

Wife reported that she saw a shadow entity in the daughter’s room. She didn’t acknowledge it, but found herself unable to leave the area. She finally said “I see you” and was able to pass through the area back into the house. Her husband said that she was as white as a sheet when she left.  

From home owner: 
About a month ago, we took the attached picture with a cell phone camera.It speaks for itself. Since then, I’ve been feeling a presence and the sensation of being watched. Some times I know for sure someone is in the room with me and when I look, there is no one.  (See image below).

Outside of the shed: Chills. EMF was a 0. Inside the shed, Dawn took a reading and got a spot of 68 degrees that eventually spiked back up to 71. There were small spkes. I did ask the question:

Is anyone here with us? spike
Are you male?
Are you female ? spike
Did you live here? spike
I repeated the questions and got additional spikes are you here and female.  
The cat did go inside the shed. The dog did not.
Band room: There was a smell of incense in there. The spike on the female (twice)…
Test of the pets: We went back to the shed. The cat came in. The dog started and then backed off considerably. The dog’s tail went down, ears went down.  
Bedroom: EMF .2
Likes the cat?
Temperature is 75 to 74 degrees; it drops with the fan.
Living room: The wireless was on. .2 – .6 
Dawn reported feeling heat.
I got the dizzy feeling in the living room. 
Daughter’s room: The temperature is 74.1, .2 EMF
Only question with a spike was “are you the female?”
Daughter’s room: spikes; 
Younger daughters’ room: EMF on both walls near beds – corners. EMF was 1.5 on the 0 – 3 scale.  
Front bedroom: Back two corners had light EMF in corners. 
Paranormal puck: Typed in the words: Is anyone here? Answer: Poltergeist. 
Areas: Band room, shed, dining room, daughter’s room.

Closing the portal in daughter’s room. 
Second session: A female entity who is here. She is here with the children. Remembers late 1990s (1997).

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