Patty and Friends Antique Village (Recheck 01142017)

Patty and Friends:
Patty & Friends Antique Mall
1241 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Street North

& 870 13th Avenue North

St Petersburg, FL 33701

2013 Legal Description: EAST VIEW ADDITION LOTS 5 AND 6 [1]

The story of most recent sale: “Owner Blake Kennedy is selling the business his mom, Patty McBane, started so he can focus more on Kennedy Brothers Auctions with his twin brother, Brett.” … “When McBane opened the business in 1980,…” [6]

2013 Building 1 Structural Elements:

Square Footage: 3606.00

Foundation: Continuous Footing

Floor System: Wood

Exterior Wall: Frame Siding

Roof Frame: Gable Or Hip

Roof Cover: Shingle Composition

Stories: 2

Living units: 0

Floor Finish: Carpet/ Vinyl/Asphalt

Interior Finish: Drywall/Plaster

Fixtures: 6
Year Built: 1915

Effective Age: 37

Heating: Central Duct

Cooling: Cooling (Central) [1]

2013 Building 2 Structural Elements Back to Top

Site Address: 870 13TH AVE N ST PETERSBURG 33701-

Square Footage: 1608.00

Foundation: Continuous Footing

Floor System: Wood

Exterior Wall: Frame Siding

Roof Frame: Gable Or Hip

Roof Cover: Shingle Composition

Stories: 2

Living units: 0

Floor Finish: Carpet/ Vinyl/Asphalt

Interior Finish: Wood/Wallboard

Fixtures: 6
Year Built: 1915

Effective Age: 46

Heating: Unit/Space/Wall/Floor

Cooling: None [1]

Owner History (lots combined back to 1995)




2013: MC BANE, PATRICIA R “Living Trust Agreement” (870 13TH AVE N) to KENNEDY, BLAKE (1225 DR M L KING ST N)


Known former owners:

Byron Leit Kennedy, Jr.: September 22, 1933 – October 1, 2013 [2]

Verness Reinking Kennedy: former spouse of Byron [3], resides locally, aged 75

Patricia Reinking McBane: an alias for Verness [4]

Blake Kennedy: son of Byron [2], resides and works locally, estate sales

Katrina Hess: current owner, married to Jeffrey [5], involved in jewelry and fine art sales as well (ref. Mailing address provided associated with Katrina’s ID in county records to Old Northeast Jewelers – 1131 4th St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701) Purchase of antique mall made news: Tampa Bay Times “Hesses buy Patty and Friends Antique Mall in St. Petersburg”


No violent crime noted on or in the immediate vicinity of the property. [7]

Recent activity reported by Sheri, the manager: 

Monday: Lily smell in the lobby. (1/9/17)

A few weeks ago, I was talking to the gentleman upstairs and tried to get some EVPs. He wouldn’t answer at all for the EVPs. So, on the way out, I said “I hope you have a good rest of your weekend”….and on the recorder was this soft sound “you, too”…sadly, it’s on the phone that just fried.  I can’t retrieve the file.

During the investigation: Several of the doors in the back were latched prior to our coming in.  They were unlatched during the investigation — but not by us.  They were discovered as unlatched.  Doors are reported as unlatched by some of the vendors.  Sheri re-latched the doors after our report; they remained latched as of the time that we left. 

Experiment with the carpet: The carpet in the hallway was moved, a pen placed next to it, and then photographed.  By the end of the investigation the carpet had not moved.  If there was any change, Sheri said she’d let us know.  No report as of 1/15.

Bryan:  When the group first returned, Bryan asked if we had dropped anything.  He said that “while we were upstairs there was a noise that sounded like something fell.”  Sheri told us that this does happen from time to time up there — the sound of something falling but nothing found out of place.  The sound did not replicate for the remainder of the investigation.  There was a tag that was blowing against a metal canister but the sound was a light one, not the reported noise that they had heard earlier.   The manager added that this area was also the spot where one of the doors is reported as unlatched, even after it is checked and found locked just a short time earlier. 

Jamie: This was the first time with the EMF meter. It would often spike, but this was often toward the roof. It did spike more than halfway around a few areas; two areas where it stayed consistent in the entire room. This was very unusual because in the other rooms it would go up and down. It would go down to 0 or 1 or 2; in these two area, one on the first floor, right side of the house, the other side was on the second floor on the left side of the house.

Donna: The equipment (camera) which was preset before coming here … camera was reset, delayed responses from the camera. It also kept coming up with unusual messages that I’ve never seen before. I was able to record (video) the temperature gauge Bryan was using with a differential in the first room. It was the first floor right (east) side.  

Bryan: I found the temperature fluctuation on the east side. It happened throughout the entire building. In the same room, within a few feet, the temperature would change 4 – 5 degrees within a few feet. I heard a loud bang upstairs coming out of the Mo’s Memory room (old tools, little sunroom). I was two rooms away from that when I heard that. I thought it was Donna and it wasn’t her; it was a loud distinct noise. There is a tag that is banging on a tin can, but that was not the same sound. It was on the way to Mo’s Memory, with the long thin room, which is in an area where the EMF spikes were happening.

Sensor in the back room: The lights kept changing color. Not sure what that meant. They did catch it on recorder; Sheri said that she would look into the behavior of the meter to see what it was supposed to do. 

Post investigation:  
Photos (above) from Donna.  Areas of activity 1) Temperature drop, EMF spikes (recorded below) and 2) area where shadows are seen (no activity this investigation).

Brandy:  Video didn’t show me anything too odd other than a flickering effect in the downstairs right area (where the Tinkerer hangs out).  

Sound files caught one odd sound (first), and then the clip of the EMF spikes (second) confirming that he was present.  This happened really only once and that was about it. 

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