Wolf’s Moon Residence

January 23, 2016 – Pinellas County

Unusual anomalies: It was the night of the full moon known as the Wolf’s Moon.
Initial home owner contact reports the following: 
Deaths have happened on the property, including two suicides. One former home owner killed in an accident while away from the property. Another home owner stayed in the home but suffered health issues for some time before passing away (not on property).
Visitors to the property report that walking through the house, they feel like it takes their breath away. 
Feeling that this house belongs to someone else

Female relative refuses to sleep in a room. She feels like there is something in there; however, in order to see what will happen, she has also called on the entities to show themselves. 
Husband’s father had just passed, and he heard someone trying to open the back door. He thought it was his wife, and called to her to use the front door, finally opened it. No one was there. Closed it, and it happened again.

Daughter and her friends have heard a voice whisper “just kill yourself” or have been grabbed. For a time, one family member, who later passed of health issues off of the property, reported that “she was urging him to kill himself”; this individual was suffering from a stroke, spoke of it only once while being taken to the hospital.
One day she was putting up an item on the top shelf when two hands grabbed her and said, “Can I help you with that?”

Shadowy figure walking back and forth

Investigator discussion: 

Recheck the following areas: First bedroom, garage, master bedroom, possibly pool room. 

Second Investigation Results:

First bedroom: Investigators noted mirror (Ian thought he saw movement). EVP/Photos. Sensitives: 
No strong response.  Ian noted the mirror seemed odd to him — movement in the mirror.

Garage: EVP/Photos. Sensitives: Ronnie W, garage, tall, thin, tanned, 1970, 16 years old, died in a car-related death. Accused of groping/touching a young woman that he liked at his school. Angry, energetic, misunderstood; things may drop in the garage, things may fall off the shelf; energy may go into the bedroom. 

Master Bedroom:  No results.

Post investigation discussion:

Question: What is going on with the bed and the little boy? Did the room look different? 

Answer: In the bedroom there is a headboard from the 1920s (antique). This was bought because of home owner interest and came from a child’s nursery. 
Home owner feels that the anger is directed at her, rather than anyone else in the property. 

Question: Were there areas added to the property?  
Answer: The porch was added on in the 1970s.

Question: In describing what we saw, is there anyone that you recognize us as describing? 

Answer: Mother in law identified; the height, build description and crossed arms were characteristics of her. One investigator also described her as drawing her hand across the counter. Home owner confirmed that the woman often walked with her arms crossed (typical stance). She was also very much into keeping the home clean (The same investigator, a sensitive, had seen the entity draw her hand across a kitchen counter).

Post-Investigation Research on home: (edited for home owner privacy)
Square Footage: 2365.00
Foundation: Continuous Footing
Floor System: Slab On Grade
Exterior Wall: Concrete Block
Roof Frame: Gable Or Hip
Roof Cover: Shingle Composition
Stories: 1
Living units: 1
Floor Finish: Carpet/ Vinyl/Asphalt
Interior Finish: Drywall/Plaster
Year Built: 1962
Heating: Central Duct
Cooling: Cooling (Central)
Home has been owned by various family members since 1989. 
No major crimes associated with address.
History of the area may be pertinent.
Investigator reports to date:
Name: Ian
Role: Investigator

Brandy’s Report:  Contact, investigator
Areas of activity: For me, it was the garage area. The EMF meter continued to spike on questions in a fairly irregular manner and seemed to sync with questions asked. At the end, we did have the sound of something turning on (air conditioner/heater unit); until then, we could find nothing producing the EMF.
Photos: These revealed nothing
EVP: There was a lot of background noise in the garage with wind, a neighbor’s dog barking in the distances. These ruled out a lot of the recording. Other than the section submitted, which was the most active Q&A response via the meter, there was nothing else to note.

Overall analysis: 
Is the location haunted: I do believe that there are residue and minor entities present. Here is how I would break it down —

Older woman/house: One appears to be heavily related to the family. The description given by the sensitives indicated an older woman whose behaviors (including holding her arms crossed, wiping her hands across the counter, etc) correlate to the description that the home owner gave at the end of the investigation. There was some family tension that existed at the time of her death, to which she still may be responding.

There may be a residue of a former home owner in the garage.

There may be a residue/attachment of a child connected with the headboard.

The garage had the most activity with a male figure related to a car crash. There was a former home owner who passed away many years ago who died when he was hit by a car while riding his bike. However, the description given of the 1970s, a young man in high school, the idea that he was crushed by a car, and that he was upset for something attributed to him that he did not do, is not a direct correlation to the person who passed away. The oddest aspect of the garage entity is that he was upset of being accused of grabbing a girl that he liked inappropriately. While this will be hard to correlate, I do wonder if it relates to an incident that the home owner reported in which she discovered bruises on her leg that she attributed to the ghost grabbing her. While she was not aware how she got the bruises, it is possible for another explanation (pets jumping up, or even a seemingly minor event that caused the odd marks). I do wonder if this young man was upset that he was perceived as harming her, when he did, in fact, like her. Again, the information conveyed by the sensitives did not fully correlate to this idea. Instead, they thought he was killed on his bike while he was upset at his parents for believing that he did something he did not do – i.e., the inappropriate grabbing of the girl.  

Recommendations: The home owner does report watching different ghost-themed shows on television. As per my standard advice, I do recommend not watching these shows. I have viewed many of them and find them to be manipulative in regard to emotional stance (trying to elicit a response) and certainly the retelling of phenomena holds a fear emphasis. From personal experience, I know that the shows do tend to get, for lack of better term, under one’s skin. It is easy to become involved with the shows and to become fearful. This can also lead to over-belief in ghostly phenomena as the core of other, non-supernatural issues.

The child entity is a residue attached to an antique; I do not see any harm with that, though they may want to put the piece in another location.  

I recommend trying to make peaceful overtures to the female relative. She loved gardens and planting; plant some flowers and let her know that these are for her as part of a peace offering. (Her original garden is gone; re-establish at least a small part of it in her memory).

The garage entity is very energetic; I would advise trying to counter this with meditations or intentional placement of calm actions, words, and actions, in the area. Perhaps even speaking to the entity would be a good idea. Even if it is a psychological response for the home owners, the aspects of calm, positive energy and being proactive will help. 

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